Jackson Diehl (Among Countless Others) Erred in Asserting that Russia “Invaded” Crimea : Basta With Factual and Historical Reality Adulteration


July 14, 2018 by Alfred

As if to underscore a word used in the title of this article, namely “BASTA” which means enough, Trump just decided that the war on poverty has been won now that according to his imagination there are only 250 thousand people in America in poverty.

In fact of course, there some 43 million Americans in poverty, but there is no limit as regards to our misleader-in-chief, when it comes to generating chaos, confusion, issuing threats, and most particularly his speciality, dissembling.

But, unfortunately Trump has generated a political climate which has opened the floodgates of copycats corrupted neocon and neolib politicians whose lists of lies, distortions, hyperbolic exaggeration have become so extensive that they would be beyond the scope of a succinct article on this antisocial pathology.

In Gowdy vs. Strozk we can find an example of not only dishonesty, but McCarthyism innuendo and crass aggression when someone as unhinged as Trey Gowdy viciously attacks a professionally flawless FBI agent, namely Peter Strzok, after it became known that he expressed disdain for Trump in a private text message to a female friend, as if (a) Strozk is not entitled to his freedom of speech when communicating with a friend, and (b) he somehow casts a negative image of himself and of the FBI, for expressing what the vast majority of Americans and people world-wide express now, namely that they deem Trump repulsive in all aspects imaginable.

So, again, BASTA of this dramatic, theatric, cheap, media show to drag an honest citizen through the mud for no valid reason whatsoever, since every American citizen is entitled to his or her opinion on predilections for candidates for public office expressed in private conversations or otherwise, without this becoming an issue for censure, given that our First Amendment is alive and well.  What Gowdy had the audacity to express crassly and arrogantly in a disgusting unprofessional hearing interrogation of a dedicated FBI agent is an insult which is also as stupid as saying to a surgeon that he was caught eating a high calorie double-cheeseburger and hence he is not fit to practice surgery.

In the July 9th, 2018 Washington Post column titled “Trump’s Crimea Dissent“, Jackson Diehl  misstated the history of Crimea when he asserted that Russia “invaded and annexed ” Crimea.

In fact, Crimea has been part of Russia since 1783 and in 1921 it became the “Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic“.
A referendum was held on March 16, 2014, in which the Crimean people voted by a significant majority of 90.77% to declare its independence from Ukraine and to request to join the Russian Federation.

There is politically motivated opposition to this historical reality, but historical reality it is and it will so remain, no matter how much corrupted extremist right-wing fact altering politicians and their acolytes attempt to perversely mislead, confuse, and culturally program the public in order to fit their toxic agendas.

Of course, Jackson Diehl is just one example of how the mainstream media, does misstate the facts as regards to Russia/Putin.

There are now countless others who have in the past but are now more than ever,  relentlessly and shamelessly been engaging in this deceitful practice of attacking and adulterating reality.  And this is a phenomenon which started with the Trump campaign in 2016 and accelerated at geometric progression rate since the mis-election of misleader-in-chief Trump, and this impacts the public in damaging ways to our best interests, since a significant percentage of the public is vulnerable to this dangerous practice either due to utter ignorance, or due to a downright malevolent proclivity (or a combination thereof)  to view particularly foreigners and/or foreign governments such as that of the former USSR as an “enemy” rather than as at worst a competitor.

Victoria Nuland, a former Assistant Secretary of State has, inter alia, has become particularly known for her crass aggression, using such expressions as “fuck the European Union” in her EU politicized bashing and distorting dishonesty when it comes to inciting on Russia/Putin without providing any proof.

The repulsive and dishonest calumniating distortions about Russia and Putin are endangering our relationship with Russia and must end.

Of course Trump is not alone in being the dishonest disseminator of falsehoods, and hopefully most probably will, be removed from office prior to his first term ends, via impeachment based on his own ethical, dishonest,  and criminal violation.

The neocon/neoliberal adulteration of historical reality as regards to Russia, Syria, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Palestine  are themselves part of an opportunistic criminal conspiracy by a cabal of greedy, reckless, destabilizers who have the temerity to fabricate hate and fear mongering myths,  which are utterly unfounded and which unnecessarily bring us closer and closer to violent disruptions pursued by military interventions which cannot be tolerated by societies which must be based on a civilized state of affairs domestically and internationally to be harmonious, democratic, and hence progressively functional and prosperous.

Discussions at this time are already occurring geared to the formation of an Euro-Asian Axis of Stability and Peace by Germany, France, Russia, Iran, and China which will further comprise the Scandinavian nations and other major nations including perhaps Brazil in South America, South Africa in Africa, India in Asia and so on.  This will gradually leave the United States more and more isolated and mistrusted globally until we regain our compass and return to normalcy.

The United States has never been as close to becoming totally isolated and its governance has never been such an object of derision globally as at the present time, and every day the chaos, confusion, threats, our present misleadership crisis is generating worsens to the point of reaching the critical mass when said crisis wreaks such havoc that the damage it causes will be potentially calamitous and in some aspects even irreversible.

We the people” must and can, through peaceful and constitutional means reverse the path of destructiveness which our proto-fascist misleadership is undertaking by sidelining  the “liberal” vs. “conservative”, simplistic black and white labels, in our discourse,  and undertaking the rational, scholarly, progressive, humanistic reforms to make America inspirational again, and that means by cleaning house and bringing in civilized and competent governance which will prioritize universal health single payer health care, affordable higher education, and most importantly major cuts in the industrial military complex funding,  coupled to the closing of military bases in Germany, South Korea, Honduras, Guantanamo / Cuba, and in many other parts of the world where such presence provokes rather than solves conflicts.

It does not take being an avid reader to know that the U.S. with its 800 military installations thought-out the world, is NOT protecting “democracy” or “human rights” but is reflecting the heritage of the British empire mentality which was based on a quest for total global hegemony and today that empire is in such a crisis itself that it can hardly protect itself as a result of the nationalistic right-wing Brexit move which is now disintegrating into some kind of chaotic fight of “soft” vs. “hard” Brexiteers when in reality this supremacist quest for isolation threatens to totally destabilize the U.K. and England itself.

Most importantly, the Trump/Netanyahu Axis of destabilizing, provocative, aggressive, expansionist military meddling in most particularly the Middle East is so inflammatory that it could lead to a third world war and hence the underlying false pretextual falsehoods used to justify it must be exposed, defused, and dissolved.

Israel, first and foremost,  must be forced to end the international law violating occupation, and killing,  and must be forced to become a genuine democracy which means it must end its theocracy pretensions to their stolen Palestinian lands, it must bring down the separation walls, the check points, and must close its 2 million people blocked concentration camp, namely Gaza.

That minority of Jews who, were brain-washed, enticed, incited, trained, armed,  to take over Palestine, long before the Nazi genocide against Jews and others, via the Zionist supremacist ideology propaganda means which were facilitated by the most reckless, lawless, murderous, imperialist British interests in fossil fuel and control of the Middle East, but who are now mostly of the generation of descendants of those extremist, supremacist, nationalists, corrupted Zionists, must come to their senses and realize that they cannot but accept the reality that the inchoate Apartheid state entity which Israel is becoming now is unsustainable and hence inoperative.

This part of historical reality is shamelessly being covered up by the press and by the corrupted politicians which have invested lucratively in the Zionist propaganda machine lobby.

Similarly said cover up has comprised the historical reality of the 70 years of violent literally ethnic cleansing of Palestine, collective punishments, massacres, and other barbaric atrocities committed against the legitimate autochthonous inhabitants of that land, are now increasingly being severely condemned by the vast majority of all decent, humanistic, rational, Torah law-abiding universalist values Jews globally who always have in done so in the past condemned the bizarre notion of the concept of the nationalization of their religion at the cost of the property, human rights, civil rights, and the very lives of the Palestinians.

Given that the Zionists have deliberately sabotaged and thereby botched the “Two State” solution, there is now only one solution and that is the solution of the dissolution of the “Jewish Theocracy” state with the simultaneous establishment of a federation of a Jewish and Palestinian democracy under the one-man/one-woman one vote cooperative structure,  which does not recognize the so-called fictitious “Jewish State” which is a fictional synthesis which is also not recognized by such prestigious reform organizations as the more than 70 year-old American Council for Judaism, and many other humanistic progressive Jewish organizations which in fact consider the synthesis and worship of Israel a form of idolatry.

The said federation must recognize the human and democratic rights of all Jews, Christians, Moslems, and seculars living in Palestine, so that this then vibrant Palestine Federation can and will become an inspiration for the rest of the Middle East which then will give the Arab Spring a renaissance which will democratize the most oppressive and violent regime of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Bahrain.

Again, this part of historical reality is shamelessly being covered up by the press and by the corrupted politicians which have invested in the Zionist propaganda machine lobby.

While the forcible implant of Israel in Palestine is a conflict which must be resolved peacefully and is referred to first and in relative detail in this article as an example of the urgent need for it to be no longer covered ups of historical reality and/or its critique to be no longer considered or misused oxymoronicallly and falsely an “anti-Semitic” statement, it is one of the most urgently pressing issues which need to be addressed by the international community, and not anymore by the misleaderships of Trump and Netanyahu.

The time has come for an end to the suppression coverage of these atrocities, coupled to an immediate end of the $ 10 million dollars per day payments of our taxpayer’s funds by the U.S. to an Israel which now, to add insult to injury, is about to enact the so-called “nation-state bill” proposed by Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party, a bill which even Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin opposes as it heralds the end of what is left of Israel as a potential Jewish democratic entity.

The time has come for national conversations to take place about radical reform of official U.S. policy towards Israel accompanied by nationwide educational campaigns about the real history of the pernicious Zionist ideo-political propaganda, particularly as now even former interim President of Israel and Speaker of the Knesset,  Avraham Burg,  has written and published his book titled “In Days to Come” wherein he offers ” his clear-eyed assessment of Zionism’s failings and what the future holds for Israel and for Judaism “.

Such national and international conversations have taken place in Washington, DC for 5 years during all day conferences at the National Press Club which have been attended by some 500 members of the intelligence, foreign service, journalistic, and academic communities and others, yet The Washington Post to its discredit has never covered them, and neither has the New York Times, presumably as a result of the pressure of the Israeli lobby, most particularly embodied by its AIPAC propaganda agents for the Zionist toxic supremacist agenda.

It is also a violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act for the AIPAC to not register as what it is.

These events are sponsored by the prestigious IRmep (Institute for Research:Middle Eastern Policy), and by Global Research (Center for Research on Globalization).

This writer has attended all of the events and has reported on them in his ARGENTUM POST,

Needless to say, other conflicts generated also beg to be historically correctly described and not opportunistically misused to blame the innocent victims while comforting the criminal perpetrators.

Among these the most outstanding are the barbaric devastation wrought on the people of Yemen by the Saudi Arabian murderous bombardments conducted with Trump’s support and the equally barbaric and murderous mistreatment of the Rohingya Muslims by the Buddhists in Myanmar.

In both cases, the world has turned its back on the perpetrators and literally allowed them to get away with murder.

In the former case, the adulterators of history accuse falsely Iran rather than Saudi Arabia and its source of weaponry and support from the U.S. and from Britain.  Amnesty International has reported on it in “Yemen : The Forgotten War“.

In the latter case, while the mainstream media did report on it a bit more objectively, the neocons and neolib politicians not only seem to ignore it, but worse, in some cases even shamelessly praising its leader Aung San Suu Kyi, and the most egregious example is that of the Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is characterized by human rights advocates in Washington as an obstructionist who remains loyal to Aung San Suu Kyi while she brazenly dismisses the allegations of documented atrocities involving the expulsion of 700 thousand Rohingya Muslims to Bangladesh who have their homes burned in what amounts to another example of ethnic cleansing for which the European Union and Canada imposed on several Myanmar Generals.   Reuters journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, who reported on these atrocities were entrapped by police and charged for an offense which punishable by up to 14 years in prison for doing their job.

So, again “we the people” must implore, BASTA, BASTA of this sordid state of affairs which robs us of our social program funding sources, which endangers our national physical and financial security, and which does not allow AMERICA TO BE ALL IT CAN BE in terms of being a respected and inspiring member of the family of sovereign nations, and thereby allows our “pursuit of happiness” in the quest for absolute peace, harmony, social security, universal health care, and affordable higher education to become a reality NOW.

November is around the corner !  The turning point is around the corner !

Let America’s humanists, rationalists, progressives unite and render irrelevant the bankrupt Trumpist, neoliberal, and neocon corrupted to the core establishment, so that our path forward in the direction of healing, reconstructing, and recreating imaginatively and sustainably the most vibrant democracy for ALL AMERICANS and IMMIGRANT AMERICANS and this thus become THE IRREVERSIBLE REALITY !

PS For those of intellectual curiosity as regards the imperative that the Israel in Palestine conflict end once for all with justice and peace for all the following are two links of highly important and valuable objective educational value.

(A) “Why Palestine Matters” by Sheldon Richman, Global Research, June 30, 2018 and the Libertarian Institute, June 29, 2018

(B) ” Israel at 70: A Growing Dilemma for American Jews ” by Allan C. Brownfeld of The American Council for Judaism

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  1. M. Estelle Spike says:

    Yes – BASTA of all the lies! Thanks for your unwavering devotion to truth and justice for all.

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