This September First and Labor Day Can and Must be Celebrated and Marked by a Paradigm Shift : No Longer Will Organized Crime Elites Thwart the Movement to Restoration of Progressive Participative Democracy Which “We the People” Demand and Deserve NOW


September 2, 2018 by Alfred

September First initiates the march to the mid-term elections which have a huge potential to bring America back to normality and henceforth, forward to progressive governance.

The critical mass has been reached as “we the people” in the United States, in tandem with all peoples globally, demand the end of elite tyrannies, organized crime, dishonest, divisive, hawkish, hegemonic, supremacist, racist, manipulative, interventionist, pseudo-“democratic”, tactics and strategies, which day by day rob us of our dignities, our guaranteed constitutional rights to governance based on the foundational elements of genuine people participative democracy which are based on and end to the robbery of resources wasted on endless interventionist wars on fraudulently fabricated and illegal grounds.

Never in our history in America have we sunk so low and have been in such danger of becoming a fascist state which ultimately can and will usher in a third world war which this time risks the end of human life on earth, given the obscene use of military nuclear threats by our incompetent, greedy, reckless, deranged misleaders.

There exists now an imperative for the removal by legal and peaceful means, of not only Donald Trump, but as well with him, the man he chose for his running mate, namely Mike Pence, whose somewhat hidden background is now coming to light, thanks to such eminent investigative authors and journalists as Peter Eisner and Michael D’Antonio who just published their book titled ” The Shadow President : The Truth About Mike Pence “.

The horrific waste of resources desperately needed for the restoration of ethics, justice, equality, public health, consumer protections, affordable higher education, infrastructure repair, restoration of the Iran Nuclear Agreement, restoration of environmental protection sanity,  respect for national constitutional law and international law and international treaties is urgently needed to end the scandalous abominations of the last 19 months of a misadministration led by misleaders and destabilizers which already have wreaked havoc of a nature which in some cases has become irreversible, such as in the case of the separation of migrant families cases where children’s parents have not been able to reunite.

We must reject the corrupted to the core, neoconservative and neoliberal establishment politicians of both parties and bring in the progressive authentic democracy respecting new leaders who follow and fulfill the people’s needs and demands and who are not tarnished from the git go by being totally deferential to toxic national and foreign lobbies which are a democracy destroying machine subservient to the greedy and corrupted elites now in power.

The midterm elections must and can bring about NOW the utmostly needed paradigm shift otherwise not even God can help us.

This article is not about Left vs. Right nor about Liberals vs. Conservatives, it is about humanist and rationally historically established principles which have been all but ignored for many decades and which now,  more than ever,  threaten to destabilize and destroy us as well as our up to now good relationships with our global partners.

This article is about “humanistic” principles which can and must bring together secular humanists and religious humanists in a sign of strength through unity, perhaps with the collaboration of the World Council of Churches (all 350 of them) to restore our faith in ourselves, and to bring about a monumental march together towards the enrichment of our human experience by enhancing our constitutionally guaranteed “pursuit of happiness” by returning to what “we the people” demand and need and must have, and that is hopes for the future, for prosperity, for peace, for professional diplomacy, and for a celebration of the enriching diversity which in the past has made our nation inspireable but now is an endangered species because we have been overtaken literally and held hostage, due to an execrable of a proper choice of educated, humanist, rationalist, principled leaders to the point that we have to contend with literal thugs in governance to take us day by day closer to a catastrophic consequence due to said thugs’ lack of the most basic elements of civilized behaviour in their raging, deranged, and greedy quest for political and financial power.

This supra section of this article is admittedly based on broad characterizations which have some exceptions.

The infra section is also a very succinct section which provides a few examples of characterizations based of the specific issues which must be immediately remediated for the sake of our survival.

We must end ALL primarily military as well as financial support to ALL nations which oppress, rob, and massively kill their own inhabitants and have zero respect for international law and the basic humanistic principles.

These nations are – most particularly but not exclusively – Saudi Arabia, Israel, Myanmar (aka Burma), and Philippines.

(1)Saudi Arabia, along with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are carrying out genocidal massacres and violations against the humanity of the Yemeni people,  with the shameless and downright obscene support of the Trump misadministration.

(2) Israel is and has been genocidal massacres since 1948, brazenly violating international law, the Geneva Fourth Convention law, and UN resolutions egregiously, by these violations against the humanity of the Palestinians in Palestine and abroad, by its invasions, occupations, house demolitions, massacres, and targeted killing of innocent unarmed civilian protesters in Gaza, the largest concentration camp in history of 2.2 million inmates, all with the obscene support of the Trump misadmininstration who in tandem with his son-in-law Jared Kushner who has been involved in real estate projects in illegally occupied Palestine.

To add insult to injury Trump now targets the UNRWA (United Nations Relief Works Agency)  by defunding it completely in order to seek to eliminate the Palestinians right of return (inter alia) , and in his deranged objective of thereby declassifying Palestinians whose lands were robbed as not being  characterized as “refugees”.

It also must be noted that the unholy alliance of the world’s most dangerous misleaders, namely Trump and Netanyahu, where the former at the pressure of the latter has criminally vandalized the Iran nuclear agreement which was so laboriously brought about thanks to the efforts of President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, Foreign Minister of Iran Javad Zarif, and moderate democratically elected President Rouhani of Iran, and this is now leading to the Zionist supremacists, racist, regime of Israel demand war on Iran for no valid reason other than that Trump, Netanyahu, some neoliberal and most neoconservatives can give free rein to their hegemonic and insane lust to control the whole Middle East, something for which we the taxpayers are now paying more than $ 10 million dollars per day.

These war threats by “fire and fury” destabilizer in chief, include war threats against the country of Venezuela, which is undergoing a serious economical and social crisis, war threats against North Korea which is trying to keep a semblance of a nuclear arsenal as a deterrent against an invasion since no Korean will ever forget that the U.S. dropped more bombs in Korea in the 50’s than in World War II, bombs which included the use of napalm, and war threats on refugees at a time when finally the so-called scourge of the “Islamic State” , which was neither “Islamic” nor a “State” has been defeated and Syrian as well as Lybian refugees along with Palestinians need more humanitarian support than ever.

(3) Myanmar (aka Burma) has and continues to commit analogous crimes against its Rohingya population as the Zionist Israeli governments have committed for the last 70 years against the Palestinians.

Seven hundred thousand Rohingyas were expelled from their homes and forced into Bangladesh, thousands have been killed, and their homes have been destroyed.  To add insult to injury, the misleaders of Myanmar, among who many are hard-core racist Burma Buddhists, have thus far gotten away with this crime against the humanity of the Rohingya while their country’s President Aung San Suu Kyi retains bizarrely a Nobel Peace Prize which she still has not been forced to return, and to boot she has been totally silent as if these crimes never occurred.  This can only remind one of the statement by the former PM of Israel, namely Golda Meir, that ” there is no such thing as Palestine ” echoing the other obscenely dishonest Zionist slogans about Palestine being ” A land without a people for a people without land “.

Shamelessly the Trump misadministration is just as silent as Aung San Suu Kyi and bizarrely thought that he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize when in reality if there is one which can be awarded in the future it would be to the leaders of South and North Korea if the peace process evolves further.

(4) Philippines has and continues to carry out targeted assassinations of anyone suspected of using or trafficking drugs, or anyone turned in by their President’s vigilantes.    Human Rights Watch determined that more than 12 thousand people were assassinated by this mandate of its murderous President Rodrigo Duterte.    Our grotesque and racist misleader Trump invited this murderous assassin to the White House.

The list of countries the U.S. must stop supporting financially and militarily is long and the list of nations in whose the elections the U.S. has interfered and subsequently has assisted in overthrowing is long as well,  and it includes most notably Iran, Chile, Cuba, Brazil, and most recently in 2009, Honduras where it was Hillary Clinton’s project to not characterize as coup d’etat the coup d’etat against the popular and democratically elected President Zelaya who was abducted by thugs in the middle of the night, ushering a period of rule by terrorizing misleaders which has resulted in the generation of refugees trying to escape Honduras just like the days of the “dirty wars” against autochthonous populations  in El Salvador and Guatemala which were supported by the U.S. and by Israeli military export of weapons and helicopters.

This last paragraph documents the height of neolib and neocon hypocrisy of blaming Putin/Russia for our decadent state of affairs.  Might as well “…blame it on the Bossa Nova…”(a refrain of a Brazilian musical piece).

Our relations with Russia need to cultivated on the basis of highly professional and sophisticated diplomacy since a military confrontation with Russia is the greatest catastrophe imaginable for the globe, one which all of us will loose for ever.

It is time to bring in professional political scientists, philosophers, linguists, sociologists, and plain common sense solid Americans determined to reroute us to an era when the U.S. does not “lead” the world, but inspires it by its power of example and not its example of (destructive) power.


One thought on “This September First and Labor Day Can and Must be Celebrated and Marked by a Paradigm Shift : No Longer Will Organized Crime Elites Thwart the Movement to Restoration of Progressive Participative Democracy Which “We the People” Demand and Deserve NOW

  1. M. Estelle Spike says:

    So sad! We must demand they face criminal charges in International and National courts of law. All have and continue to commit crimes against humanity with impunity. It’s time that our laws are enforced against the war criminals.

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