[APNFD Nr. 85 ] This is a Sequel to the AP’s Previous Article Titled “Letter on the ICC Re: Israel”


November 20, 2018 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr.85 ]

The ARGENTUM POST was notified by the author of the Letter/Petition, Marie Spike,  to the International Criminal Court urging it to now investigate Israel’s war crimes, that it has been now delivered by her and by prominent members of the U.S. Green Party as well as other prominent peace and justice activists referred to infra by Dr. Margaret Flowers who is a pediatrician and a top ranking activist of the Green Party.

So, without additional editorial comment, the ARGENTUM POST provides its readers with a short video clip supra of the members of the group which had just delivered the said letter/petition which was signed during a short period of time by about one thousand people, and infra with the PRESS RELEASE of the event by the U.S. Green Party Representatives

This event could not have come at a better time as the world observes with utter dismay three power structures of misleaders  of their own people, who are with appalling, Kafkaesque, and perverse, disdain for humanity, spiralling and entire region into an abyss, in their total decay of morality, honesty, intelligence, compassion, willingness and/or capacity to exercise diplomacy, exposing thusly their state of execrable absence of the foundational elements of civilized behaviour .

This unholy trilogy of the world’s most dangerous misleaders is bereft of principles and consumed by interests based on greed, hegemony, expansionism, racism  while consumed 24/7 by their relentless hate and fear mongering – particularly against Iran- in their terrorizingly violent collusion of lethal attacks on entire populations of innocent human men, women, children, and the elderly and the sick in Palestine and in Yemen.

It is obvious that we are referring to Donald Trump, Bin Salman, and Benjamin Netanyahu.

All of them and their cabinet officers need to immediately come under the focus of the International Criminal Court, as the fires they have ignited have the potential to engulf the entire Middle East and then even may spread to a third world war.

So, at this point the AP presents the Press Release by the U.S. Green Party.





United States Green Party Representatives Deliver Call for Full Investigation of Israel’s War Crimes Against Palestinians to International Criminal Court

The Hague, The Netherlands (Monday, November 19, 2018) – Members of the Green Party United States traveled to the International Criminal Court (ICC) today to deliver a letter calling for a full investigation of Israel for war crimes it has committed against the Palestinians. [Read the text here.]

In addition to being endorsed by the Green Party U.S., the letter was signed by over 1,000 organizations and individuals from the United States who want prosecutors at the ICC and the world to know that there is a political party and there are people in the U.S. who support holding nations accountable to international law. “The United States is complicit in Israel’s crimes by providing financial support, selling weapons and providing political cover to Israel. Unlike the major political parties, the Green Party opposes these actions and has the courage to make this opposition official,” said Dr. Margaret Flowers, Green Party U.S. co-chair.

Dr. Flowers and Miko Peled, a member of the Green Party U.S., a dual Israeli and American citizen and an author, met with a representative of the ICC Office of the Prosecutor to deliver a copy of the signed letter. The letter will be entered into the body of evidence being collected as part of a preliminary investigation to determine whether a full investigation will be conducted.

A delegation of Green Party U.S. members, many of whom are on the Green Party U.S. Peace Action and International Committees, made video statements outside the ICC after the letter was delivered. [Video here.] They included Kevin Zeese, Diane Moxley, Marie Spike, who authored the original draft of the letter, and Stephen Verchinski. The delegation was joined by Dirk Adriaensens of the BRussells Tribunal, which conducted a tribunal on Palestine. Miko Peled stated, “It was an honor to be part of the GPUS delegation to the ICC, to add our voice to the growing demand to investigate Israel for war crimes. Only when people of the world speak up will the Israeli perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity be brought to justice.”

Members of the delegation understand they have a responsibility to act and to educate others in the United States about the truth of the violent Israeli occupation of Palestine and apartheid state. It is by countering the myths put out by the media and U.S. lawmakers, due to the significant Israeli influence over them, and showing solidarity with Palestinians that the tide will shift toward justice for people living in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) and the millions of refugees who have been forced to flee.

“We cannot allow the US to continue to ignore the rule of law. We must show support for institutions, such as the ICC, that can be used to hold war criminals accountable and to resolve conflicts between nations,” said Kevin Zeese. In fact, on the same day that the Green Party National Committee voted to endorse the letter, John Bolton said the United States would not cooperate with war crime investigations and called for sanctions against ICC judges if they proceed with an investigation.

[Please hold this paragraph until I can get the names.]

Prior to visiting the ICC, members of the delegation met with Nils Mollema of Al Haq, an organization founded by Palestinian lawyers to address Israel’s occupation and apartheid. Members of the Green Party of The Netherlands (De Groenen), Otto ter Haar and , as well as members of the Green Left Party (Groen Links), Sebastiaan Van der Waan and , participated in that meeting.


One thought on “[APNFD Nr. 85 ] This is a Sequel to the AP’s Previous Article Titled “Letter on the ICC Re: Israel”

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Thanks, Alfred, for sharing this very important letter delivery speak out video, along with the letter itself and the press release. Let’s all work to make these world class criminals accountable in courts of law!

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