Exposed : VP Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Adviser John Bolton, Marco Rubio, and Puppet Juan Guaido Lied About The Burning of Humanitarian Aid by the President of Venezuela


March 16, 2019 by Alfred

As the insidious, imperial, illegal, intervention by Trump et al in the sovereign nation of Venezuela continues, the false attribution of the burning of an aid convoy to the democratically elected President Nicolás Maduro is exposed by the New York Times as a fraudulent attribution without accountability by Vice Mike Pence, by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as well as by National Security Adviser John Bolton, Marco Rubio, and the self “elected”  puppet Juan Guaido who is hysterically inviting the intervention without a shred of authority as he is a U.S.trained impostor.

In the meantime sanctions on top of sanctions are being meted out on the people of Venezuela by our misleader Donald Trump, in a perverse effort to get a civil war started between Venezuelans so as to facilitate thereby a possible military invasion and the take over of the oil wells- an objective of the operation which was brazenly proclaimed by the right-wing extremist cold war lunatic John Bolton who was picked by Trump to serve as the National Security Advisor of the United States, a choice which in effect endangers our National Security, since this character wants to “Break the Constitution to Start a War“, wants to start a war on Iran, wants to steal Venezuela’s oil wells and reserve, and is out to undermine both, the United Nations and the International Criminal Court

One cannot help but wonder about the mental health of these characters in view of their moral and ethical depravity and their brazen and insatiable desire for violence, and their declared intention of stealing the fossil fuel of Venezuela.  It seems that there must be some kind of pathology activating such lust for destructiveness and lack of respect for human lives.

See infra the NYTimes exposure of the crime against the humanity of Venezuelans being perpetrated by the Trump et al. power structure which is in most of the mainstream media portrayed falsely as an operation to bring “democracy ” to Venezuela and to liberate it from the “imperial nation” of Cuba…

Ideally, all should be members of this wrecking machine should be removed from power by legal means, tried, and held fully accountable.

This is a government which supports fully and sells weapons and now even offers nuclear secrets,  to some of the most odiously oppressive governments of the world, which violate international law and which carry out murderous massacres against the peoples of Yemen and Palestine,  (to name a few), namely the murderous, terrorist, dictatorship of Saudi Arabia‘s Bin Salman, and the now the exclusivist Apartheid becoming racist nationalist extreme right-wing regime of Israel which is occupying Palesinte and is receiving $ 10 million dollars per day in financial support and which, to boot,  is misled by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is about to be indicted for internal crimes.

The question that clamors for a rational answer is that given the present power structure led by Trump being documentably utterly bereft of morality, ethics, honesty, respect for constitutional democracy, and decency in synergy with its belligerent, hegemonic, interventionist, wasteful military-industrial complex suction of our taxpayers funds away from social, medical, and educational urgently needed reforms, and this in synergy with its nepotism and corruption,  how on earth can one declare, as the Madam Speaker of the House, namely Nancy Pelosi did, that “we will not impeach Trump”  because it would be “too divisive” ?

Every day, every hour, that this power structure is in place, more irreversible and wasteful damage it taking place, and the same increasing crescendo of momentum affects the danger of not only one, but several wars breaking out simultaneously given the threats this administration fires off on a daily basis.

Are we to believe that “divisiveness” is to be avoided at the expense of the destruction of infrastructure and the loss of millions of precious human lives once these never-ending wars continue to reach the critical mass of danger to the global security and stability?

An affirmative to this question can only be the reflection of a surreal and insane state of affairs and minds.

With this brief foreword, the ARGENTUM POST presents infra its readers with the said New York Times article referred to supra.

One thought on “Exposed : VP Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Adviser John Bolton, Marco Rubio, and Puppet Juan Guaido Lied About The Burning of Humanitarian Aid by the President of Venezuela

  1. Marie Spike says:

    The henchmen of the evil empire!

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