Only United Progressivism Can Protect Us from the Assaults on Constitutional Democracy by Capitalism Run Amok

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March 31, 2019 by Alfred

Every minute of the disgraceful Trump/Pence/Neocon/Neolib regime is a wasteful and destructive path towards unnecessary and criminal divisions, chaos, public health decay, and public educational decay, in addition to political corruption and violence leading to endless wars.

In the amazing, dedicated, brilliant, progressive book by Dr. Vandana Shiva’s book “Oneness vs. The 1%” we find that the only way forward by the U.S. so that America can become wholesome again, for its people, and for the world, is by gradual but drastic reforms in our electoral system, in our ideo-political system in ways which will once for all prioritize our national health system, our national higher education system and in tandem with that will end the malaise which has lead to the fatally flawed capitalism- run- amok system which has managed to channel us into a self-destructive path by allowing the 1% omnipotent poison cartel to mislead us by its insidious opposition to and attacks on an urgently needed participative PROGRESSIVE genuine democracy which will bring back PROGRESSIVE statist institutions and mechanisms and noble statesmen and stateswomen how are endowed with a value system based on secular and/or religious rationalist humanist values.

That means bringing about major reform in our offensive defense priorities which have been totally corrupted by an “industrial military complex” which President Eisenhower warned us about, just as he warned us against “foreign entanglements abroad ” and actually has rendered our national security more vulnerable than ever as it threatens the world into an armaments race, which includes nuclear armaments, for the sheer sake of a never attainable and destructive military supremacy at the expense of everything else that “we the people” need and deserve.

We must bring back authentic scholarly diplomacy to most particularly our Department of State which has been devasted by know-nothings such as Mike Pompeo, and to UN where Kitty Haley’s ignorant and aggressive threats became a source of  major embarrassment for the all informed Americans, and we have to bring back to our White House honorable, honest, educated, humanistic academics and throw out,  by peaceful and legal means,  the mummified right-wing extremist cold war hate and fear mongers who are pathologically obsessed with hawkish, heartless, hegemonic conquests and which cannot but lead us to our own destruction by their insatiable morbid lust to throw fuel at fires.   Most prominent among them is John Bolton and the formerly convicted Elliott Abrams who in turn with Trump team up the about to indicted Prime Minister of Israel, namely Benjamin Netanyahu.

Of course, Mike Pence is in the same category of incendiary agents of conflict where none exists, based on his complete ignorance of historical reality, disregard, and incompetence when it comes to statesmen-like diplomacy, basing agitations against entire nations on his bizarre and myopic fundamentalist extremist evangelist illusions.

With this foreword, the ARGENTUM POST presents to its readers an interview by one of the most brilliant, humanist, intellectual, namely Chris Hedges of the Dr. Vandana Shiva, a physicist who is also an environmental activist.

This interview is not only very informative, educational, but it is even enjoyable as it does not focus on doomsday scenarios, but clearly outlines a reality which provides solid guidelines that we now have the opportunity and the imperative to adopt,  as a nation which cannot afford to be split between decent, well-meaning conservatives and liberals to jointly become participants in united democratic PROGRESSIVE experience rather than being relegated to meaningless elections without real choices which up to now have done not much but become deferential to the 1% elites who have misled us systematically to get us into the precarious situation we have now.

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