Sign On To Letter on the ICC Re: Israel

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November 12, 2018 by Alfred

First a copy of the said petition to be read, replied to, and signed.

I urge my readers to please first read it, fill in the questions, comment, and then sign it.

Secondly,  provided hereby by the writer/editor of the ARGENTUM POST find the backround material, about this urgent event which consists in the personal delivery to noble Judges of the ICC on November 19. 2018.

As the writer/editor of the ARGENTUM POST, which is a Peace by Justice Blog, as well as a signatory to New York Times letter titled “Jewish Survivors and Descendants of Survivors and Victims of Nazi Genocide Unequivocally Condemn The Massacre of Palestinians in Gaza.” this writer includes said letter infra.The progressive Israeli Newspaper Haaretz re-published said New York Time letter.

It so happens that I feel honored by a dear personal friend of mine, namely, Marie Spike, to bring this matter of crucial importance to the attention of all of my followers, non-following visiting readers and I implore you all to give maximum priority to reading, and filling  in the questions,  and signing this important document, and finally give it the maximum  dissemination, as wast human lives of all concerned in the region, will be saved by the once for all ending of the murderous wars incited on the basis of specious and dishonest grounds, by the corrupted to the core misleaders who have zero principles and push an egregious hate and fear agenda for hegemonic and other interests.

These are largely provocative destabilizers and conflict generators who are out to destroy entire societies, entire peoples, to therefore impose their execrable agendas of “regime change” which will undoubtedly spiral out of control and thereby will lead to a major war between the world’s major military powers.

Those mis-leaders comprise most conspicuously,  the murderous top echelon of the House of Saud, (i.e. “Saudi Arabia” and most particularly its horrific misleader and dictator Bin Salman, who leads the world most lethal State actor of terrorism, Prime Minister Netanyahu who along with Bin Salman is hell-bent on destroying Iran, a country which has not invaded any country in the last 250 years, and obviously the enabler of these crimes against the humanity who relentlessly and provocatively is hell-bent as well with creating a major catastrophe by  mindlessly and perversely agitating war on Iran.

Marie Spike will personally deliver said Letter personally to the Honorable Judges of the International Crime Court (ICC) on November 19th, so it is of utmost urgency that these this Letter be signed immediately.

Mary Spike  will deliver said letter personally in The Hague, along with  Miko Peled, Dr. Margaret Flowers, Dirk Adriaenses of the Brussels Tribunal, Diane Moxley, and Stephen Vershinksi.   All of these (except possibly Dirk) , are Green Party members.  Otto Ter Haar and Daphne Meijer will also be joining the delegation.

No longer can constructive criticism of Israel and nationalistic, supremacist, racist Zionism be oximoronically characterized as “anti-Semitism”.

The vast majority of noble, humanistic, rationalistic, Jews, Christians, and Moslems are formidably on board with allowing peace to break out in the MIddle East.

This unholy trilogy of misleaders must be sidelined asap by legal, peaceful, and constitutional means, but most importantly, now  with UN Secretary Antonio Guterres, who seems more amenable to rein in outlaw regimes, hopefully in synergy with the ICC, will lead us into an era of reconstruction, co-healing, and co-creatively reorganizing the Middle East into a splenderous, vibrant, area of a real Arab Spring which will no longer suffer the intervention of the nation and regime destroying imbecillic, and reckless agenda.

The EU seems to be on board for this reform as Macron suggested when he excoriated the reckless and irresponsible tolerance of nationalism and anti-globalism.

PS Since Google scans and publishes all ARGENTUM POST articles, no “lnk” as such is needed to access it.   Merely inserting these two words in the Google search engine will retrieve the titles and summary of the said articles, and if one desires to open them, one may simply click on the said title which is functionalized so as to serve as a link.


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