The Brazilian Mis-Election Phenomenon From the Perspective of Peter Lavelle’s Crosstalk Academics And How It Fits in With the Unholy Trilogy of Trump, Netanyahu, and Bin Salman

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November 8, 2018 by Alfred

Brazil’s  bizarre, mis-election of a former soldier extremist right-wing, misogynist, racist, homophobic, Zionist – (pseudo) Christian who was expelled from the Brazilian military for “indiscipline” comprising agitating on a neo-Nazi like platform which comprises support for dictatorship, torture, and targeted executions, is analyzed  by three members of a round-table of academics in the RT’s ” Cross Talk Bullhorns ” hosted by Peter Lavelle.

Cross Talk goes where the mainstream media hardly ever approaches and debunks mythology based on genuine news presenting solid facts,  and hence its educational appeal is essential for those endowed with the intellectual curiosity, and the objective and professional interest in analyzing and discussing current events via a wide-lense approach which is bereft of state or self censorship and which thereby avoids the pitfalls of using social networking manufacture of consent which results in the use of non-vetted, pseudo-news generated often in “intellectual incest” environments.

This writer feels strongly that genuine, factual, scholarly history of the Middle East should be taught in all public high schools.

The dearth of information coupled to the toxic Zionist propaganda lobbies, literally results in cultural programmation of huge sectors of the American population to the extend that its ignorance of factual history leaves them wide open to buy into the brazen falsehoods and to the hate and fear these engender  as a consequence of a veritable cover-up of the said historical reality.

Case in point is, for example, the case as regards to the cover up of the history of Iran which is vilified 24/7 on the basis of essentially falsehoods, while the most dangerous state actor of violent and murderous repression of the House of Saud power structure, at home and abroad, is quietly tolerated.

The House of Saud is the oppressive power structure Saudi Arabia, and comprise some 15,000 highly autocratic family members worth approximately 1.4 million petrodollars.

Americans particularly are most deplorably ill-served by their educational institutions as well as by their corporate media, when it comes to daily factual historical reality analysis and therefore are dangerously mislead by tendentiousness in mainstream reportage, which all too often has had the tragic result of leading our nation into wars on the basis of utterly dishonest agendas of elite interests totally bereft of any principles and conscience.

The current crisis which is isolating the U.S. as almost never before, is one which has come about by the formation of an infamous unholy trilogy of misleaders comprising(a) the incompetent, dishonest, hate and fear inciting Donald Trump (under investigation by a Special Prosecutor)  who came to power by an undemocratic election, since he lost said election by the popular vote, (b) the right-wing extremist, dishonest, racist,  Benjamin Netanyahu, (under investigation along with his wife) and (c) now joined by top extremely violent misleaders of the infamous House of Saud, some of who were supportive of the Saudis who attacked the World Trade Towers in New York on 9/11, and who now, under the leadership of highly oppressive Bin Salman,  are making headlines as a result of their cold-blooded assassination of the U.S. based,  the democracy advocate Washington Post journalist, namely Jamal Khashoggi because he dared to be a dissident and moved to the U.S. and critiqued the world’s most prolific so-called “state” sponsor of terrorism which Saudi Arabia has been documentably for decades.

This trilogy presents a major threat to our national stability and national security, and to particularly the Middle Eastern regional and hence global security, if the main actors of the Trump/Netanyahu/Bin Salman trilogy is not peacefully, legally, but assertively confronted, contained, detained and made accountable for their crimes against the humanity of the nations of Yemen, Palestine, and Iran.

The U.S., the now self-declared Israel Apartheid regime, and Saudi Arabia, misleader’s top power structures ignore international law, UN Resolutions, and are totally bereft of any scintilla of rationalist/humanistic conscientiousness.

What they have in common is reckless dishonesty in their lustful  pursuit of financial and political capital by any means possible, including murderous killings of innocent opponents who organize to demand their democratic and legal rightful freedom from oppression, their rightful freedom from being invaded, and from being humiliated, tortured, and killed.

What these 3 actors of invasions and government and societal destruction additionally have in common is a most particularly perverse obsession with vilifying in most extremist and falsehood based terms, the nation of Iran.

In the last 250 years Iran has not threatened and much less invaded a single nation.

The U.S. has invaded countless nations around the world, Saudi Arabia has since 2015- with U.S. (and British) weapons been bombinga and destroying savagely the poorest nation of the Middle East, namely Yemen, and this has created the most catastrophic refugee crisis in the world coupled to the onset of starvation, polio and cholera epidemic, and Israel has violently and ilegally since 1948 taken over Palestine, and since then has engaged in what Israeli academic Ilan Pappe characterizes as veritable “ethnic cleansing“, a term which is eponymous with that of one of his most amply documented book about this barbaric theft of land, expulsions, collective punishments, and massacres meted out to this day by the now self-declared Apartheid state of Israel.

This applies to Israel, particularly now that it has officially defined itself as an Apartheid state, and therefore its Zionist power structure, supported by a global so-called Zionist Evangelist ideology, also is heavily involved in the violently lethal oppression of the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine.

It vital to note that the use of the adjective “Zionist”, just as the adjective “Wahhabist” when referring to the crimes against the humanity of the people of Palestine by Israel and against the humanity of the people of Yemen (and Bahrain) by Saudi Arabia in no way implies that any culpability on the part of decent people of the Judaic faith and analogously of decent people of the mainstream Moslem faith.

Wahhabism” is the reactionary cult-like branch of Saudi Arabia’s Islam and is not to be conflated with mainstream Islam.

Zionism” is now more than ever the reactionary branch of an also cult-like racist, belligerent, and hegemonic ideology which not to be conflated with mainstream Judaism.

Both, Wahhabism and Zionism have meted out tremendous harm on decent Moslems and decent Jews, globally, respectively.

The ARGENTUM POST (“hard cover”)* provides under “Sources” a comprehensive  bibliography which amply documents these distinctions.

(*) by “hard cover” what is meant is the version readers see when they access the said ARGENTUM POST by merely inserting these two words in the Google search field.

Google scans all ARGENTUM POST published articles and what appears initially are all of the said the said articles in descending chronological order.  Since these titles are functionalized so as to serve as links, the reader must click on the desired article, and – voila – said article appears in-toto.

So, to finalize this article, the readers are invited to view the infra video of “Cross Talk” which was referred at the onset of this article, since this 30 mins. discussion by academics focuses the limelight on a newcomer to the “unholy trilogy” of Trump/Netanyahu/Bin Salman, and he is the just mis-elected catastrophically Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro, who is a hyper extremely fascist, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic, former military officer who was expelled from the Brazilian army and who stated several times that he respects dictatorships, supports torture, and prefers targeted killings of dissidents.

Mr. Bolsonaro’s first congratulations for his “victory” came from Trump and shortly thereafter from Benjamin Netanyahu, who promised Bolsonaro the installation of expensive desalination plants at not cost (“we the people” will finance them, since the U.S. provides Israel with $ 10 million dollars per day (!)).

The deal Netanyahu offers to Bolsonaro who, BTW considers himself a Zionist Evangelist, is that he will have to move the Brazilian embassy, in violation of UN rules, to Jerusalem.

Of course, being used to violating international law, and more, Netanyahu invites Bolsonaro to violate UN GA Resolution 303, which has designated Jerusalem a “Corpus Separatum” (separate body) city.

Let us pray that the “unholy trilogy” will not now become an “unholy quadrilogy“…

Let us pray that yesterday, midterms election day, can be viewed as a day when America started to reconstitute itself and thereby start healing,  along with the rest of the affected world.


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