The Head of the Arab League and the Commissioner-General of UNRWA Blast the Destabilizing Trump Moves

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February 2, 2018 by Alfred

The Head of the Arab League’s 22 member states, namely the veteran Egyptian diplomat Ahmed Aboul-Gheit, severely admonished Trumps oafish and bizarrely destabilizing notion that he can unilaterally move the U.S. embassy to the internationalized city of Jerusalem and added that the announcement of this intended move threatens the stability of the entire Middle East.

Simultaneously the Commissioner-General of United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), namely Pierre Krähenbühl, blasted Trump for his declared intention to cut the U.S. funding of UNRWA as something which will generate a catastrophic rise in insecurity in the Middle East.

It seems that everything Trump declares or does, is based on arrogance, ignorance, cynicism and downright perversity when it comes to the well-being of the suffering and impoverished, as well as, when it comes to stability, harmony, and peace globally and at home.

The exact same applies to the pronouncements and actions of the Zionist power structure of Israel under its misleader PM Benjamin Netanyahu who is under criminal investigation for a variety of crimes by jurisprudence authorities in Israel itself, not to mention the international jurisprudence investigations in the Hague,  for crimes against the humanity of the autochthonous inhabitants in Palestine and in refugee camps outside of Palestine whereto millions of them they were forced to since 1948 when Israel was violently created as a result of the nationalization of the Judaic religion, something which a majority of Jews globally, as well as Palestinian Jews were strongly opposed to [ see, inter alia, “The Myths of Zionism” by John Rose].

Fast forward to 2018 and still or again, a majority of particularly young, modern, American Jews, as well as Jews globally, abhor the status quo of what is now the Apartheid, nationalist, supremacist, international law violating, Palestinian oppressing so-called “state” of Israel.

These decent, rational, humanist, and Torah law universalist values guided Jews embrace, as this writer of the Argentum Post, the most peaceful and effective means of ending the unsustainably brutal and at times downright murderous oppression of the Palestinians, most particularly those almost 2 million Palestinians who are consigned to the world’s greatest concentration camp, namely Gaza, where they are submitted to unimaginable torturous lives.

The name of this most peaceful and effective means to end this meting out of this perversity on the millions of innocent, unarmed, men, women, and children is the embodied in the ever-increasing Boycott, Disinvestment, and Sanctions movement (aka BDS).

The Zionist power structure of Israel is now creating blacklists of all – including of course Jews as well – who support BDS and is banning all who do so from entering Israel.

What is even more bizarre is that corrupted and/or ignorant American politicians are jumping hysterically onto the bandwagon of this insane criticism of BDS.

It is understandable that Trumpists and their neocon Republican cohorts are on board in this anti-democratic  move, given the now proto-fascist nature of the  ALT-RIGHT and Zionist Jewish as well as Zionist Evangelist supporters of Trump and the right-wing members of his cabinet, but it is not so understandable how equally corrupted and/or arrogant and ignorant net-liberal politicians such as Maryland Senator Cardin, New York State Governor Cuomo,  Hillary Clinton, and many, many other so-called Democrats, support the anti-democratic and international law violating military occupation of Palestine.

Needless to add, on a bipartisan basis, both camps are and/or have been recipients of generous largesses by the Israel lobby  propaganda lobby AIPAC, which to this day has refused to register as foreign agents under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA).

With this foreword, the Argentum Post provides its readers with the following riposte to the right-wing extremist Zionist Israeli member of the Knesset, namely Naftali Bennett who wrote an op-ed in the New York Times incredibly defending Israel’s new blacklist which was published by the prestigious, independent, progressive Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The writer of this excellent riposte is Issa Amro, a heroic human rights defender who is now on trial in an Israeli military court.

Issa Amro’s article was published by the equally prestigious Forward, a Jewish Daily Independent since 1897, and it is under the title “Sorry, Naftali Bennett : ‘Normal’ Democracies Don’t Ban Nonviolent Resistance


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