It is Perpetrators, Not Victims, of Crimes Against Humanity and Violations of International Law Which Now Must be Severely Punished : Trump and Netanyahu et al. are Such Perpetrators

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May 16, 2018 by Alfred

The synergy of the present Zionist power structure’s massacre against innocent, unarmed,  Palestinian native men, women, and children, peacefully demonstrating for their right to return to their lands in  other parts of the Israel invaded and occupied Palestine, and who were forced by said Zionist power structure into the world’s largest concentration camp in history, namely Gaza,  where they have been blockaded since 2007 and barely have survived  under torturous conditions,  in combination with the outrageously incendiary Trump/Netanyahu violation of the UN established “Corpus Separates” status of the 1967 Israel invaded and occupied East Jerusalem,  constitute both,  calamitously serious violations of international law and violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention and thus crimes against the humanity of Palestinians.

Since the “Nakba” of 1948, the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine for centuries, have been barbarically oppressed by the Zionists in a gradual colonization process facilitated by the British empire.    Close to 1 million Palestinians were then forced into exile.  Tenths of thousands of others were since the victims of massacres, targeted assassinations, house demolitions, and collective punishments.   Others by the thousands were killed in refugee camps in Lebanon in the mid 80’s by Israeli aerial bombardments and invasions.

At that time, in 1948,  only about 6% of the population of Palestine consisted of Palestinian Jews who lived in harmony and peace with Christian, and Moslem Palestinians.

It was the Zionist supremacist nationalists who formed three major terrorist groups, namely Irgun, Haganah, and Lehi, with the support of Western  colonial hegemonic objectives of London, Paris, and Washington/New York which started the conflict between the natives.

The vast majority of Torah universal values abiding law Jews globally firmly opposed the notion that the Judaic faith should or could be nationalized.  This was so much so, that the Zionist who started to massively move into Palestine from abroad,  demanded that the Palestinian Jews living there join them in their colonization project, and those who objected were violently punished often by such extreme measures as house demolitions and assassinations.

So, to this day, the Zionist ideology movement which now comprises Zionist extremist right-wing Evangelicals has in reality harmed decent and noble Judaism profoundly.

Given the Western objectives of hegemony over the entire Middle East however, the Zionist acquired political, financial, and military might and beyond that and since the 19th century they have been engaging in a massive propagandistic historical revisionist process meant to cover up the real history of the genesis of Judaism, so as to perpetually portray themselves and “victims” and not “perpetrators” of crimes against humanity and international law violations.

The Zionist-led movement did not limit its pernicious and destructive activities to Palestine, and in the 60’s began to engage in lucrative deals in South and Central America whereto they sold military equipment to the most depraved, autocratic, military dictatorships in Chile, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

In the mid 80’s Israel had developed a clandestine arsenal of nuclear weapons with secret support of the U.S.,  did non sign on the Non Proliferation Treaty , and proliferated the nuclear weaponization technology to the odious white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa where Israelis assisted in the detonation of a nuclear bomb under water off he coast of that country.   An excellent documentary evidence of this reality,  which was confirmed to this writer by a retired intelligence community official, during an all day annual conference at the National Press Club titled “The Israel Lobby and American Policy”, is a book titled “ The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa  “ by the Jewish author Sasha Polakow-Suransky, whose parents, like this writer’s parents, survived the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others by leaving for South Africa.

There is an ample body of literature which documents this reality and a list thereof is found on the cover of the ARGENTUM POST.  Most of the genuine history is written by Jewish authors and some of them are Israeli, such as the magnificent and brilliant Ilan Pappe who wrote “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” and many others.

There are also very prestigious Jewish organizations throughout the United States and throughout the world, who have refused to buy into the destructive and dishonest Zionist ideo/political narratives and activities.  One of he most interesting is the reform organization The American Center for Judaism, not to mention the noble and principled Jewish Voice for Peace movement, both of which the ARGENTUM POST endorses and supports.

Now, forward to the present calamity which finally hopefully will awaken more than it already has the American people’s awareness of the enormous danger that the status quo presents to Israel, to the United States national security and its best interest, and to the Middle East’s and the rest of the world’s quest for authentic participative democracy based on the pillars of justice, equality, integrity, honesty and progressive and principled values so we all can achieve our quest for peace, end of all interventionist wars, and live in prosperity which affords us universal medical care and affordable higher education.

As a result of the present bizarre and surreal  unholly Trump/Netanyahu alliance of destabilization, aggression, nationalism, ignorance, arrogance, greed, and utter disregard for the honesty, we are probably experiencing them most dangerous times of our history.

This is most particularly manifested as we are now facing destructiveness every day and every hour and “Trump Inc.” occupies the White House as we go from one crisis to another which could spiral eventually into a literal world war. BTW, “Trump, Inc.” is the title of a book soon to be published written by Vicky Ward.

This article’s objective is however limited to the present crisis which is that synergy of the Trump/Netanyahu incendiary provocations in Jerusalem, and the Gaza massacre, where there exist absolutely zero pretext for.

Contrary to the repulsive and non-sensical as well as idiotic declarations by Nikki Haley at the UN, or by “Javanka” (i.e. Jared Kushner and Ivanka who are AKA as “Trump Inc.” since one is using this nepotistic family affair to sell fashion and the other to make lucrative investments in Israel occupied settlement settlements in violation of international law), where Haley states embarrassingly at the UN that “ Who among us would this type on your border “ when referring to the peaceful protesters which are not at a “border” but at a fence of a concentration camp in which some 2 million of them are enclosed under horrific conditions, or where Jared Kushner idiotically claims that Hamas is to blame for the peaceful protest.

Just as repulsive is the fact that while the Israeli snipers were killing the protesters (a total of 112 were killed and 12 thousand were injured by live bullets many of which required amputations, 70 miles away in the illegal U.S. embassy such absolutely decadent Zionist evangelical leaders were invited by Trump as John Hagee who gave a closing prayer and who has in the past declared that “God allowed the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were killed, to happen “because said my top priority for the Jewish people is to get them to come back to the land of Israel

Furthermore, repulsive and bizarre is that Rabbi Yitzhak Josef was invited to speak at the reception for the U.S. delegation, after which Kushner and Ivanka asked for his blessings, given that said disgusting rabbi recently caused an uproar as he compared black people to monkeys and proposed blessing only “ a person with a white father and mother “ (see “Nothing Says Peace Like Bloodshed” by Dana Milbank in The Washington Post).

To add insult to injury, another one of Trump’s closest evangelical advisers who gave the opening prayer at the illegal U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem was none other than Robert Jeffress who declared that “ Not only do religions like Mormonism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism   lead people away from God, they lead people to an eternity of separation from God in hell

So, these are some of our global destabilizer and misleader occupier of the White House friends and adviser…This is beyond a disgrace, it is truly a catastrophe which must be ended by legal and peaceful means asap.

The Trump/Netanyahu crimes in the Middle East we have and are witnessing have certainly contributed to the obscene bloodbath unleashed, not by Hamas, but by the Zionist power structure of Israel which with the assurance of support by Trump, and the same is the case as both relentlessly issue  calumniatingly generating falsehoods about Iran in an effort to provoke it, generated hate and fear, and then take military action against it for no valid reasons, other Iran has evolved, after the war on by Saddam Hussein with U.S. support,  into a stable, and influential player in the Middle East, which has been an asset in the defeat of Daesh, has democratic elections, has not invaded any other country in the region, and has good relations with Russia, China, and the European Union and the rest of the world.

Conclusion :  The time of immediate action is way overdue.   Punitive action against Trump and Netanyahu must be taken by the UN, the International Criminal Court, and by all relevant institutions worldwide.

The JCPOA Iran nuclear agreement is a binding commitment which must be preserved at all costs regardless of the reckless, irrational, destructive reneging on it by Trump who only has about 30% support of the American people, particularly as the EU moves now to enact legislation to block Trump’s sanctions against EU corporations who will continue to trade with Iran which has been outrageously, relentlessly, and falsely accused and vilified by Trump and Netanyahu in their use of crass demagoguery to pursue their divide to conquer  hegemonic objectives in the Middle East.

The legacy of the high commendable hard work by President Obama, John Kerry, Javad Mohamad Zarif, Federika Mogerini and many others in support of conflict resolution, justice, peace, stability, and healing by reconstruction,  is untouchable by anyone, most particularly by two misleading vandals who are utterly ethically, morally, and politically bankrupt.

So, at this point the ARGENTUM POST presents its readers with a short 15 minute video, of an interview of the brilliant Political Science Professor Norman Finkelstein.

Dr. Finkelstein was a tenured Political Science Professor at DePaul University in Chicago but while on the collegiate level his support was unanimous, the undue influence of Zionist politics resulted in the denial of his tenure.

As in case of this writer of the ARGENTUM POST, Finkelstein’s parents survived the crimes against the humanity of Jews and others by the Nazis.

This short video interview exposes in a few minutes the arrogance and ignorance of present U.S. and Israeli Zionist power structure as regards most particularly the present Zionist power structure’s massacre which is being universally condemned and this will certainly make an indent into the exposure of the utter falsehoods which characterize its rationalizations since this time there is not a scintilla of a pretext which could justify the mass murder of innocent unarmed people who suffered for too long inside the Gaza open air concentration camp.

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