Saudi Arabia is Documentably the World’s Worst State Sponsor of Terrorism : Now Trump Stunningly Protects Its Terrorist Assassination of Jamal Kashoggi and Declares that it is To Continue to Receive Petro Dollars and to Use Saudi Arabia to Target Iran Which is Falsely Accused of “Sponsoring Terrorism”

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October 20, 2018 by Alfred

National so-called “interest” is trumping advocated – but not practiced – U.S. national foundational principles as shown by the level of the generation of an absolutely intolerable tolerance of a culture of indifference and downright acceptance toward Saudi Arabia’s (and Israel’s), criminal atrocities by Trump.

Saudi Arabia in the wake of its literally terrorist assassination of a U.S. based, democracy advocate, of democracy and freedom, namely journalist Jamal Khashoggi, has led Trump to protect the said perpetrator of the said terrorist assassination from condemnation,  and the most severe punishment.

Trump has first suggested that if Khashoggi was in fact killed it may have been a “rogue” killer, and immediately warned that this will not prevent the U.S. sale of weaponry to Saudi Arabia, as it has now for  3 years carried out a monstrous massacre in Yemen.

Later he declared that he has doubts about getting involved in this matter since Khashoggi is not (yet) a U.S. citizen.    He has been a very legal, permanent resident of the United States and was employed by The Washington Post.

One on the other hand may surmise that Trump feels that Khasshogi is an “enemy” since he has declared generically and publicly  the “press as the enemy” .  In fact Snopes has verfied that the “President” has encouraged physical violence against members of the press. 

Trump embodies the quintessential embodiment of an individual who has no place in any seat of public power because he is characterized by a scandalously myopic pursuit of interests at the expense of the foundational elements of civilized values as evidenced by his utter disregard for the violation of human rights,  violations of international law, and violations of the U.S. Constitution and in that he is disturbingly supported by mostly but not exclusively Republican neocon, and to a lesser extend by Democrat neolib corrupted-to-core and/or  dishonest, hypocritical, greedy, and incompetent Congressional politicians and by members of his cabinet, most particularly the lunatic right-wing extremist values (or rather, lack of any values whatsoever),  namely John Bolton.

Both Trump and John Bolton have as best allies in the atrocious genocidal crimes against the humanity of the people of Yemen, and Palestine, the Saudi murderous power structure of terrorists, particularly now, the Salman father and Bin Salman son , and Israel’s power structure of violent, extremist right-wing supremacist Zionist murderous misleaders led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

All of the above support the top misleader of the Saudi family of terrorists, the dictator (how calls himself laughably “prince”), namely Mohammad Bin Salman.

So, without the most minimal exaggeration, now that said State terrorist misleader Bin Salman alleges stupidly and outrageously, 2 weeks after the assassination of journalist Khashoggi at the Turkish consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, Turkey,   that the unarmed, whistleblower, Khashoggi died as a result of an “altercation” at the consulate in the presence of 15 body guards of Salman who arrived mysteriously in two private planes in Istanbul for the meeting with Khashoggi.

Since Trump immediately asserted that this explanation is “credible“, we can most reasonably assume that Trump is unequivocally is covering up for and protecting not only the Saudi state power structure terrorist misleader Bin Salman, but by logical extension, said Saudi Arabian terrorism sponsoring power structure itself as well.

So, we have a so-called “President” in the White House, as an individual  who is actively supporting a murderous terrorist misleader of his own people, but as well as of the people in Yemen, and furthermore he adds horrific insult to no less horrific injury by letting it be known that he could not care less about the ramifications of the reasons he presents for doing so, namely his criminal “interest” bereft of any scintilla of foundational ethical, legal, principles in order to be able to continue to receive petrodollars by selling weapons to the world’s top sponsor of terrorism which his committing genocidal crimes in Yemen. so that he not only can continue active in the enabling of the said genocidal crimes, but as well, as Trump declared today, that we “need this (terrorist) power structure and his (murderous) leader Bin Salman to “protect” (sic) the Middle from Iran  (?! ) which he, along with his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and along with Israel’s misleader namely Benjamin Netanyahu have interests in furthering their hegemonic neo-imperial and colonial brutal control of Palestine, as Israel is also a recipient of U.S. arms in addition to $ 10 million dollars per day in financial aid, at a time when 60 cents of the average American taxpayer’s dollar go the obscenely inflated so-called “defense” offensive budget.

The U.S. military budget is 10 times as high as the Russian and 5 times as high as the Chinese, and the U.S. some 900 military bases and installations in some 100 countries, while Russia has one, and China none.

As expected, Trump (and Netanyahu and other dishonest U.S. congressperson) are lying when they state that Iran is a sponsor of terrorism and furthermore it has never in the last 250 years attacked any nation in the Middle East.

What is now sadly and stunningly true is that, for the time, and hopefully probably for the last time in the history of the United States, a man who lost by the popular vote and who nevertheless has deplorably occupied the White House since 2017, is now documentably  characterizable as a man who brazenly protects a murderous terrorist misleader from the nation whose power structure comprises criminal terrorist elements which enabled the 9/11 massacre.

It is also noteworthy that after 9/11 the  Cheney/Bush regime which used the false pretext that Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attacks to invade and destroy Iraq in 2003, had grounded all air traffic after 9/11 right after 9/11,   yet is allowed Osama Bin Laden’s family  at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Foggy Bottom to fly out of the United States  immediately .

It is now more clear than ever, that Trump needs to be removed from his seat of power immediately by legal and peaceful means which can become his impeachment after the midterm election or the application of the 25th Amendment.

Our national security demands this move now.

To buttress the supra allegations the ARGENTUM POST presents its readers with an article and video from “The Hill” titled  “Former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell : Trump is Sitting with the Devil By Working with Saudi Arabia




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