APNFD Nr. 66 – An Addendum to the Previous Article Published on 02/10/2018 “Immigration, Aid, and the Israelization of America”

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February 10, 2018 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APFND Nr. 66  ]

This is also an addendum to the Argentum Post article published on February 10, 2018 titled “Lawrence Wilkerson Alert on The Trump/Netanyahu Catastrophic Danger of War on Iran and North Korea “.

The source of this addendum is the very prestigious organization “Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs and its author is Delinda C. Hanley .

Melinda C. Blaney is the executive director and news editor at the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs which is one of the organizers of the National Summit to Reassess The U.S. – Israel “Special Relationship”.

This is a major conference which will be conducted for an entire day on March 2, 2018 at the prestigious National Press Club and it is the 5th year in a row that it will bring together hundreds of American and foreign scholars, investigative journalists, human rights activists, former foreign service officials, former military and intelligence community officials, and many more from the most diverse backgrounds who will contribute to the continuing quest for the exposure, analysis, debate about the dysfunctional U.S. policy towards Israel and about how it needs to reformed to bring once for all peace through justice to all affected by the disorder and destruction violence has meted out on particularly but not exclusively the autochthonous Palestinians in Zionist occupied lands and in refugee camps abroad.

As the writer/editor of the Argentum Post, this writer has attended  all of these conferencees and hereby highly commends Delinda C. Hanley’s excellent work in that endeavour and also commends her for the infra article of hers which is a courageous, articulate, and principled exposure of what the Trump/Netanyahu energumenic gang has said and done which more than demonstrates that there is an imperative for their removal from power by legal and peaceful means, before they start wars on Iran and North Korea which could easily spiral into a major catastrophe.

Incidentally, Netanyahu is now admitting that he may face indictment for internal crimes in Israel, and that would be a blessing. [ see “Netanyahu Concedes Risk in Corruption Probe]

So, with this foreword the readers of the Argentum Post are presented with Delinda C. Hanley’s article titled “ Immigration, Aid, and the Israelization of America


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