[APNFD Nr.96] The Outrageous Serial Liar , Marco Rubio


March 11, 2019 by Alfred

This is an ARGENTUM POST NEWS FLASH DIGEST [ APNFD Nr. 96] (in conjunction with a selection of previous ARGENTUM POST articles on Marco Rubio who is now busy inciting illegal intervention in the Venezuela social and political crisis.

He lied in 2016 when during the campaign he stated that his parents suffered in Cuba during the Fidel Castro dictatorship.

In fact, his parents had left Cuba 3 years prior to the victory of the people of Cuba by ousting the real dictatorship of Fulgencio Baptista.

He lied on March 10, 2019, when he announced that “Today another transformer explosion at the German Dam in Bolivar State caused another massive blackout ” when in fact there was no other transformer explosion, but the first and only one was reported by a journalist whose name is Germán Dam.

 A letter to the editor of The Washington Post composed by this writer of the Argentum Post was published by The Washington Post (for which The Washington Post deserves to be commended).   Said letter was published on February 9, 2016 and was titled “Marco Rubio’s Embellished Life Story

This article provides succinctly contextualization and background documentation to support said Washington Post published letter given that space limitations allotted to letters to editors render such background beyond the scope of said letters even though, it goes without saying, the editors conduct their own background investigations to aver the accuracy of the statements made in said letters.

So, essentially as regards to the issue brought up by this writer’s letter, namely that Marco Rubio allegation that his parents left Cuba during the Fidel Castro socialist revolution to come to the U.S., a false declaration which would help him generate political and financial capital for his campaign, when in reality his parents left some 3 years prior to the Cuban revolution,  one needs only to view a brief video which wherein Chris Matthews interviews Manuel Roig-Franzia to learn the truth and the depth of depravity  which characterizes such a self-serving assertion.

Rubio repeatedly used this falsehood in his robot type memorization of campaign recitations to embellish his life story by presenting himself as a God-fearing, patriotic supporter of the free market economy whose parents suffered from the communist abuses of the Cuban revolution, when in reality his parents never lived under the Castro regime and therefore did not suffer under it since they did not leave for political reasons but for purely economic ones.

Rubio used this falsehood during his campaign for the Senate for Florida and he stated it in his official web-based bio.   Once he was confronted with this dishonest statement he had this falsehood removed from his website and he evades the issue when it comes up while at the same time becoming aggressive with anyone bringing it up.

This fact alone would render any candidate for the Presidential election ineligible on the basis of the utter lack of integrity such a lie represents.

Of course, Rubio has expressed aberrant views and has engaged in practices which underly values which are not compatible with one aspiring to become an acceptable candidate for the election to any public office in a constitutional democracy such as ours is supposed to be.

Rubio has revealed an outright misogynist dimension to this character as he maintains that women are not entitled to abortions under any conditions, i.e. not even if the life of the mother is threatened by allowing the pregnancy o continue its full course, nor if she was the victim of rape or even incestual rape.

This is a position he takes to cultivate his extremist right-wing evangelist constituency and his own aides have admitted that it has helped in inducing online fundraising of about $ 600 thousand dollars.

During the New Hampshire GOP debate Rubio declared that instead of releasing inmates of Guantanamo, some of who have languished there for more than a decade without charges, the U.S. should fill that prison with more prisoners.

The fact that the Cuban government opposes the presence of the naval base, claiming correctly that the 1903 lease is invalid under international law as it was not a sovereign nation at the time, would not bother Mr. Rubio.

Rubio also declared that he would not rule out the use of torture, even though the U.S. has signed on to the anti-torture convention.

So, in effect, Rubio supports the use of torture in the Guantanamo concentration camp in occupied Cuban territory.

Rubio also declared that the U.S. should exercise its option to carry out pre-emptive strikes against North Korea because it launched its first satellite into orbit.   The fact that North Korea may be just posturing for recognition, and the fact that North Korea is attempting to demonstrate the consequences of an attack on it by the more than 30,000 U.S. troops who have now been in South Korea since the ’50s, added to the fact that North Korea does have nuclear weapons, are not facts which Mr. Rubio bothered to entertain.

Since there has hardly gone by one day when Rubio has not criticized President Obama on wholly specious grounds just to act out the “contra” person he is, Rubio would not countenance the use of nor have the gift of intellect to engage in, the kind of negotiations the Obama administration to its credit took vis-a-vis beginning to break the ice and resolve outstanding issues with Cuba and Iran, both countries which were the object of U.S. aggression in 1964 and 1953 respectively, both countries are countries whose authoritarian dictatorships of Fulgencio Baptista and of the Shah, respectively were actively supported by the U.S.

Rubio had the shameless temerity to accuse President Obama of pitting Americans against one another “along ethnic lines and racial lines and economic lines and religious lines.” This was in conjunction with a commendable visit to a Mosque by President Obama.

Rubio also tried to cover up the fact that he charged thousands of dollars in personal expenses to a Republican Party credit card while maintaining that he paid out of his pocket for any personal expenses with an American Express card.

Rubio also used the prestige of his office to recommend his brother-in-law for the obtention of a real estate agent license after his brother-in-law was released from a penitentiary in Florida for being a drug dealer.

According to Slatest and other sources, Rubio used his office’s influence to help his drug trafficking brother-in-law to obtain a real estate agent license.

So to sum up, Rubio cannot be considered or trusted even remotely as a viable and qualified candidate for the President by any stretch of the imagination.

What is most noteworthy tough is that Rubio is not a worse or better  candidate to lead our country than all another Republican neocon/tea partying candidates who are shrieking on a daily basis a sling of accusations, invectives loaded with hate and fear mongering, in a deafening and ad nauseam march to hopefully irrelevance as the Republican party has become literally ethically, intellectually, and politically bankrupt in their brazen perverse and self-serving pursuit of power and money at the expense of all but the top billionaires of America.

The neoliberal Hillary Clinton alternative to the insanity of the GOP is not a real alternative.  Clinton has become a chameleonic political animal who will go wherever the winds blow Wall Street and corporate dollars.   She is now past history, and her hollow and invalid claims that “if (she) knew then what she knows now” she would not support the Cheney/Bush regime invasion of Iraq is simply bereft of any credibility.    And so is her simplistic and arrogant declarations that Bernard Sanders is not electable.

This leads one to the obvious conclusion that it is an imperative for the American people to vote for the only incorruptible, independent-minded, social democrat, Bernie Sanders, who is the only genuine, experienced, progressive, rational, kind-hearted, leader who would focus on the real needs of our homeland base by eliminating the undue toxic influence of super PAC’s, and who would usher in an era of authentic participative democracy so that we will as a nation recover from the reckless and destructive plundering of our natural and human and technological and scientific resources away from the toxic self-perpetuating democracy corroding effects of the industrial military and the big pharma-hospital complex.



One thought on “[APNFD Nr.96] The Outrageous Serial Liar , Marco Rubio

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Thanks for this extensive report on Rubio, the liar, who should be prosecuted for overthrowning legitimate governments and warmongering. Re. Bernie, he’ll have to declare himself a champion of Palestinian rights and a crusader for the prosecution of Israeli war crimes, in addition to becoming a much bolder anti-war candidate before he gets my support or vote. He’s been far too weak in challenging the all our illegal and immoral wars, AIPAC and Israel.

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