It is An Imperative that the FBI Step In and Investigate The Kavanaugh Case AND the Co-Accused/Witness Mark Judge

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September 27, 2018 by Alfred

The credentials for the position of a Supreme Court Judge must be solidly of the Platinum level.

Prior to even  any deposition by the accusers of Kavanaugh, as regards to the alledged crimes of sexual abuse, it is clear that on the basis of the number of witnesses of description of Kavanaugh’s heavy drinking to the point of stupor setting in, he has already called into question his honesty, as the has more than once categorically denied in the Congressional hearing having ever gotten drunk to the point of stupor setting in.

The credentials for the position of a Supreme Court Judge must be solidly of the Platinum level.

Dishonest replies to during the hearings should render  his nomination DOA.

Now the synergy of dishonesty as regards to Kavanaugh’s  replies and his being characterized by many of his former classmates as being a heavy drinker to the point of stupor setting in, it is an imperative that besides the depositions of his now, 3 or more, accusers of sexual assault, that the FBI be conducting an investigation which must involve interrogation of his co-accused and witness Mark Judge.

From the investigative reporters of The Washington Post of 09/25/2018,  Pogrund, Leonnig, and Davis we learn that (a) Kavanaugh’s lawyer advised him to go into hiding, (b) that the co-accused Mark Judge has chronicled that he and Kavanaugh were members of the ” 100 Kegs or Bust” club and “…lusted after girls…“, ( c) that ” Yale’s ex-classmates came forth and “scoffed at the nominee’s drinking habits“,  as per The Washington Post’s Davis and Heim of 09/26/2018),  (d) that Kavanaugh is now trying to “paint himself as some kind of a choir boy”  as declared by Lynne Brookes, a former classmate,  and that (e) that, according to former classmates James Roche and supported by the accuser Ramirez,   Kavanaugh “frequently drank to the point of incoherence…was a notably heavy drinker who became aggressive and belligerent when he was very drunk“.

Again, while drunkenness is not a crime, lying to members of Congress and/or to the FBI,  under oath is a crime, but even if it were not so, at this point Kavanaugh’s approval as a Supreme Court nominee should no longer be possible to be rushed by anyone, as it cannot any longer be seriously considered for the obvious reasons stated.

Furthermore it is also totally unacceptable for Trump and his Republican supporters to literally attempt to obstruct justice by preventing the FBI from doing its job as well as it is unacceptable that the co-accused, Mark Judge, be allowed to evade being interrogated by going into hiding in Bethany Beach, Delaware,  where the investigative reporters found him, and hence neither he nor the Congressional Committee must stand in the way of his being interrogated under oath by Congress and by the FBI.

Who are Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-SC) to insolently declare ” …No reason to call him...” and the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) to write to Dr. Ford’s lawyer that “…only the Committee determines which witness to call, in what order to call them, and who will question them.“?

WE THE PEOPLE” have a right to demand accountability.

WE THE PEOPLE” will be the ones to be horribly affected for decades to come about this nomination if it is clear that it cannot cannot become politicized by censorship on part of the whatever Republican powers that be, other than the appropriate and competent non-partisan professional law enforcement and judicial powers.


PS  This article was composed on Wednesday, 09/26/018, one day prior to the hearings of the accusers of Kavanaugh, but was not published until today, Thursday, 09/27/2019 due to technical reasons.

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