APNFD Nr. 82 ” Birds of a Feather Flock Together ” Has Just Acquired a Most Repulsive Exemplification


September 3, 2018 by Alfred

This is an ARGENTUM POST News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 82  ]

One day after the previous AP article was published on September 2, 2018 under the title

This September First and Labor Day Can and Must be Celebrated and Marked by a Paradigm Shift : No Longer Will Organized Crime Elites Thwart the Movement to Restoration of Progressive Participative Democracy “We the People” Demand and Deserve NOW

wherein the following relevant section paragraph appears,

(4) Philippines has and continues to carry out targeted assassinations of anyone suspected of using or trafficking drugs, or anyone turned in by their President’s vigilantes.    Human Rights Watch determined that more than 12 thousand people were assassinated by this mandate of its murderous President Rodrigo Duterte.    Our grotesque and racist misleader Trump invited this murderous assassin to the White House.”

it is most noteworthy that the Associated Press has reported and The Washington Post to its credit has published in its “Digest” section under the title “Philippines President Arrives on 4-Day Visit”  (to Israel).

It is appallingly mind-boggling how the supremacist, racist, hegemonic, violent, Zionist regime of Netanyahu et al. of Israel can stoop as low as giving this criminal and murderous misleader of the Philippines, namely Rodrigo Duterte a “…warm welcome…” because “…Sales of Israeli weapons to his government are high on the agenda, according to Israeli media…”

It is extraordinarily baffling how Netanyahu & cohorts can give such a murderous thug a warm welcome when this low-life Duterte has had the temerity to utter the following words publicly –  when critiqued for his policy of ordering his police as well as vigilantes to engage in targeted assassinations of his own people who may or at times even may not be “suspect” of consuming or selling drugs – namely that, comparing his assassinations policy to the Nazi genocide of Jews, saying declaring that “…I would be happy to slaughter 3 million addicts…” !

Of course it is unfortunately now widely known but is a historical fact that said other Zionist misleaders of Israel have engaged in the practice of providing for profit some of the most undemocratic genocidal regimes of Latin America and of South Africa with weapons to be used against their autochthonous populations such as in the cases of Nicaragua by the U.S. supported Somoza dictatorship, in Guatemala by the U.S. supported Rios Montt dictatorship, in Chile by the Kissinger/Nixon supported General Pinochet dictatorship, and most horrendously by clandestinely proliferating its nuclear weaponization technology to the racist Apartheid regime of South Africa in the mid 80’s where they went as far as assisting in the denotation of a nuclear device under water, a fact which was corroborated to this writer by the former CIA official Paul Pillar a question this writer posited, during hardly ever mainstream media covered all day annual conferences at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.  This conference was and this writer’s question and the former intelligence official response was covered by CSpan to its credit.

To the credit of the decent, humanistic, rationalistic, Israeli citizens and officials who oppose the now exposed brutal Zionist regimes of exploitation and repression of Palestinians, according to this Associated Press digest, Israeli human rights activists plan to urge and encourage the decent Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to not meet with this murderous criminal.

For those readers who lack the historical awareness of the crimes against the humanity of Palestinians, and even of anti-Zionist Jews going back to the 1948 creation of Israel, it is very difficult intellectually and emotionally to believe this account of the collaboration of the extremist Zionists with such decadent criminals and hence provided infra are (1) the link to the Associated Press digest, and (b) one of the links to documentation supporting Israel’s collaboration with the odiously racist and supremacist regime of South Africa.

(1) Philippine President Arrives on 4-Day Visit

(2) The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With South Africa (*)

(*) This is a 317 page book which is highly bibliographed and written by the brilliant author Sasha Polakow – Suransky who as in the case of the writer of this ARGENTUM POST, is the son of Austrian parents of the Jewish faith who had to escape to South Africa (Bolivia in the case of this writer) and therefrom again had to leave for being critical of the Apartheid regime.

The surreal embrace and unholy alliance between the PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Donald Trump has a catastrophic potential for more than Palestine, Israel, and the United States.   All civilized, educated, decent, rational human beings regardless of race, religion, nationality, and ideo/political preference agree that all three, Netanyahu, Trump, and Duterte must be held accountable by their respective national courts or by an international court for their crimes against humanity.

The same applies to murderous misleaders of Saudi Arabia for their massacres against the Yemeni people, and of Myanmar (Burma) for their expulsions and massacres of the Rohingya.


2 thoughts on “APNFD Nr. 82 ” Birds of a Feather Flock Together ” Has Just Acquired a Most Repulsive Exemplification

  1. Alfred says:

    It is counterproductive, dishonest, and disgusting to censor and calumniate the the valid critique of the Zionist misleaderhip of Israel as some form of “anti-Semitism”.

    It also has lost traction and became meaningless since the majority of progressive, humanist, rationalist, Jews globally and tenths of thousands in Israel are categorically rejecting this misleadership and its extremist right-wing lunatic policies.

    It is a byzarre oxymoronical futile exercize to pretend that Jews can be “anti-Semitic”.

  2. M. Estelle Spike says:

    Yes, birds of prey meet for a 4 day visit in Israel. Let’s all join Dr. Francis Boyle, distinguished professor of law at the University of Illinois, in calling for a ‘legal intifada’ by Palestinians against Israel. He’s featured on this disgraceful website:https://canarymission.org/professors

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