Gideon Levy : A Voice of Sanity from Israel and A Monument of an Israeli Dissident


May 8, 2018 by Alfred

This writer of the ARGENTUM POST has attended and reported on an annual series of all-day events for 5 consecutive years on the subject of “The Israel Lobby and American Policy” which typically has been attended by some 500 American and foreign scholars, and members of the intelligence, military, diplomatic, academia communities nationally and globally.

Said event which takes place at the historical and prestigious National Press Club in Washington, DC has been sponsored by, inter alia, the Institute for Research : Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) and by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA).

The director of IRmep, namely Grant F. Smith, has been the organizer, moderator,  and presenter of the overview of the the Israel Lobby Agenda.   He has done a fabulous job of making these events happen.

The volume of highly informative material presented during these 8 hour conferences and its analysis and discussion by Q & A sessions presented by each of the guest speakers is formidable, relevant, revealing, and of the highest integrity.

Notwithstanding though, the mainstream media has been derelict in its duty to tend to the right of Americans to be informed and thereby educated by the content which is documentably exposed by these conferences for one reason.

The content while totally objective and academic, naturally exposes the undue and disinformative toxic undue influence of the Israel lobby, most conspicuously of the American Israel Political Affairs Lobby (AIPAC) over most if not all of our biased and corrupted Congressional neocon and neolib politicians.

When it comes to valid criticism of the symbiotic relationship between the U.S. foreign policy and the Israel lobby, it is clear that there exists a malaise, and a  literal gag order which makes it a tabu to discuss the pernicious effect of undue influence of this Israel lobby which in the case of AIPAC is also illegal since it is the lobby of a foreign agent which by law must register with Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) which Israel gets away with ignoring exceptionally and thereby gets to literally damage the best interests of the United States as its content is marketed as form of propagandistic cultural programmation.

This cultural programmation is nothing new, and has resulted in some 70 years of outright falsehoods fabrications meant to adulterate historical reality and to be disseminated as “facts” by the Zionist right-wing extremist nationalist and racist power structure of not only successive Israeli governments, but as well as by its Evangelist Zionist acolytes, as well as by those supra noted politicians which benefit from the largesse of their deference to the Zionist gospel regardless of its authenticity. To wit the total deference of Hillary Clinton to the multibillionaire  Israeli Zionist  Haim Saban who she literally asks for instruction on how to follow and serve his ideology and who funneled millions to her “charity”.

This cultural programmation is also responsible for neolib and neocon Congressional politicians to accept the gag order which bans the discussion about the genesis of Israel’s clandestinely acquired nuclear weapons and of its shameful proliferation of the technology of nuclear energy weaponization to the white supremacist odious Apartheid regime of South Africa in the mid 80’s.   For elaboration see the book by the Jewish author Sasha Polakow Suransky titled “ The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa “.

As the case of this  writer of the ARGENTUM POST, Sasha’s parents were Jews whose parents survived the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others and left Austria for South Africa wherefrom they were subsequently expelled.

Zionism has done tremendous damage to Judaism and is responsible for the knee-jerk and perverse assertion that anyone who criticizes this nationalistic supremacist ideology and/or Israel horrific abuse and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is “anti-Semitic”, an assertion which is grotesquely oxymoronic and rejected by such noble Jewish organizations as the American Center for Judaism, Jewish Voice for Peace, and many others who are also run into gag order zones if they dare to express support for the peaceful and effective BDS movement to end Israel’s violations of international law the Geneva Convention statutes.

This mentality has led to the calamity we are now facing with the Trump/Netanyahu alliance which is dangerously further destabilizing the Middle East by their violation of the Jerusalem neutrality, and now by their deranged vilification and hate/fear mongering and war incitement on Iran on the basis of falsehoods which has resulted in the total crash of credibility of the United States government commitment to peace treaties by today’s abnegation by Trump of the stipulations of the JCPOA / P5+1 Iran nuclear agreement.

With this foreword, the readers of the ARGENTUM POST are provided infra with a 52 minute video of the presentation by the humanist, legendary, independent journalist, author Gideon Levy who writes for, inter alia, the progressive, prestigious Israeli newspaper Haaretz who attended the many of the supra noted conferences and hence this writer of the ARGENTUM POST had the privilege to meet.

The title of this particular presentation is  “ The Zionist Tango : Step Left, Step Right


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  1. M. Estelle Spike says:

    Yes, I love him and actually viewed this some time ago. Thanks for sharing.

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