The Broad House Resolution Condemning, inter alia, Anti-Semitic and Anti-Muslim Discrimination Constitutes a Major Historical Milestone for Both, Jews and Muslims, and for Our American Constitutional Democracy


March 12, 2019 by Alfred

At long last, the 116th Congress (2019-2020) House Resolution (H.R.1, Section 1, “For the People Act of 2019”) was passed by an overwhelming vote of 423-23 votes.  The 23 votes were by Republican opponents.

This bill was possible thanks to, most particularly, the newly voted in vibrant, principled, progressive Democratic representatives.

“We the people” who have yearned and struggled and have deserved for too long to make American Democracy inspiring again, and to bring back civilized, honest, transparent governance,  deserve it and can consider it a harbinger of a benign tsunami of more of these victories to come, which will bring our nation back on track to address our real needs and just aspirations which comprise first of all eliminating the fabricated for profits and political hegemony right-wing fascist unreal objectives of elites hell-bent on sowing conflict, divisiveness, threats, and endless military interventionism abroad in violation of Constitutional laws and of international law.

This much-needed H.R.1, bill actually is in harmony with the rarely referred to Chaplinsky vNew Hampshire, 315 U.S. 568 (1942), which is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court articulated the “fighting words doctrine”, which in effect constitutes a valid and desirable limitation of the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech.

This milestone highlights most importantly protections which will strengthens our determination to bring to an end the downright Constitutional democracy violations without accountability, which comprises the hurling of racist, classist, misogynist, grotesque invectives as well as criminal attacks on any people on the base of their race, color, religion, lack of religion, sexual preference, social class, and others.

Most importantly, this paradigm shift moment, will once for all elucidate and educate, the American people to help it to understand that the odious practice of hurling “anti-Semitic” slurs and meting out criminal violent aggressions against Jews, is as intolerable as is the odious practice of hurling “anti-Muslim” slurs and meting out criminally violent aggressions against Muslims.

More even importantly is the historical fact that “Judaism” and “Zionism” cannot be conflated, since the former is a religion and the latter is a nationalist, exclusivist, ideology created at the turn of the 19th century, which is often not exclusive to Jews, since extremist, right-wing, fundamentalist, Evangelists assume it as well, and not for good cause since they have teamed up in the barbaric oppression of Palestinians now for more than 70 years, but most particularly after the violent partition of Palestine in 1948 when, with support of the Brittish empire, close to 1 million Palestinians were expelled from their legitimate homeland where they had lived for centuries.  This was the Palestinians the Naqba (catastrophe).

One of the best accounts of this barbaric oppression by expulsions, torture, massacres, house demolitions, collective punishments, and internments in the world’s largest concentration camp in history, namely the 2.2 million Palestinians in Gaza wherefrom they are not allowed to leave, among a plethora of documented scholarly books is one which is aptly titled ” The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” by the highly principled, brilliant, courageous, Jewish scholar and author, namely Ilan Pappe.


To make a long story shorter, since the long history of the brutality and suffering meted out on the Palestinians is something which has been shamelessly covered-up by the undue influences of corrupt Republican and Democratic politicians who along with a compliant corporate owned press, with the collaboration of the undue toxic influence of the Isreal propaganda lobby AIPAC, and an education system designed to studiously avoid the teaching of Middle East history in America’s public schools, the ignorance of historical reality about this darkest of all dimensions of U.S. history which in cooperation with Great Britain, and this in tandem with the right-wing extremist, racist, Zionist members of Israel’s power structures, resulted in the use of abysmal malevolence among those who have become used to traffic the term “anti-Semitism” and to falsely misuse it in knee-jerk tactics to weaponize it as a sword against anyone who dares to express anything critical against one of the greatest crimes against the humanity of people in the world history.

This state of affairs is now spiraling into an ending as the dialectical contradictions have risen to the daylight surface about the neocon and neoliberal enforced Zionist decades of absolutely dishonest narratives are now exposed, but it also now calls and begs for an immediate resolution in the best interests of stability, peace, and justice for Palestine, and for all the Jews in Palestine, except the creators of these the crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians and indirectly against the dissidents noble, humanist Jews, both in Israel and worldwide. These creators of this catastrophe must be held accountable by the ICC and the UN.

The ARGENTUM POST since its launching has focused on this subject, inter alia, and as the son of parents who survived the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews in Europe, has long ago joined his voice to the crescendo voices of the very noble, socially conscious, humanist Jewish voices for peace, and justice such as American Council For Judaism, Jewish Voice for Peace, Mondoweiss, New Fund for Israel, The Palestine Center in Washington DC,  and many more progressive Jewish and pro-Palestine liberation organizations which strive by all legal and democratic means to now support those young and bright activists and legislators as Ihan Omar who are unjustly in a Kafkaesque mode being targeted falsely as “anti-Semites”.

It is noteworthy that the now daily unraveling and exposure of the Zionist/Israel AIPAC Lobby/Trump/Netanyahu/Jared Kushner/Bin Salman unholy alliance for destructiveness is now documentably proven to be in that state of moral, ethical, political, intellectual putrefaction by such events as the imminent indictment of Netanyahu for a variety of crimes committed within Israel, and that his “friends” Trump and Kushner are facing multiple criminal investigations and lawsuits, and that their “friend” the energumenic murderous Saudi Arabian Bin Salman dictator is also facing his demise and this whole house of evil cards is collapsing by its own weight.

It is imperative that these wrecking machine cartel of operators be removed from power as they are gearing up for more, not less, aggression against innocent nations such as Iran, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, and who knows, all nations which do not align with the decadent fascists in occupying the present White House, and incredibly resuscitated from the cold war such as the convict Elliott Abrams, the lunatic extremist John Bolton, and the hollow ditto head Mike Pompeo.

It is also noteworthy that too little but not too late, United Nations investigator have stated that ” Israel Should Face Justice for Unlawful Gaza Protest Killings” in massacres conducted on a weekly basis which killed 189 Palestinians, including women, children, medics, and journalists and badly maimed some 13 thousand innocent unarmed civilians,  not to mention the collaboration of Netanyahu/Kushner along with Trump/Kushner in the genocide in Yemen, and to add insult to injury the proposal by Trump to sell the murderous dictator/terrorist Bin Salman nuclear secrets and technology.

Also called to the attention of the ARGENTUM POST readers is an article it published which is titled ” [APNFD Nr. 85 ] This is a Sequel to the AP’s Previous Article Titled “Letter on the ICC Re: Israel” and which is a report on members of the U.S. based Green Party who delivered a letter/petition to the International Criminal Court asking for a full investigation of Israels’ war crimes against Palestinians.

The ARGENTUM POST also was notified by the author of the Letter/Petition, namely Marie Spike, that she was in said letter to the International Criminal Court urging it to now investigate Israel’s war crimes, that it has been now delivered by her and by prominent members of the U.S. Green Party as well as other prominent peace and justice activists referred to infra by Dr. Margaret Flowers who is a pediatrician and a top ranking activist of the Green Party.  Present among the members of that delegation was Miko Peled, who is also a member of the Green Party, and who is an Israeli who wrote the book “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine“.  His father was Major General Matti Peled, who sowed in his son the heightened awareness of compassion for the Palestinian people and hence became a dissident activist for peace and justice for Palestinians and hence Jews in Palestine.

It is also noteworthy that too little but not too late, United Nations investigators have stated that ” Israel Should Face Justice for Unlawful Gaza Protest Killings” in massacres conducted on a weekly basis which killed 189 Palestinians, including women, children, medics, and journalists.

Incidentally, Marie Spike, the author of the letter/petition expressed the following to me very aptly and articulately :

As regards to public opinion, it’s so easily led by all the professional propaganda, nationalism etc.; however, prison terms for the initiators of preemptive wars, coups, torture, genocide, apartheid etc. cuts through all that psychological rationalization and manipulation to the naked truth.  In my opinion, only prison terms for all the initiators of wars – in every country – will finally bring an end to the criminal slaughter and plunder that’s been going on since the beginning of mankind. That’s why I want to find a way to found – PeaceJustice – an international law firm devoted to doing this. So far it’s just a dream.


This article, therefore, is ended by the addition of two fascinating interviews by the host of Democracy Now, namely Amy Goodman, the most openly, an informative, objective, progressive, independent news program in the United States which is subscriber supported and which goes where corporate censored mainstream media does not.

The first video includes (a) Phyllis Bennis who directs the New Internationalism Project at the Institute of Policy Studies in Washington, DC, (b) Remi Kanazi, a Palestinian American Poet and Activist, and (c) the Jewish Israeli voice of peace and justice of Gideon Levy who also writes of the most prestigious and progressive Israeli newspaper Haaretz.


(d) The innocent, well-meaning, bright, and spunky voice of Ilhan Omar

From this day on, thanks to H.R.1 of the 116th Congress (2019-2020) and thanks to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar,  the characterization of “anti-Semitic” will not target anyone who validly and constructively critiques Israel and its nationalist right-wing extremist Zionist power structure now that has characterized itself as the only Apartheid state in the world which violates the civil and human rights of the Palestinians, and much less will the said nationalist power structure’s right-wing extremist Zionists who  by their international law-violating occupation of Palestine get away with falsely accusing those decent and noble Jews who oppose them, by characterizing them as “traitors” or worse as “anti-semites” since the said characterizations are in effect inoperable by virtue of being oxymoronic, and best of all, this resolution will be effective in ending the anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim verbal and physical attacks on Jews and Muslims, as such decadent and uncivilized behavior cannot be tolerated in any Constitutional democracy.

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    Kudos for another impassioned and insightful article on the worst human rights abuses and victories of our time.

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