[ APNFD Nr. 78] Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept Cuts Through the Fog of Hyperbolic Hysteria as Regards to Putin’s “Threat” to Our Democracy

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July 16, 2018 by Alfred

This is an Argentum News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 78 ]

In the aftermath of the Helsinki meeting between Trump and Putin , the sobering, cogent, rational, humanistic, voice of experience provides the only acceptable analysis of the current crisis of the Trump mis-governance which is coupled to the repulsive, hysterical, hyperbolic, hate and fear mongering, memes emanating from Republican neocons and Democratic neolibs who are, for self-centered agendas, inciting against Russia relentlessly.

They are thereby attempting to sabotage the imperative of talks those who they characterize as “foes“, citing falsely the “dangers” or “political incorrectness” or of encouraging said “foes” to further harm their peoples.

Therefore, Trump’s (self-centered or not) attempts to talk cooperation to defuse military conflicts with the leaders of North Korea and/or Russia to thereby improve the U.S. relationships with these two nuclear armed states, must not be exploited to bring him down politically, since on the basis of his own demerits that can be accomplished.

Regardless as to what one feels about Trump, it is inexcusable for those myopic agenda-driven corrupted, ignorant of historical reality, and/or arrogant politicians to sabotage the engagements of Trump and Putin and/or the leaders of South and North Korea in talks which may reduce tensions which can only benefit the best interests of the United States and the best interests of the peoples of the affected states, since which such talks, war eventually becomes inevitable,  either due to deliberate provocations or due to false flag attacks or due to plain ands simple error, and that would be a major tragedy for the world, most particularly since the use of nuclear weapons could become a probable but obscenely unthinkable reality.

So, with this in mind, the ARGENTUM POST presents its readers with the infra July 16, 2018 video clip of the legendary producer and director of DEMOCRACY NOW, namely Amy Goodman interviewing Joseph Cirincione, the President of the Ploughshares Fund, and the indefatigable, legendarily objective, incisive and brilliant Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, author, American lawyer, and co-founding editors o The Intercept, namely Glenn Greenwald.

The video which was released 5 hours ago is titled ” Greenwald vs. Cirincione : Should Trump Have Cancelled Summit After U.S. Indictment of Russian Agents ?

Glenn Greenwald burns through the fog generated by those who would imply that American democracy is so weak that it was hijacked by some Russian hackers who changed the outcome of the 2016 election.

It is the height of hypocrisy and dishonesty to act as if the U.S. has not intervened in the elections of countless of countries around the world, has destabilized and has been documentably involved in the destruction of democracies in Iran, Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Indonesia and many more countries, and of course, thanks to the detailed information provided by honorable whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden, has been documentably linked to the NSA hacking into the computers of private and public citizens throughout the world.

And to add insult to injury these shrill double standard adopters behave as if America has just had another 9/11 attack which was carried out by real Saudi Arab government supported and non-government criminals,  and yet day and night Netanyahu (with Trump’s shameless support) incites virulently and on the basis of outright falsehoods,  for the U.S. to go to war on Iran, something which would lead to a horrific catastrophe and must be avoided at all cost.

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