The Trump/Bolton/Netanyahu/Elliott Abrams/Bin Salman/Bolsonaro/Pompeo : Septet of Sociopaths Out to Destroy Constitutional Democracies at Home and Abroad Is a Scourge for Global Humanity and Must Be Legally and Peacefully Eradicated.


April 20, 2019 by Alfred

Investigative independent journalists, scholars, and historians, as well as generally better informed and educated other people, mostly abroad but as well in the U.S., knew all along that the neoliberal hyperbolic scapegoating in synergy with the obsessive and relentless  hysterical hate and fear mongering against Russia and Putin, were nothing but a wastefully fabricated deflection from the reality that it was the DNC’s and Clinton et al. neoliberal and corrupt politician operatives, and their belligerent, hegemonic, greedy, dishonest, record of support for the Iraq war, support for the bombing destruction of Libia, support for the 2009 coup against the democratically elected government of President Zelaya in Honduras which then empowered thugs who rendered Honduras a failed nation,  collusion with neo-nazis in the US-backed Ukraine in the Maidan coup, and support for the encircling of Russia by NATO bases, coupled to Hillary’s 100% support of the now Apartheid racist supremacist nation-state of Israel in conjunction to her 100% deferential submission to the AIPAC toxic propaganda lobby (which is in violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act – FARA) for which she received millions of dollars from the Zionist Israeli millionaire Saban,  which ultimatedly resulted in the calamitous electoral selection by the Electoral College vote BUT defeated by 2.87 millions of the democratically counted votes, for the utterly inept, dishonest, deranged, racist, misogynist, narcissistic, beligerant, divisive, Donald Trump managed to wind up occupying the White House.

Every day, every hour, this dangerous misleader Trump continues in that seat of power, not only does not “Make America Great Again“, but it prevents America for being all it can be, namely inspirational, and hence respected, and admired, but worse than that, it is also rendering America’s national security and economic security dangerously vulnerable as it is isolating us from the world which deems this state of affairs surrealist and which profoundly rejects Trump’s “might makes right” imbecilic so-called strategy (?) since at this juncture of historical evolution to remain sustainable only “right makes might” is acceptable.

Paraphrasing a paragraph in Mueller’s report, Trump’s behavior is designed to “normalize” the violation of national and international law.

This decadent behavior has spawned an evolution of criminal terrorizing misleaders who have come out of the woodworks, and with whom Trump seems to be enchanted as if they were members of his own crime family.

To name the most outrageously and hopelessly mired in their state of ethical, intellectual, political, putrefaction the following four deserve that characterization.

Brazilian fascist misleader Jair Bolsonaro,  Israeli fascist misleader Benjamin Netanyahu (responsible for massacres of countless thousands of innocent, unarmed Palestinians), Saudi Arabian crime and terrorism practicing family member misleader Bin Salman (responsible for massacres of countless thousands of innocent Yemenis, of innocent people in this own country – an average of one every other day is executed per year,  and of the barbaric assassination of the U.S. based journalist Jamal Khashoggi).

To run the horror circus show of the deranged Trump, none other than the mummified cold war era morbid agitators for relentless wars of invasions and theft of other nation’s natural and human resources are John Bolton and former Elliott Abrams convict , who is described in CounterPunch as “A Human Rights Horror Show in Three Acts” and now the utterly dishonest beyond the pale and incompetent war dishonest warmonger Mike Pompeo.

Worthwhile to quote is just a couple of the statements of members of the top echelon power structures in the supra list of outright thugs and their cabinet members.

Jair Bolsonaro: “I would prefer that my son died in a car accident than that he would tell me he is a homosexual “, “The crimes by the Nazis in the Holocaust can be forgiven” (yet Netanyahu does not seem to have problems cavorting with this sub-species of inhuman life), and in a political debate with a female Brazilian member of Congress ” You are not even worthy of rape “.

Avigdor Lieberman: Disloyal Palestinians should be decapitated

Mike Pompeo: Our ignorant and malevolent so-called Secretary of State which parrots Trump and goes beyond by making absolutely false statements in his threats to the government and peoples of Iran and Venezuela in addition to those of Cuba and Nicaragua.

In the case of the latter, he has had the audacity to declare that Iran was involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  This is a reckless, inflammatory smear that no real professional Secretary of the State of the United States should or would have the temerity to utter.

When Pompeo was asked about this statement he declared “ There is “no doubt there’s a connection” between the Iranian government and al-Qaeda, the terrorist group behind the 2001 attacks.”   This is a criminal lie, most probably at the behest of Benjamin Netanyahu who at our taxpayer’s expense (in addition to the obscene $ 10 million dollars a day Israel receives with which it generates conflict, destruction, and blood hemorrhages in Palestine), and is worse than the lie of Dick Cheney who kept repeating the meme that Iraq was to be blamed for the Saudi state and private sector documented involvement in the 9/11 murderous catastrophe.

There is more elaboration on the criminal villification of the nation and people of Iran by neocons, neolibs, and by Zionists.  For additional educational purposes, Americans need to liberate themselves from the toxic influences of such brazen lies, and case in point in this issue is elaborated on by The New Republic in an article titled “The Growing Obsession With Linking Iran to Terrorism“.

The list of such thuggish “allies” of Trump could go on and on…but it is too obscene and ita
adds a new meaning to the aphorism ” With friends like these you do not need enemies“.

It is repulsive beyond words that the President of the U.S. stooped as low as one can stoop,  as demonstrated by his gross dishonesty, hypocrisy, lack of ethics, and of intelligence as demonstrated in (e.g.) his feeble-minded attempt to take a statement by the Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, deliberately out of context in order to try to link her to the 9/11 criminal attacks.

Not only did he endanger the Congresswoman’s life, but to add insult to injury to his country, he demonstrated his absence of patriotism and self-respect by approving a secret deal to make petrodollars by offering to sell U.S. nuclear tech and assistance to, of all nations, the world’s most autocratically murderously and terrorizing ruthless regime of Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, ignoring the regime’s brutal assassination of, inter alia, our U.S. based journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and ignoring the regime’s massacre by bombing of Yemen,  not to mention the documented involvement of Saudi Arabia’s private and state sectors in the carrying out of the monstrous attacks on 9/11.

It was a mind-numbing mistake by the mainstream media to parrot the said neoliberals who wasted a huge amount of their political capital by falsely accusing Russia and Putin for a disaster they themselves are to be blamed.

Furthermore, Trump can and probably will be removed from office on the basis of his own demerits, as he is now going to be further investigated along lines suggested by the Mueller report, lines which have nothing to do with the fake Russiagate hysteria which is a closed book now.

Two years and millions of dollars were wasted in the vain effort to find what did not exist.

All the while, on a daily basis, Trump generated more and more controversy, conflict and home and abroad, and meted out some possibly irreversible damage to the best interests of our nation.

But it is not too late to start repairing the damage and that must start, now more than ever, with the impeachment of Donald Trump, even if there are not enough decent, rational, patriotic, Republicans in the Senate to support conviction, hopefully, ALL Democrats in this imperative of an endeavor to begin reconstruction prior the 2020 election will be on the same page.

A split between establishment Democrats and PROGRESSIVE ones should be unthinkable.  The consequences of anything but an alliance for strength through unity was never more important in our nation’s history and possibly in the history of life on this planet, since the present administration if not deliberately, certainly by error, is capable of bringing about a war against Russia and China which would most likely go nuclear and end life on this planet.

The other imperative, which is also needed more now than ever, is the move of the Electoral College to the museum as an exhibit of a relic which was created by rich Southern slave owners who invented the preposterous and insulting notion that a slave could count for one-third of a person.

The last but not least imperative is the abolition of ALL nuclear weapons, and it may be necessary for this process to go from the bottom up since our misleaders and infamous industrial-military complex will not go along with it.   For too many years has the original club of 5 nuclear-armed nations violated article 6 of the NPT treaty which stipulates the disassembly of all nuclear weapons.   Added to this group f 5 nations must be first and foremost Israel, and then India and Pakistan.

As this article is brought to a close, the ARGENTUM POST provides its readers the infra two videos of fascinating interviews of fascinating humanistic scholars, namely Roger Waters and Prof. Nils Melzer, the UN Rapporteur on Torture by the host of Going Underground,  namely Afshin Rattansi.

Both are speaking out against the arrest of journalist, publisher, and whistleblower Julian Assange, and most particularly vehemently against the Trump requested extradition of the occupant of the White House who called for silencing the media when it comes to exposing reality, by asininely and threateningly characterizing the media the “enemy of the people” .




One thought on “The Trump/Bolton/Netanyahu/Elliott Abrams/Bin Salman/Bolsonaro/Pompeo : Septet of Sociopaths Out to Destroy Constitutional Democracies at Home and Abroad Is a Scourge for Global Humanity and Must Be Legally and Peacefully Eradicated.

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Thanks for your sharing the video interviews with two influential and important individuals who are out in front trying to reign in the lawlessness and terror. Yes, these sociopaths must be legally and peacefully stopped, but how, when they’re ruling over just about everything and everyone outside of Russia, China, Iran and Syria?

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