The Legendary Scholar and Activist Dr. Angela Davis Received an Award by the Birmingham Civil Rights Group Which Was Rescinded Due to Smear Tactics by a Right-Wing Nationalist Jewish Protest Group Which Subsequently Was Dismissed and Hence the Said Award Was Reoffered to The Distinguished Dr. Angela Davis.

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February 25, 2019 by Alfred

Once again, and at an ever-increasing acceleration in direct proportion of the exposure and hence degradation of the right-wing extremist supremacist nationalist Zionist narratives,  an individual and/or individuals and/or organizations and/or entire nations get grotesquely calumniated by the knee-jerk accusatory denigration characterization of “anti-Semitism“.

Anyone who validly and constructively criticizes Israel’s right-wing extremist, supremacist, nationalist, Zionist power structure’s falsehoods-based narratives and said power structure’s dishonest, brutal, and often murderously international law-violating practices, is hysterically and irrationally, and oxymoronically attacked as being “anti-Semitic“.  Period.

The subsequent characterization which follows is that such constructively and deserved critics then become targeted by such qualifiers as “enemies” of Israel and/or “traitors” of Israel.

As major noble, progressive, Torah abiding, humanist Jewish people have united and founded such highly prestigious organizations as Jewish Voice for Peace, The American Council for Judaism, New Israel Fund, J-Street, and many others, the same and worse vituperative expletives are oxymoronically hurled out at them as well.

This writer of this ARGENTUM POST which was launched as a human rights, peaceful conflict resolution by social and economic justice, equality, honesty, ethics, and morality advocating and observing humanist quest for the evolutionary enrichment of the human, flora, and fauna experience on this planet, has also been targeted by these repulsive right-wing extremist groups.

The writer Allan C. Brownfeld, a syndicated columnist and editor of “ISSUES”, and Associate Editor of THE LINCOLN REVIEW,  who also wrote books, has served on the staff of the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and the Office of the vice-president,  published an article in Issues whose title is  ” Campaign to Criminalize Criticism of Israel Challenges Both Free Speech and And Jewish Values

Now, to cut to the chase, and turn the focus on the eminent, dedicated, legendary, human rights, civil rights, political activist, academic, and author, namely Dr. Angela Davis, and to what happened to her when she recently was honored by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute with the Fred L. Shuttlesworth award for the icon this distinguished lady is  inexplicable and intolerable and based on dishonesty, corruption, ignorance and/or malevolence, by  some powerful right-wing extremist, nationalist, supremacist, Zionist, Israel Apartheid supporting minority of Jews of the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center.

What these individuals did, was to exert intimidating pressure of such nature on the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute that it felt forced to rescind the award Dr. Angela Davis fully deserved.

Naturally, immediately the institute faced a widespread outcry that had it reverse its decision and reinstate the award.

Nevertheless, the very notion that the present, now literally Apartheid state of Israel, after it declared itself thusly in its “Jewish State” proclamation,  brazenly promotes the dishonest and malevolent additional false notion that it, as a so-called “exceptionalist “ state (a state category which does not exist) it somehow has a right to characterize anyone either critiquing it or supporting the human and civil rights and dignity of the Palestinian people it has oppressed, expelled, occupied, tortured, and massacred since 1948, as being an “anti-Semite” ,  is beyond worthy of being taken serious but must be most seriously condemned and held accountable for it.

Since the beginning of the inception of the Zionist movement at the turn of the 19th century, the idea of nationalizing the Jewish faith in order to morph it into a colonialist project for the benefit of London, Paris and eventually Washington, was considered absurd and inhumane.

Then as now, the majority of the world’s Jews, while believing in the biblical Israel, do not see any excuse to use that belief as a form of status which can be rendered into some kind of a lien to land that does not belong to them.   The bible is not a real estate ownership registry.

As the American Council for Judaism has maintained for over 70 years, the “Promised Land” of all Jews is the land they live in.   Israel is not the “Land of All Jews” just as its misleader who is now facing three criminal investigations and a major political defeat, never ever had the right to utter the highly dishonest and offensive words in a Paris synagogue when he insolently proclaimed  ” I speak for all Jews “.

In fact Netanyahu is now one of the most dangerous, corrupt, and deranged misleaders of Israel and in his alliance with the murderous Bin Salman terrorist misleader of Saudi Arabia, and of the decadent right-wing extremist Evangelical Zionist president Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, and to boot with the Trump/Kushner/Pompeo/Bolton/Abrams gang, and with his association with the members of the Otzma Yehudit party which embraced the murderous values of the ultranationalist late American Rabbi Meir Kahane party, all of them are the most dangerous gang of misleaders which represent the greatest threats to world peace as they now target jointly such innocent nations as Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and others for confrontations where ” there is everything on the table “.

The important positive aspect of this incredible and despicable move to press the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to rescind the award which Dr. Angela Davis is entitled to is that representatives and members of the most principled, high integrity, progressive, rational, humanist Jews rose in the defense of Dr. Angela Davis, and they are now a majority.

At this point, the ARGENTUM POST presents its readers with a relevant portion of a video of this story by an interview by the host of Democracy Now, namely Amy Goodman.



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