A Sequel to the May 6, 2019, AP Extension of the AP Article on Failed Attempts to Silence Free Speech at U. of Massachusetts Amherst

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May 7, 2019 by Alfred

This is a Sequel to the previous 05/06/2019 ARGENTUM POST article titled,

A Pathetic and Inappropriate NYTimes Apology is a Sign of the Times That Even the NYTimes Bizarrely Still Buys Into Slanderous and Specious Accusations of “Anti-Semitism”

Said Extension related to another instance of futile and dishonest attempts by extremist opponents of discussions on the Netanyahu misled Israel endless violations of international law, and of fundamental human rights, with the support of our misleader, Donald Trump, to smear the organizers of said discussions in academia and elsewhere by insidiously, threateningly, and falsely charging that said discussions are somehow “anti-Semitic“.

So, enclosed infra is an article which was published by NBC Boston which describes how a judge declined the request by extremists to silence free speech by asking him to block an academic discussion about the relentless and violent oppression of Palestinians by Israel.

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