[APNFD Nr. 72] There is an Imperative that the Trump/Netanyahu Dishonest Allegations Against Iran Not Be Allowed to Vandalize and Sabotage the Iran P5+1 Nuclear Agreement

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May 8, 2018 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 72 ] which is bereft of editorial comment as it reflects ‘breaking news’  which the mainstream media may, at least initially, attempt to not report.  (See “The State vs the Press – The Rise of Gag Orders in Israel by Reuters )

As initially reported by the London Observer and by the London Guardian, see the infra links to two relevant articles.

Trump’s Dirty Ops Attack on Obama Legacy Shows Pure Hatred for Iran Deal “ (by the Observer).

The firm’s name is Black Cube and was enlisted by Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced Hollywood sexual predator.
The Israeli intel firm’s objective was to discredit the Iran deal.

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