Lawrence Wilkerson Alert on The Trump/Netanyahu Catastrophic Danger of War on Iran and North Korea


February 10, 2018 by Alfred

It is way past the critical mass point for the nation to ponder Trump’s removal from office, not for “political”or other reasons, but most primarily for critical national and international security,  economic stability, and even survival reasons.

A mere glance at a  Washington Post’s set of two articles on page A7 of February 6, 2018 edition, suffices to  expose – as an a mere example – Trump as a brazen and outrageous divider-to-conquer in chief, as a sociopathic destabilizer, and as an irrational and dangerous reckless hate and fear mongering provocateur he is, as he now belligerently, perversely, pyromaniac ally is hell-bent to start upgrading our nuclear weapons arsenal at a time when finally the Secretary General of the United Nation is unveiling a major push supported by a huge majority of the world’s nations for global nuclear disarmament, as always had been stipulated by the Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NTP) treaty in Article VI.

On said page A7 in one article titled “Pence Leaves for Asia, Focused on Countering N. Korea”  it is clearly established that Trump not only is (again) threatening war on North Korea as he did bizarrely at the UN General Assembly,  and then again in his State of the Union   when  he proclaimed his bloody nose” strategy, something which could and quite probable would easily spiral into a nuclear war which Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, (to his credit) characterized as a catastrophe to be avoided,  but he sent  the VP Pence to the South Korea Winter Olympics not to engage diplomatically with the North Korean officials which for the first time in history are engaging diplomatically with their brothers and sisters of South Korea to inaugurate a thaw in relations, but to have VP Pence interfere with that process which just might lead to a peaceful solution to the nuclear issue between the two countries which are in reality one split country split violently apart during the 50s by the U.S. and the USSR.

Trump is thereby adding deliberate insult to injury, as he in effect has sent VP Pence to South Korea to sabotage the inchoate potential peace talks evolving between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as part of the Olympic spirit in PyeongChang.  

This is what insanity looks like, when a dishonest misfit who does not believe in diplomacy, knows nothing of the history of the Korean dismemberment war, does not even know he knows nothing about said history and could not care less about it. 

During said dismemberment of the Korea war,  the U.S. dropped more bombs, including napalm bombs,  than it did in World War II thereby killing about one third of the population of Korea, and play to his tiny base,  takes over the White House.  Additionally the U.S. committed the No Gun Ri massacre there there on July 26, 1950, about which there is total silence in the mainstream media.

We have in the occupant of the White House an incompetent, bizarre, misleader  who cannot and will not preside with honor and integrity, and who has zero interest in, and capacity for, engaging in diplomacy.

As regards to said other Washington Post article on page A7, namely one titled “Ire in U.K. over Trump’s Tweet About Health Care” , Trump in his morbid racist obsession  with destroying everything President Obama accomplished, from the P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran, to the Affordable Care Act,  had the audacity and the stupidity to tweet that the Britons were marching in a demonstration against their health care system, when in reality they took to the streets to support of their NHS system and were calling for greater government  funding for said excellent health care system.

In Trump’s  downright perverse obsession with sabotaging everything President Obama achieved, he is furthermore sociopathically mesmerized, to support unconditionally his Zionist power structure of Israel acolyte, namely the misleader of Israel, PM Netanyahu,  who along with Trump are relentlessly  fabricating calumniating accusations against Iran so as to set the stage for not only pulling the U.S. out of the P5+1 nuclear agreement, but also for starting a war on Iran under even less honest grounds than the war the Bush/Cheney neocons and neolibs (including Hillary Clinton) chose to start a war on Iraq.  [ See video at the end of this article on this subject ].

Besides the plethora of documentable facts underlying and documenting,  now for more than one year, this historical reality, of the Trump et al. team generating insecurity, instability, racism, hatred, fear in the United States and abroad goes on unabated every day, every hour and this now the midst of  the dramatically falling stock market and the threats of more government shutdowns because Trump wants, but may not get,  trillion-dollar nuclear weapons upgrades plus billions for the separation wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

“We the people”, regardless of our ideo-political proclivities, regardless of our religious proclivities or lack thereof, regardless of our ethnic backgrounds, not only do not deserve this insecurity, divisiveness, instability, and this literal Damocles sword of the nuclear Doomsday clock precariously hanging over our heads at 2 minutes before Midnight, and we do not have the luxury to wait for the November mid terms,  while ignoring such very present and potentially calamitous danger of unimaginable irreversible damage to our nation and the world,  should war break out, either deliberately or accidentally due to the fact that an insane Trump ordered criminal attack (nuclear or not) occurs on Iran or North Korea by a miscalculation.

We all have too sacred responsibilities for our children and grandchildren and for generations to come to allow this state of pandemonium-like chaos and insecurity to continue in the White House and the time for a move to embrace diplomacy, justice, and peace is NOW but it will not happen if Trump holds ALL of us hostage while pandering to his tiny base of Alt Right, neo-Nazis, and crackpots.

“We the People” can invoke the use of the involvement of UN, the International Criminal Court, the U.S. Supreme Court, and all kinds of other honorable institutions and U.S. agencies to help us to end this daily nightmare of dishonorable behavior and chaos in a White House which is totally dysfunctional, and this can and must be brought about by  peacefully and orderly means NOW.

The Argentum Post therefore presents its readers infra, with the video of an interview by the highest integrity Democracy Now news program’s host, the legendary indefatigable Amy Goodman,  of the former Chief of Staff of Collin Powell, namely Lawrence Wilkerson,  who to his tremendous credit has declared “ I Helped Sell the False Choice of War with Iraq; It’s Happening Again with Iran” where he makes it clear that Trump and Netanyahu are on a path of destruction not hereto foreseen and both need to be reigned in now, with the latter – Netanyahu – now admitting that he may face indictment for internal crimes in Israel, and that would be a blessing. [ see “Netanyahu Concedes Risk in Corruption Probe ].

2 thoughts on “Lawrence Wilkerson Alert on The Trump/Netanyahu Catastrophic Danger of War on Iran and North Korea

  1. M Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks again, Alfred. I too saw Wilkerson on Democracy Now. Though I will not stop my anti-war activism, I now believe it’s hopeless because the U.N. will not challenge, sanction and charge the U.S. with Crimes Against Humanity in the Halls of the U.N. and in the ICC. Nor will the Pope, along with all the other Figureheads of major religions in the World condemn our wars of aggression. The World Powers silently watch as the Doomsday Clock ticks closer to The End!

    • Alfred says:

      How sadly true. Same applies to strict gun control legislation. As, commendably, Democratic Senator of Connecticut, Chris Murphy said about the most recent Florida massacre, “ this only happens in the United States, it is not coincidental, it is not unlucky, it is DUE TO OUR INACTION !”

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