While Israel’s Misleader Netanyahu Hyperbolically and Hysterically Falsely Claims the “Danger” of the Gaza Concentration Camp Tunnels, There is At Long Last Light at the End of the Tunnel With His Indictment


December 22, 2018 by Alfred

As the Zionist’s destructive power structure narrative is at long last being rapidly unveiled as the decades-long cover-up of mythical narratives, and as Israel and its U.S. based lobby attempts bizarrely and desperately to maintain gag orders and silence the exposure of a truth which documents the decades long massive crimes against the humanity of Palestinians in their illegally occupied land, in addition to Netanyahu’s deranged attempts to use even false flag attempts to incite the U.S. on a groundless war on Iran, coupled to his attempts to support the murderous terrorist dictator Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, he has now additionally threatened war on Lebanon fabricating the “threat” of Gaza concentration camp tunnels, all of it to desperately deflect attention of the great light at the end of the tunnel which now appears to be the harbinger of the good news of his now “unavoidable” indictment.

First of all it must be recognized once for all that “Zionism” is a racist supremacist exclusivist ideology and not a “religion”, and it is not necessarily exclusively Jewish, since it is as well fundamentalist Evangelist, and/or even secular but for sure it is anti-humanist, violent, reckless, hegemonically expansionist, and for sure it has meted out huge damage on Judaism’s decent, Torah universalist values abiding, noble, humanist Jews for some 100 years at least.

It also must be recognized that Jews by the hundreds of thousands are now distancing themselves, not from Judaism, but from those who use and abuse it in the name of the Zionist organized crime cartel.

As just one example of this phenomenon, we may analyze one recent pronouncement as regards to “Zionism” by the eminent Jewish academic Allan C. Brownfeld, who is a syndicated columnist and is the editor of “Issues”as well as the author of five books, besides having served on the staff the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and of the office of the Vice President.   He furthermore is associated with the more than 70-years-old American Council for Judaism.

In one of his books, Allan C. Brownfeld declares the following.

“Those who believe that Israel is now in a process of abandoning its founding philosophy of ‘liberal Zionism’, are engaged in a futile enterprise, for that ‘liberal Zionism’ never really existed – it is a convenient myth.  They have not confronted a contrary thesis, which is supported by history, that Zionism was flawed from the beginning, not only  by ignoring the indigenous Palestinian population, but by rejecting the dominant spiritual history and essence of Judaism”.

More recently, Allan C. Brownfeld, wrote and published the article titled ” Israel Is Not the “Nation-State” of American Jews.

With Netanyahu’s demise, and hopefully Donald Trump’s impeachment or resignation, in tandem with the indictment, trial, and sentencing of the murderous terrorist misleader of Saudi Arabia, namely Bin Salman, 2019 may usher in a paradigm shift of peaceful reconstruction and a Spring of genuine, civilized,  progressive democracy.

But “we the people” must now get more disciplinedly, peacefully, and assertively engaged in this renaissance.




One thought on “While Israel’s Misleader Netanyahu Hyperbolically and Hysterically Falsely Claims the “Danger” of the Gaza Concentration Camp Tunnels, There is At Long Last Light at the End of the Tunnel With His Indictment

  1. M. Estelle Spike says:

    He deserves a life sentence of hard labor in service to the Palestinians! Thanks for your unwavering devotion to truth and justice!

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