Trump/Pence and Netanyahu Have Become Major Diplomacy and Peace Obstructionists as Both Descend Into Mendacious and Incompetent Irresponsible Behavior and Scandals

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February 21, 2018 by Alfred

Trump sent VP Pence to South Korea ostensibly for the olympic games opening ceremonies,  but Pence failed miserably in being the statesman and diplomat a VP is expected to be when it came to engaging constructively in a dialogue with the North Korea delegation in South Korea and with the sister of the North Korean leader as relates to the impasse between the U.S. and North Korea due its establishment of a nuclear defensive deterrence to a U.S. regime change attack, for which the U.S. has been carrying out military exercises, and most particularly now, given the Trump’s historical  horrific threats at the UN podium to “totally destroy” North Korea and that in synergy with the history of the U.S. in the fifties when it dropped hundreds of thousands of tons of bomb and napalm on the Korean peninsula, a calamity which resulted in the death of one third of the population of Korea.

Netanyahu, who  is about to be most probably indicted for a series of crimes of corruption on the basis of the recommendation by the Israeli police after many months of investigations, like Trump and Pence, misused the EU Munich Security Conference to bizarrely and cartoonishly show a piece of rusted metal at the podium to suggest that it is proof that Syrian sent an Iranian drone across the border into Israel and further bizarrely and hysterically added that Iran is out to “colonize Syria”, (reminding one Tea Party right-wing extremist Senator Tom Cotton who stated dishonestly and hysterically that Iran is out to take over the Middle East and that the proof is  Iran already controls Tehran ( no knowing that Tehran is the capital of Iran), and then Netanyahu further added that Iran is the “greatest threat to our world”.

Both Trump and Netanyahu are the ones who have become the greatest threat for peace and stability, both are candidates for impeachment on the basis of their scandals and national and international law violations which force the intervention, in Trump’s case, of federal judges, and therefore both are documentably now part of the problem rather part of the solutions to the dangerous crisis in North Korea and in the Middle East as regards to the Israel’s international law violating occupations and lethally violent repressions of Palestinians in Palestine.

We the People” must not tolerate this state of affairs any longer, since it is a state of affairs which is generated by those who were elected to be the people’s servants and to work for the common good, and instead, in both cases of these deranged misleaders, the exact opposite is happening, namely incessant war provocations, in tandem with major increases in  military spending above and beyond that which is honestly needed for our genuine defense,  are resulting in us being robbed of funds for badly needed social programs and infrastructure maintenance, and also as a distraction to the reality that both misleaders are acceleratingly descending into irrelevance as their continued incompetence, lack of public support, belligerence, self-centeredness, mendaciousness, will have them removed from office sooner or later, and given the dangers to our national security they engender at an exponential rate of progression, it better be sooner and, it goes without saying, by peaceful, democratic, and legal means.

Readers of this article are referred to an excellent article by Fareed Zakaria on this subject which was published by The Washington Post on February 16, 2018.

Said article’s title is There’s A Lot to be Optimistic About These Days, And Then There’s the Middle East

In this article Zakaria extols the positive contribution of Iran in bringing about an end to the violence in the Middle East

The actual title of this article in the The Washington Post was “ Losing our Middle East Focus “.

Trump’s and Netanyahu’s focus was never, nor could ever become on the common good since they are DOA, morally speaking.

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