The Outrageously Dishonest and Perversely Hate Inciting Paid Ad Smearing Airbnb and Covering Up/Distorting the Yearning by the Majority Demand of Peace w/ Justice by Jews and by Palestinians Globally is an Abomination Which Has Zero Traction and Must End Now

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December 9, 2018 by Alfred



Even paid advertisements need to be honest and refrain from generating hyperbolic and specious inflammatory and provocative falsehoods which often fan the flames of violence.

Rabbi Shmuley’s paid ad in The Washington Post on December 6, 2018, disgustingly falsely accuses Airbnb as discriminating against Jews.

Nothing could be further from the truth, than this grotesque generalization.

Airbnb has been lauded by decent, rationalist, humanist Jews everywhere for exercising its option to end operations in the now self-declared “Jewish Nation-State” Apartheid Israel regime which is in gross violation of international law in its international law violating occupation of Palestine and it its violent and literally murderous repression of Palestinians since 1948 and more so, since 1967.

As the son of parents who survived the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews (and others), this writer along with millions of Jews globally and even in Israel, condemns the politicised distortion of historical reality about the barbaric mistreatment of Palestinian, and most particularly now,  by the extremist right-wing regime of PM Netanyahu who has been three times urged by the Israeli police to be indicted, and who with the outrageous support of the U.S. misleader Trump and of the murderous Bin Salman misleader of Saudi Arabia, are torturing the 2.2 million inmates of the world’s largest concentration camp in Gaza and to boot are ,on the grounds of total falsehoods,  agitating for war on Iran which has been a stalwart in the containment and defeat of Al Qaeda, Al Nousra, and Daesh terrorist networks.

It is the Shmuley’s paid ad which is insulting and discriminating against peace and justice aspiring Jews in Israel and in the rest of the world.

The ad’s last line reads Boycotting Israel is Anti-Semitic“, when in reality it is an invitation for humanist, rationalist, visionaire Jews to end – peacefully and democratically – the intolerable status quo of the occupation and the oppression by the past and current power structures of Israel, so that genuine peace will finally be given a realistic chance, something that – contrary to the mythical and politicized propaganda, never ever occured.

The “BDS is Anti-Semitic”  generalization is not only false but as well oxymoronic, since now and before,  millions of Jews world-wide and many in Israel, have come to support BDS  i.e. Boycott, Disinvest, and Sanction, as a valid, necessary, and peaceful means to end the extremist nationalist supremacist Zionist abuse of the Palestinians and to lead to the democratization of Palestine so that its autochthonous Palestinians can live in peace and harmony and security with the Jews now living in Palestine and a real Arab Spring can thereby realistically emerge, to the point that a long last, peace, reconstruction, and healing may break out in the entire Middle East.

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