Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt, Critical Mass Has Been Reached for The Urgent Impeachment of Trump

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May 2, 2019 by Alfred

Regardless of any ramifications of the Mueller report and/or of the contents of its censored or redacted blackened out parts, for any decent, civilized, rational, humanist, liberal, or conservative, or centrist, or libertarian, or independent,  patriot or not,  (but not neocon or neolib), citizen of the United States, who has been aware of current events and is aware of fundamental historical facts, it is now crystal clear that the time has arrived (it actually has arrived quite some time ago),  for the expeditious impeachment of Trump.

Even if due to the majority of the Republican’s shameless support of Trump, not enough Senate votes will be cast to succeed in his immediate removal, said crass and reckless shamelessness will not benefit them one bit, quite on the contrary, because ultimately the damage Trump is meting out on our nation will be of such magnitude that in retrospect their not participating with Democrats, Progressive Democrats, and independents will come back to haunt them and voters will remember them to vote them out of both chambers of Congress.

Pence will have to be dealt with when the time comes, although ideally, it should be possible for “we the people” in a perfectly representative democracy to at least be given a chance to decide by a referendum whether we want to retain the choice of such a failure of a president as Trump.

Never in the history of our great nation have we come so close to entering an era of a misadministration by a misleader surrounded by utterly disqualified dishonest, hate and fear mongers that has thrust us into a social, political, hurricane characterized by a synergy of potentially catastrophic moves and events by the most inept, malevolent, corrupt, racist, misogynist, pathological narcissist, hegemonic, unethical, inhuman, reckless, so-called “President”, namely the misleader-in-chief Donald Trump, who became an occupant of the White House by default in the sense that he actually lost the election by some 3 million votes but managed to get into the said White House by the faulty, outdated, indirect non democratic selection of the Electoral College which should be done away with and placed in a museum as a symbol of the obscene concept which brought it into existence, namely the idea that rich Southern slave owners could also exploit them for their usefulness by having them counted as one third of a person.

The same disaster occurred in the 2000 non-democratic election when George W. Bush entered the White House even though he lost the election and wound up being selected the abominable Electoral College, and that brought us wars on Afghanistan (which continues to this day)  and Iraq and more countries on the grounds of criminally concocted falsehoods for oil control and for the benefit of the industrial military complex (which President Eisenhower warned us against) and at the expense of trillions of dollars and thousands of American soldiers lives and hundreds of thousands of mostly unarmed innocent Arabs and Afghanis lives, not to mention the hemorrhage it meted out on our national treasury in amounts which could have and should have been spent on public health, public college education, and infrastructure repair and maintenance, and rapid railroad transportation development and more domestic constructive improvements.

Well, to cut to the chase of the objective of this article, just an example of some of the most egregious, unethical, dishonest as well as downright criminal acts which Trump has and continues to engage in with bizarre impunity which include national and international law violations, assaults of our Constitutional law based democracy, as well as on the Congressional oversight rights which our Founders wisely enshrined in our Constitution, plus his aid and abetting of an international cartel of literally murderous dictators and engagement and collusion with the world’s most dangerous state actors of terrorism.

Trump and his son in law, Jared Kushner,  have engaged and continue to have a friendly, lucrative relationship with the world’s most brutal, murderous, terrorist power structure dictator, namely Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and has had the temerity to offer to sell this decadent criminal dictator secret nuclear technology for petrodollars.  The CIA confirmed to that he has given the order to assassinate the U.S. based journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and the world is also aware that Saudi Arabia has been bombing ruthlessly since 2015 the poorest nation of the Middle East and has been causing the death of tenths of thousands of innocent unarmed civilians, the spread of cholera, and famine affecting millions.

Trump has along been supportive of this massacre providing in air refueling of the bombers and selling lucratively armaments to the murderers.

Saudi Arabia, wherefrom most of the criminals of 9/11 came from, executes on average about one person every other day.  On April 24, 2019, Saudi Arabia executed 37 people with minors among them.  Most of their “crimes” were dissidents and/or peaceful

democracy activists.    See “Minors Among 37 People Executed by Saudi Arabia

Trump not only does not mind this but to add insult to injury he supports this terrorist regime and that makes him an accomplice in these crimes against humanity.

Trump and his son-in-law have also engaged in a friendly and lucrative relationship and support with the murderous misleader of Israel, namely PM Benjamin Netanyahu, who has carried out barbaric crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people, has killed some 3,000 mostly innocent civilians in the world’s largest concentration camp in history, namely Gaza, where 2.2 million people live under unimaginably harsh conditions with very limited sources of clean water, rationed electricity, meager medical support, and worse.

For a glimpse seeThe Trump-Netanyahu Ticket Wins the Israeli Election“.  The now Apartheid “Nation-State” of the right wing supremacist racist Zionist power structure of the Israel misleader who may be soon be indicted by the Attorney General of Israel for various corruption crimes, and hopefully will then be held accountable by the International Criminal Court for the massacres he has authorized on a weekly basis of young people, journalists, medics, women and children,  who demonstrate in what has been called the “Great March of Returnwhich have killed by now killed almost 300  and seriously wounded 18,000 because bullets are being used which explode on impact and therefore result in wounds which require amputations.

And, no the above paragraph does not have a scintilla of “anti-Semitism” in it, just as Inhal Omar cannot be characterized as an “anti-Semite” and then she was depicted obscenely, brutally, cowardly, and imbecilically by Trump with his tweet of her with the poster of Trade Towers being attacked.   Only a deranged perverse interpretation of her innocent well-meant statements could so grotesquely offend her.

In fact, a major realignment is taking place among American Jews who are repulsed by Netanyahu’s courting such fascists as Trump.  See “American Jews, Resist Netanyahu Like He’s Trump

Trump has no problems with that.   On the contrary, besides continuing the support of Israel by providing it with $10 million dollars per day of the taxpayers which “we the people” have to give up from our hard earned tax contributions for mass murder, Trump is transferring our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in violation of UN Rules and he has just recognized the Golan Heights of Syria as if it was Israeli land in an outright might makes right criminal theft.  It was Israel which invaded in this part Syrian territory in the 1967  war of aggression it started and not the Arabs have started.

Trump is also cultivating a friendly relationship with Brazil’s fascist president Jair Bolsonaro who came to power due to judicial corruption and who had been imprisoned for planning to blow up a government building, who glorifies the 20 years of Brazilian torturing dictatorship which BTW, was the product of a coup in 1964 with support of the U.S.  Bolsonaro  recently declared that the Nazis can be forgiven and yet, incredibly,  this nazi is feted and dined by his Netanyahu and Trump.   He also stated that he would rather have his sons die of a car accident than have any one of them tell him that he was a homosexual, and during a public debate with a female congresswoman, he publicly declared that she is disgusting and that she does not even deserve to be raped.

Trump deems Bolsonaro a great friend.

On April 30, 2019, The Washington Post’s Fact Checker declared that on April 26, 2019 crossed the 10,000 mark of documented utterly false and misleading statements.  See
Fallacy in Five Figures: Trump Blusters Past 10,000 False or Misleading Claims

The Trump/Bolton misadministration along with the formerly indicted and sentenced liar to Congress, Elliot Abrams, have been viciously hell-bent on inflicting maximum damage on the economies of Iran and Venezuela which are hurting the innocent people of both countries and are sanctions designed to lead to absolute economic collapses with the objective being forcing the said peoples to rebel against their governments.  These are horrific and lawless tactics and strategies involving the blocking of access to worldwide bank credits, the isolating these countries from oil markets worldwide, the freezing of their bank accounts, and then if all fails they are coupled to military options which may be used.

Both Venezuela and Iran have good relationships with Russia and China, and that means that if Russia and/or China continue these good relations, Trump may mindlessly, impetuously, and dangerously slap maximum sanctions of these countries, a move which may lead to a catastrophic global economic crisis at a time when Trump sabotaged the successful P5+1 Iran Nuclear Agreement and the successful Nuclear Arms Control Treaty with Russia.

All of these insane moves result in a loose-loose-loose situation for all involved.

Trump is now fighting Congress and attempting to sue banks to prevent their release of his tax returns and furthermore he is deeply embroiled in legal disputes as regards to documentation which Congress rightfully has to examine as part of its investigation of his violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause.

This list could go on and on but to no avail.  Enough evidence exists to proceed.

What just these facts reveal is that Trump is extremely untrustworthy, extremely dangerous, so much so that “we the people” need to consider him a threat to our national economic security, and our national physical security.

The international alliance of fascist energumenic thugs, who operate like organized crime cartel members,  which Trump has engendered by his reaching out in a downright deranged fashion, to literal criminal creeps such as Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, Bolsonaro of Brazil, Netanyahu of Zionist Apartheid Israel, and of Duterte‘s Philippines, is highly demonstrative of where he comes from and where he is going with it if “we the people” do not stop him by legal and democratic means.

Some of the most reasonable members of this past cabinet who he fired because they were too much of a challenge to him, such as General Mattis for Secretary of Defense, Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, and others in exchange for such mendacious and inept people as Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and Elliott Abrams even further accentuate the need for a prompt impeachment proceeding to take place, before it is too late and the damage Trumps wrecking machine will do to our nation will be in some aspects irreversible.

We owe this not only to ourselves but most particularly to the coming generation which has reason to believe that we are a species which evolves and not one which retrocedes as the mummified crew of Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and Elliot Abrams are an example of.

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