A Very Timely Addendum to the Previous Article ” The Brazilian Mis-Election Phenomenon From the Perspective of Peter Lavelle’s Crosstalk Academics And How It Fits in With the Unholy Trilogy of Trump, Netanyahu, and Bin Salman”


November 9, 2018 by Alfred

This addendum to the previous ARGENTUM POST article published yesterday on 11/08/2018 and titled ” The Brazilian Mis-Election Phenomenon From the Perspective of Peter Lavelle’s Crosstalk Academics And How It Fits in With the Unholy Trilogy of Trump, Netanyahu, and Bin Salman ” is a result of today’s “breaking news ” reports released by the Associated Press and relates to (a) a report on the police investigation of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu corruption charges and (b) a report also by Associated Press on Brazil’s legislators corruption charges which were perversely and abominably exploited by the far right-wing political opponents of the Worker’s Party leader and most popular candidate for the 2018 election, namely former President Luis Ignacio da Silva (aka Lula), and which resulted in a judicial coup to sideline and imprison said candidate on specious and unproven grounds, so as to pave the ground for the extremist far-rightist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, autocratic candidate Jair Bolsonaro, who characterizes himself as Zionist Evangelist, to come to power.

So, today on 11/09/2108,  i.e. one day after the ARGENTUM POST published the supra noted article, the Associated Press buttressed the said ARGENTUM POST article by reporting that the Israeli police is recommending, to their credit, that (a)  Netanyahu’s personal attorney who is also his cousin, be indicted in a case involving a $ 2 billion dollars purchase of submarines brought about via documented bribery, and money laundering offenses and additionally that (b) said Israeli police is recommending  the indictment of a former Netanyahu cabinet minister, an a former Navy chief of staff and furthermore the police has also recommended that (c) the indictment of Netanyahu on the basis of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust charges in two other cases.

Amazingly in the case of the just miselected Jair Bolsonaro  misfit to the presidency of Brazil, (which the ARGENTUM POST referred to in its same article of yesterday on 11/08/2018) the Associated Press also reported in another breaking news article today on 11/09/18, the welcomed arrest in Rio de Janeiro of several legislators charged with accepting bribes in exchange of supporting a criminal organization run by a former Rio de Janeiro governor, namely Sergio Cabral, who is serving a prison sentence for his participation in a corruptions scheme in which prosecutors declare he received hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to help companies secure contracts.  He also is charged with playing the central role in scheme to buy votes when the IOC chose Rio to host the Olympics of 2016.

Sadly and utterly unjustly, the popular anger against this politically decadent class was then cleverly exploited and channeled by the opposition to said former popular progressive  President Lula who brought 30 million Brazilians out of poverty, and this resulted in his being arrested and charged without proof, and sentenced to jail time, so he would not be able to run for presidency , since had he been allowed to do so, this would unquestionably have resulted in his assured victory.

It should be noted and remembered that the first misleaders to congratulate the misfit Brazilian Jair Bonsonaro were the Donald Trump and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu who then made a proposal to Bonsonaro which consisted in his offer to provide Brazil with an expensive desalination plant at no cost in a deal which required in return from  Bolsonaro to undertake an illegal move of the embassy of Brazil to Jerusalem. 

Bolsonaro who considers himself a Zionist Evangelist, will probably accept his deal, and “we the people” of the U.S. will pay for it with our taxpayer’s money since the U.S. provides Israel with the obscene amount of  $ 10 million dollars per day while continuing the almost daily shooting and killing of unarmed and innocent protesters who are living under torturous conditions in the largest blocked concentration camp of history numbering some 2.2 millon inmates.  All they demand rightfully is to return to their and their parents’ lands and homes and live free and democratically in their Israel occupied Palestine.

This “Unholy Trilogy” of Trump/Netanyahu/Bin Salman would then become the “Unholy Quadrilogy” of Trump/Netanyahu/Bin Salman/ and now Jair Bonsonaro at the cost of the suffering of the peoples of Yemen, Palestine, and Iran plus at the cost of decent, humanist, rationalist, peaceful conflict resolution aspiring activists of the United States, Israel, and all other peoples detrimentally affected by the spiral to the bottom of utter decadence by fascist, racist, classist, misogynist, hawkishly belligerent, hegemons which raise the aphorism “birds of a feather flock together– with all due respect and apologies to all of the birds under the Phylum Chordata in the Class Aves species !

4 thoughts on “A Very Timely Addendum to the Previous Article ” The Brazilian Mis-Election Phenomenon From the Perspective of Peter Lavelle’s Crosstalk Academics And How It Fits in With the Unholy Trilogy of Trump, Netanyahu, and Bin Salman”

  1. Here’s the link to the interview:

  2. Hello Alfred,

    You and your readers will likely appreciate an extraordinary interview on Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, etc. between investigative journalists Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton and a very smart woman professor of international law from Venezuela. The over-one-hour information-packed, highly insightful interview is found at “Moderate Rebels” (Norton and Blumenthal’s channel) on YouTube.


  3. M. Estelle Spike says:

    Yes, birds of a feather, do flock together – meaning no disrespect whatsoever to beautiful and wondrous birds 😉 These cold-blooded predator types have always sacked, plundered, raped and murdered. Let’s rally together and call out for justice in national and international courts of law. You can start by signing and sharing my Open Letter to the ICC requesting they open a full investigation into Israeli War Crimes which will be delivered in person to the ICC in the Hague on Nov.19th. Peace and thanks, Marie Spike https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSce1o1-C9FbudsiNncqI8vIn5jhV3nESglRHyzuKLxDq01KRA/viewform

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