[APNFD Nr. 68] Israel’s Zionist Power Structure’s Blacklisting the Quaker Friends Who Saved Jews From the Nazis Is a Clear Sign of Its Total Moral Decadence


February 15, 2018 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest  [ Nr. 68 ]

The bad news that could become good news is that the repulsive Zionist, nationalistic, supremacist, fundamentalist, Netanyahu led power structure has had the temerity to now ban entry into Israel to one of the most prestigious, pacifist, organizations in the world, namely the Quakers Friends.

The good news which is evolving is that said power structure’s behavior is now so self-destructive that its demise may be near, hopefully by peaceful and democratic means, since now the majority of Jews globally no longer supports it, and one of its worst misleaders, namely PM Netanyahu,  is probably facing an indictment for his crimes of corruption,  something that would also possibly follow up by an indictment by the International Criminal Court for its heinous crimes against the Palestinian humanity,  in the occupied territories, most specifically for the Summer of 2014 massacre of close to 3 thousand mostly innocent, unarmed, civilians in Gaza, an atrocity which caused the death of some 500 children.

During the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others, the Quakers were instrumental in rescuing particularly Jews from the Nazi monstrosities.

As the Zionist Israel power structure continues on its long defiant  path of violent oppression of the Palestinian people and violation of international law, it is actually is continuing to do damage to Judaism and to Israel itself as said Apartheid-like mindset ideology practice has lost the support of the majority of decent, rational, Torah universalist values following Jews world-wide.

With this brief foreword the Argentum Post presents to its readers an elaboration on the subject of the blacklisting of the Quakers by the Netanyahu led Zionists as analyzed by one of Israel’s finest, progressive, courageous news organization, namely Haaretz.

The title and link of said article is “

How a U.S. Quaker Group That Won the Nobel Peace Prize Ended Up on Israel’s BDS Blacklist


One thought on “[APNFD Nr. 68] Israel’s Zionist Power Structure’s Blacklisting the Quaker Friends Who Saved Jews From the Nazis Is a Clear Sign of Its Total Moral Decadence

  1. M Estelle Spike says:

    The bitter irony! Thanks always for digging up all the buried news!

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