Glenn Kessler and Eugene Robinson Are Two Major High Integrity Assets for The Washington Post (But A Correction Must be Noted).

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October 19, 2018 by Alfred

Both, Glenn Kessler and Eugene Robinson, in their own specialties, are high integrity assets when it comes to informing and thereby educating the American people honestly and need to be commended for that, particularly at these times of “fake pseudo-news” insidious pollution which undermines our democracy.

Point in case, inter alia, is today’s (10/16/2018) Washington Post article by Eugene Robinson article titled “Trump’s Constant Lying is an Impeachable Offense” and in tandem with that of also today’s “Fact Checker” article by Glenn Kessler titled “Trump Sidesteps Truth With Go-To Moves on ’60 Minutes“.

Honesty by the media and by the politicians is among the most foundational elements which safeguard our Constitutional democracy.

Now, as regards to the “Correction” noted in the title supra,  it is important to note, that while Glenn Kessler exposed Trump’s lie to Leslie Stahl and to the American people, when, inter alia,  Trump shamelessly declared that ” President Obama gave away Crimea to Russia ” , Glenn Kessler made an error when he stated that actually, “Crimea was annexed bu Russia“.

It is very important to note that Kessler’s error is an error which is commonly accepted due to its “meme”- like relentless dissemination as a result of ignorance at best,  or due to malevolence at worst, i.e. due to a deliberate attempt to politicize and thereby adulterate factual history by Russophobics.

Based on the track record of Glenn Kessler’s incisive and accurate investigative work, he obviously cannot be guilty of misinterpreting factual history.

This declaration is part of a propaganda meme, which is similar to many others of the kind which keep being repeated as a result of what has been almost like a DNA based tendency of most of the British and American public to be critical of Russia since its 1917 revolution which overthrew the dictatorship of the czars.

This phenomenon has then been inflamed and it metastasized since the 2016 election loss of Hillary Clinton which had her, the DNC, and all neo-liberals embark on a shamefully irrational, dishonest, hysterical, and dangerous campaign of vilification and of threats and provocations directed at Putin and Russia for hardly any discernible reason and bereft of any proofs.

In fact, as documented by scholarly historians,  Crimea has been an integral part of Russia since 1783 and it only came under the Ukrainian umbrella during the Soviet era because Premier Nikita Khrushchev, who was born in Kalinovka, Crimea in 1954,  for merely administrative reasons, transferred Crimea from the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

A predominant majority of the population of Crimea are Russians,  and they democratically voted in a 2014 referendum to return Crimea to being part of Russia.

Some for lack of awareness or for political reasons dispute this reality, but politics must never under any condition be allowed to distort the genuine political record anywhere in the world.

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