An Example of a Zionist Ethno Nationalist Assault on Our Constitutional Democracy


December 30, 2018 by Alfred

An absolute right to free-thinking / free-speech, by an American teacher is brazenly unconstitutionally violated in Texas by an unconstitutional law which is misused by a Texan school principal who orders said teacher to sign a document forcing her to pledge her loyalty to Israel by swearing not to support her support to the peaceful BDS approach to end the Zionist now Apartheid exclusivist “Nation-State” from continuing with impunity to violate international law by its crimes against the humanity of Israel occupied autochthonous, unarmed, innocent, inhabitants.

After said teacher refused to sign said document, she was, incredibly,  fired !

This calls for an immediate rescinding of said Texas law and the reinstatement of said teacher, and perhaps the firing of her principal.

The egregious assault on constitutional democracies is now becoming a bizarre “normal” occurence, not only in the United States after the election of our misleader, Donald Trump, but in Israel itself as its misleader Netanyahu targets decent progressive Jewish women whose right to pray along men at the Wailing Wall is violated, as Netanyahu embraces illegal settlers who continue to build illegal settlements, as Netanyahu continues his weekly targeted killings of peaceful freedom and democracy protestors in Israel’s largest concentration camp in history, namely in Gaza, and as Netanyahu who is now facing justice and indictments in Israel is hysterically inciting war on Iran for no discernible reasons other than to feeble-mindedly attempt to delay is indictment, and as Netanyahu and Donald Trump continue to engage in business as usual with the the decadent and criminal Saudi Arabian power structure led by the murderous, terrorist Bin Salman dictator who is the friend of Donald Trump’s son-in-law, and all of this now while Netanyahu now embraces the most extremist right-wing, violent, dishonest, Evangelical Zionist president to be of Brazil, after the judicial coup which unceremoniously forced the former President Lula into prison without a proper trial, namely Jair Bolsonaro, who is being pressured by Netanyahu to continue his highly provocative and international law violating move of now the Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem, in exchange for inter alia, weapons from Israel.

This insane state of affairs calls for the immediate attention and intervention of the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the Interpol, and the Organization of American States Human Rights, inter alia, and most particularly an association of all human rights non-profit organizations.

This horrific assault on civilized democracy is intolerable and if unabated can and will lead to wider conflicts world-wide which will lead to a major war of catastrophic consequences at a time when we as a civilization are facing the challenges of climate change, the challenges of the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the challenges of the lack of proper universal medical care, of universally affordable higher education, and the challenges of world famines in particularly the savagely Saudi Arabia with U.S. Trump support destroyed Yemen, not to mention the other areas of famine in the world.

We must end all military interventions and drastically cut our offensive defense budget, and in tandem with drastic cuts in tax breaks for the rich,  we must deflect the tax funds to attend to the REAL needs of America at home.

This cannot happen unless “We The People” vote out all neocons and neoliberals and use strength through unity by voting for authentically dedicated leaders guided by rationalist/humanist values to usher in an era of authentically established Representative Progressive Democracy.

Long live the start of this major turn around as the House of Representatives have now taken over the said House.

Long live Progressive Social Democracy which contrary to the social, corporative, mainstream media, and corrupt politicians elites’ fake-news and propaganda will not be a threat to an open market economy but which must be democratic priorities oriented and cannot be commanded by it.

The short infra video of the school worker fired for refusing to pledge loyalty to the international law violating regime of Israel, is an example of the theater of the absurd which has brought about the assaults on all of our legislative, judicial, and law enforcement institutions as thugs brazenly ignore them due a calamitous lack of accountability and immunity which they have been enjoying, partially as a result of a paralysis due to apathy, and lack of hope for an ever evolving future of heath, education, prosperity, and social/economic justice, and equality for ALL which we all have a right to expect.

One thought on “An Example of a Zionist Ethno Nationalist Assault on Our Constitutional Democracy

  1. M. Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks for writing about this latest, illegal and outrageous assault on free speech cooked up by the Zionists who run our Congress. The more BDS spreads, the more hysterical and oppressive they become. Peace & hope for the New Year!

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