APNFD Nr.93 Extended to Include the Stunningly Dangerous and Unethical Trump/Netanyahu-Kushner/Bin Salman Colussion to Sell Nuclear Technology and Secrets to Saudi Arabia

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February 20, 2019 by Alfred

This is an obligatory extension to the previous ARGENTUM POST article titled [APNFD Nr. 93] According to The Washington Post, Trump Appointees Promoted Sales of Nuclear Technology to the World’s (REAL) Most Terrorism Sponsoring and Practicing Power Structure Gang: Saudi Arabia

The objective of this succinct two-part extension of the supra described collusion is to include the sinister and corrupt financial interests which have not been detailed in the former ARGENTUM POST article, and which are the driving elements of this explosive development which could lead to the most horrific consequences of this insane policy or providing the Wahabi regime of Saudi Arabia with nuclear technology.

The first part of this extension as well as the second part of it, are well documented in a video clip of highly relevant and revealing interviews by the one of a kind, incisive, independent, progressive, educational, high integrity, subscriber-supported daily program Democracy Now, hosted by the indefatigable, legendary Amy Goodman.

The first part (A) focuses on the sinister players interested inexplicably in nothing other than, as a result of their obsessive opportunistic lust, to give free rein to generate corporate financial gains and to further their divide to conquer strategy of hegemonic belligerent practices to carry out international law-violating aggressions on Iran, which is now the only stable major nation which has been a major bulwark asset in the containment and defeat of the so-called “Islamic State” which was neither “Islamic” nor a “State” by civilized definitions.

This part exposes the Donald Trump-Jared Kushner financial interests in this collusion with the murderous Bin Salman dictator, in discussions which started months ago and continue to this day about providing Saudi Arabia with nuclear technology and secrets, regardless of its record of having been involved actively and passively in the 9/11 catastrophe, in the support of Al Qaeda in Yemen, regardless of its U.S. assisted bombing and destruction of Yemen, something which has now created the greatest humanitarian catastrophe in history with some 14 million innocent people being on the verge of a devastating famine, and suffering from a cholera epidemic, and regardless of the record Saudi Arabia has for incarcerating, torturing, and executing its Wahabi Code by merely suggesting the dire need for democracy.

This part also exposes the role of the now disgraced General Michael Flynn, of the Brookfield Business Partners which has purchased a partnership stake at 666 5th Avenue in NYC in a building owned by Jared Kushner’s family, and which plans to acquire the nuclear services and technology providing Westinghouse Electric, and more. Saudi Arabia executes an average of one person every other day

The second part (B) focuses on more examples of the already well known ethically and morally decadent, brutally tyrannical, dishonest, corrupt, and murderous power structure practices of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia executes an average of one person every other day

This part also focuses on how dishonestly and criminally Bin Salman cracks down on anyone who would even in a nuanced and remote manner express the need for the quest for freedom and democracy to be conceptualized by the holding of elections.

As an example of the modus operandi of the Wahabist code extremist and violent interpretation of Saudi Arabia, this part features an interview of the son of a Saudi scholar who has been imprisoned, tortured, and now faces execution for his “crime” of having, in his educational TV show, quoted Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and some other peace and justice activists. The son is Senior Fellow at Georgetown University.

Also appearing on the interview are journalist Issac Arnsdorf, Rep. Ro Khanna,

So with the foregoing foreword, the ARGENTUM POST provides its readers with the February 20. 2019 clip of this program.

The title of the first part (A) is: Trump Admin’s Secretive Talks to Sell Saudi Arabia Nuclear Technology Spark New Fear of Arms Race

The title of the second part (B) is: Saudi Scholar: My Father Faces Death Penalty in Saudi Arabia for Supporting Human Rights

As an afterword, the following conclusion inexorably comes to one’s mind regardlessly of one’s political inclination.

The Saudi Arabia/Israel/U.S. destructive axis has wrought an immense catastrophe on the Middle East, since the first Kuwait invasion when it comes to the recent invasions, and since 1948 when it comes to the violent attacks against Palestinians and even Palestinian Jews as the Zionist colonizers took over from the British empire colonizers of Palestine.

(BTW and PS : No, the supra paragraph did not reflect any “anti-Semitic” stance as it would be inoperable by virtue of its oxymoronic component, namely the fact that the parents of this writer were survivors of the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others.)

The barbarically brutally and destructive and international law-violating path undertaken since the Cheney/Bush junta mislead us is now being continued by Trump/Pence.

In both cases, the invasions wars were fueled by the infamous military-industrial complex about which President Eisenhower sternly warned us to not take, and now we are not only not ending the feverish imperial lust hegemony seeking violent interventionism, but we are doubling down on it, generating conflict after conflict on the basis of daily fear and hate mongering not only in the Middle East , but in Latin America, Russia, and China, all the while burning up our funds to repair our nation, to serve the legitimate needs for affordable health and education programs, and much more, which “we the people” deserve, namely the direct voters who defeated the Trump/Pence junta in the 2016 election had we by now acquired a direct voting democracy .

As it turned out – again – really since the Ronald Reagan days of dirty was in Central America and Iran-Contra scandals diabolically engineered by the likes of an infamous and former convict, namely Elliot Abrams, who is at it again now in Venezuela, instead of serving us, they served themselves, in our name, and to boot, they expect us and the generation of our children to pay for it.

The time has come to say BASTA! Enough is enough!

The gang in power is eroding our rights and is endangering palpably our national security on a daily basis as we now enter into the “SpaceForce” wasteful insanity creation for global wars which the globe and civilization would not survive.

So all who committed obvious crimes must be impeached immediately and /or via the 25th Amendment. The longer we wait the more we risk and loose.

It goes without saying that the process to achieve this liberation must be 100% legal and constitutional and peaceful.

The next crucial move as we relegate neocons and neolibs into oblivion in their state of putrefaction of their ethical, moral, intellectual, and political functions, and eagerly embrace progressivism, is the immediate end of the Constitutional violations for decades by the non-implementation by Congress of the War Powers Act. This dereliction of duty must happen as soon as yesterday…!

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