In Yet an Additional Sequel to the AP’s May 6, 2019 Published Article re: The NYTimes Published Cartoon of a Blind Trump Being Mislead to Horrific Mischief by a Sly Service Dog(Impersonated as Netanyahu) We Now See Reality Setting in on The Basis of Yet Another Netanyahu Fake Analysis Which Incites Trump To Blindly and Irresponsibly Then Dispatch War Ships to Iran Without Any Provocation by Iran.

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May 7, 2019 by Alfred

The scenario could not be more reminiscent of that of the neocon/neolib war on Iraq on the basis of criminally false concocted rhetoric compacted into memes which repeatedly urged a catastrophic war on Iraq for which “we the people” are still paying for the disastrous consequences.

This time we must organize to have millions and millions protesting the repetition of such a monumental crime against the humanity of Americans and of Iranians by the likes of Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, Abrams et al. who imbecilically, recklessly, and perversely act as if, in their demented state of reasoning or lack thereof, they are entitled to play with fire for no valid reason, and at the cost of our survival and that of our loved ones, since a war on Iran could easily internationalize itself into a war on Russia and China, a monstrous nightmare which must not ever happen, but may happen by an error in calculation even if this provocation is meant to be just a bluff.

With this succinct foreword, the ARGENTUM POST provides its readers with the infra Ynetnews article on this subject which is titled ” Iran: Israel will drag US into war it doesn’t want

The EU, UN, ICC and other global institutions and organizations globally need to step up to their responsibilities and intervene to stop this insanity immediately by all means necessary which are legal and non-violent.

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