Israel’s “Shooting to Maim” – and Kill Innocent Rightful Protesters is An Atrocious Crime Which Calls for Punishment. The Connivance of the Trump Circus Show with Netanyahu is a Provocative Affront to Civilized Behavior.


May 4, 2018 by Alfred

As the son of German parents who survived the horrific crimes against the humanity of Jews and others, by the Nazis, this Argentum Post writer feels compelled to highly laud The Washington Post for it’s Sunday, April 29, 2018 article titled “Shooting to Maim”, which is a comprehensive exposé of the horrific crimes against the humanity of innocent, unarmed, protesters who rightfully demand to be released from what Israel has turned into the largest concentration camp in history of some 2 million Palestinians which Gaza has become.

We the people” can no longer allow that our taxpaying funds be used abusively  to support what has become now a racist, supremacist, Apartheid regime to get away with literally targeted maiming and assassinations of peaceful and rightfully protesters who demand to be allowed to return to their Israel illegally occupied lands.

The Netanyahu regime needs to be held accountable by the International Criminal Court for its atrocities in Gaza which has by now, in during only these incidents of many more,  resulted in the killing of 50 Palestinians and the wounding with live ammunition of more than 3,500 peaceful protesters.

To add insult to injury, the infamous power structure of Israel blocks most of the injured to be treated in hospitals in its occupied territory, while the hospital infrastructure was savagely bombed during the Summer of 2014 which killed some 3,000 Gazans, including 500 children.

The U.S. is complicit in this barbaric crime which Netanyahu carries out while Trump is busy selling weaponry to the most egregious human rights violator of the Middle East, namely the Saudi Arabian regime,  which is perversely busying itself with the bombing of Yemen where since 2015 more than 10 thousand people were killed while a an estimated 3 million have been forced to abandon flee their homes and a major hunger crisis and epidemic of cholera has gripped this poorest nation of the Middle East, and all of it is being done with U.S. support and arms lucrative arms sales to Saudi Arabia by Trump personally as widely televised.

This surreal state of affairs is a scourge which violates the best interests of all decent, rational, humanist beings.

This Trump circus show is a threat to our national security, an affront to every taxpaying U.S. citizen and it must end immediately.

To add another major insult to injury, the American people is not being informed about the Netanyahu / Trump relentless hate and fear incitement on fraudulent grounds to vilify Iran to galvanize public opinion to a possible war on Iran which would have catastrophic consequences.

Contrary to the fraudulent depiction of Iran, it has been an asset for stability in its dedication to resist and assist in the defeat of the Daesh (aka the “Islamic State”) which is neither Islamic nor a State.

It is Saudi Arabia and the Zionist power structure of Israel which threaten to engulf the Middle East into  wider war and catastrophic destructive violence and that is particularly so, the case now, that Trump has nominated John Bolton for the post of his National Security Advisor.

To document this, readers are urged to read  the article  “ The Untold Story of John Bolton’s Campaign for War with Iran “, an article written by Gareth Porter and published by The American Conservative on March 22, 2018.

Just as dangerous is the appointment by Trump of Mike Pompeo as a Secretary of State.

As even The Washington Post notes in “Pompeo Maneuvers To Own U.S. Diplomacy in Mideast”,  by stating that “ At every stop, he lambasted Iran as the singular most malign “influence”  (emphasis added ) in the Middle East and warns people not to be surprised if Trump withdraws from the Iran nuclear deal this month “,  Pompeo also has the temerity to bandy around the outright falsehoods such as that Iran is a “terrorism sponsoring nation” which wants to take over the control of other nations in the Middle

East, something which is as risible and as dismissible as the idiocy uttered by the ignorant hate and fear mongering Tea Party right-wing extremist Senator Cotton who declared that Iran is trying to take over the Middle East by stating that the proof of it is that it already controls Tehran (not knowing that Tehran is the capital of Iran).

The removal of Trump by the provisions of the 25th Amendment, Section 4, must take place now before the fires of destruction involve us in a much wider conflict which then could lead literally to world war which no one would or should win, since all of us will be losers, but particularly we the honorable, rational, humanistic citizens of this nation who represent most probably  about 75% if not more of its population and who therefore must prevail if we are to still characterize the United States of America as Constitutional democracy.

An end to all wars and militaristic intervention  is now an imperative if ever there as one .

3 thoughts on “Israel’s “Shooting to Maim” – and Kill Innocent Rightful Protesters is An Atrocious Crime Which Calls for Punishment. The Connivance of the Trump Circus Show with Netanyahu is a Provocative Affront to Civilized Behavior.

  1. Hello Alfred,

    Thank you for taking on the hard task of trying to stop these insane, soulless, criminal warmongers. One would think men and women (retired or active) in the U.S. military and intelligence agencies would see what’s occurring and take an equal stand in opposition to unnecessary wars. Peace.

  2. M. Estelle Spike says:

    Yes, the complicit, and it all boils down to Crimes Against Humanity. What a tragedy!

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