Seth Mandel’s Declaration That Only Jews Lose in the Debate Over Anti-Semitism is Brazenly False and Dangerously Misleading

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March 24, 2019 by Alfred

In the Debate over Anti-Semitism Only Jews Lose“,  The Washington Post’s article by Seth Mandel article of March 17, 2019, is filled with vitriol against “leftists “, against the progressive Democrats which gave the Democratic party a majority in the House, and most particularly against Ilhan Omar and Rep.Alexandria Occasio-Cortez.

Seth Mandel is the executive editor of Washington Examiner magazine.

First of all what Ilhan Omar expressed purely and simply cannot be read into as an “anti-Semitic” sentiment, no matter how one looks into it.

This writer, as a son a Jewish mother who survived the crimes against the humanity of Jews – and others – and whose history was recorded  by the Shoah Foundation and is on record at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.,  deems it highly offensive by Seth Mandel’s to attempt to distort and therefore mislead the American people by suggesting the notion that to validly and constructively criticize the documented crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people by the the Zionist nationalist supremacists of the power structures of Israel since 1948 is somehow an act of “Anti-Semitism“, when in reality since the turn of the 19th century, a hugely preponderant sector of the world’s Jews opposed the bizarre notion of nationalizing violently the Judaic religion at the expense of the Palestinian people whose land was colonized by a minority of Zionist fundamentalist extremists with support or the British imperialists in 1948.

This event has become known as the Nakba or the “Catastrophe”.  Close to 1 million Palestinians were violently expelled, and that was followed up by an order for the Palestinians to abide, leave, or die.

Zionism has, in fact, caused major harm to the majority of Torah law abiding noble, decent, humanistic Jews.

From 1948 until this day, millions of Palestinians were brutally either forced to seek refuge in neighboring countries, were at times massacred inside occupied Palestine, at other times were subjected to house demolitions, to collective punishments which were meted out on resistance fighters, and now 2.2 million have been blockaded inside the world largest concentration camp, namely Gaza, where they lead a torturous life in abject poverty, lack of medical support, lack of clean water, and constant power outages.

At long last, the International Criminal Court is focusing on the long history of barbaric criminal violence which the Palestinian people have been subjected to.   

Seth Mendel’s article also attacks and offends oxymoronically all decent, peace and justice aspiring, Torah Law abiding, noble, humanist Jews of the world and of Israel who are non-Zionists and who are validly, constructively, critical of Israel, of PM Netanyahu, and of the Zionist supremacist racist ideology which is not only adopted by extremist Jews, but by right-wing extremist Messianic Evangelists as well.

In fact, the only ones who “lose” as Mandel puts it, are not the good decent Jews, but instead the ethically and morally bankrupt and dishonest  Zionist racist ideology propaganda, the about to be indicted PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu,  and those who support Israel’s move to an Apartheid category state, and these are supported in turn  by Trump and his cohorts such as John Bolton and Mike Pompeo (inter alia).

Those who categorically obviously support the real “anti-Semitism” bigotry and heinous crimes are the pyrrhic victory “winners“, as they have with impunity perpetrated horrific crimes against innocent minorities which are victims of racist abuse and murderous criminal expansionist hegemony tactics and strategies.

So, the H.R. 1 Progressive Democratic Resolution is the beginning of an era of victories which will enrich as it evolves our Constitutional democracy and should be celebrated, as it ushers a new era of reconstruction and healing in view of the exposure and collapse of the decades-long grotesquely false fabrications of the narratives of historical reality by corrupt, hegemonic, national and international law violators, who shamelessly practice right by might, and who no longer can silence the voices of humanistic clamor for justice and peace to return to Palestine, and to its decent law abiding, Jewish non-Zionist inhabitants.

As an exemplary supporter of the values espoused upon supra, we have the interim President of Israel and member of the Knesset, namely Avraham Burg, who wrote a book titled: “In Days to Come: A New Hope for Israel “.

As an honorable Jew, Burg bases his book on the elimination of the Zionist ideology and the simultaneously opening up of the Gaza concentration camp of 2.2 million Palestinians in conjunction with a full one state (or even two state)  peace solution proposal which will once for all bring hope, prosperity, security, and justice to Palestinians and Jews in that land.

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