[APFND Nr. 74] Trump and Netanyahu Are Direct Accomplices in their Criminal Vandalism re: Iran Nuclear Agreement and Israeli Gaza Massacres/Jerusalem International Sovereignty Violation

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May 14, 2018 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 74 ]

Never in our history have “we the people” been forced to witness the state of decadence of ethics, respect for international law, integrity, honesty which is doing damage to our Constitutional democracy every day, every hour, that two of the most dangerous misleaders of the world, namely Trump and Netanyahu and el al, and therefore have become serious threats to our national security as they are actively involved in a veritable organized-crime like process of global destabilization.

The synergy of the abrogation of the duty to enforce the Paris Climate Agreement, of the P5+1 Nuclear Agreement with Iran, and of the sovereignty of Jerusalem as United Nations declared “Corpus Separatum” city, coupled to the now tolerated and even supported daily massacres of Palestinians defending their sacred right to protest non-violently  to return to their lands and homes in Israel’s international law violating Palestinian lands, rather than to die slowly in what is now the largest concentration camp of the history of humanity where 70% of them (close to 2 million)  are blockaded under the most torturous conditions, is intolerable and must now be dealt with by the International Criminal Court and the UN.

Just this morning, 40 Palestinians have been killed protesting peacefully and about 1 thousand have been shot with 30 requiring amputations.  Nine journalists and one paramedic where among those shot.   All are 100% innocent protesting an international law violation which Trump and Netanyahu get away with ignoring.

Our nation headed in the wrong direction as never before.

With this very succinct foreword, the Argentum Post provides infra the documentation for the supra comments in the form of a video clip of today’s (May 14, 2018) interview of Sharif Abdel Kouddous by the producer of Democracy Now, namely the legendary Amy Goodman.

The title of this video clip is  “Gaza:Israeli Soldiers Kill 50+ Palestinians Protesting Nonviolently as U.S. Opens Jerusalem Embassy

PS  Most incredibly, chosen to lead prayers at the so-called U.S. Embassy in East Jerusalem which is NOT the capital of Israel, is (inter alia) the very controversial extremist fundamentalist Pastor Robert Jeffress who utters highly offensive remarks about people of the Mormon, Catholic, and Moslem faiths, yet Donald Trump characterizes him as “good guy” who he “loves”.

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