APFND [Nr.101] This Just In: A Pronouncement by a Top British General That the Assertion by Trump et al. That Iran is a “Threat” is Actually Specious.

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May 16, 2019 by Alfred

This is an ARGENTUM POST Flash News Digest [ Nr. 101] which complements and buttresses the ARGENTUM POST article published early in the morning hours of May 16, 2019 , titled In Our Name and With Our Tax Money “We the People” Have Been Misled to the Cusp of an Abyss: The Criminal War On Iran and Other Wars Must be Prevented and Ended Once for All For the Sake of Our Survival as an Evolving Human Species and a Humanistic State of Existing.

In addition to the opposition by the European Union, Russia, and China for a war on Iran,  now a top British General contradicts the Trump et al. claim of “increased threats” from Iran.

Following the same model of the path which the neocon/neoliberal hysterical, dishonestly fabricated falsehoods in collaboration with faux Netanyahu so-called intel, which led to war drum beats being unleashed inciting war on Iraq, the American public is once again being duped by the same tactics and strategy to galvanize the public support for a war on Iran,  as the Trump-Netanyahu/John Bolton/Pompeo/Abrams gang is deceiving the American people with fabricated claims of “increased threats from Iran” which in reality do not exist.

This amateurish, hegemonic, outlandish behavior is a scourge for all decent, civilized, rational people to endure, regardless of their political orientation, and there is an imperative for it to be stopped immediately since even as a bluff, this is a horribly dangerous and idiotic approach to solve anything, as it inflames the odds that a war may be started accidentally.

We need governance by serious professional adults, highly skilled in diplomacy, aware of historical reality, with no ulterior agenda other than that of being part of possible solutions for a variety of scenarios in situations of contention and not arrogant, ignorant, insulting, reckless, selfish, myopic bullies such as most particularly the above-named quintet of proven ineptness, corrupted to the core has more than proven to be.  We need authentic statesmen such as Averell Harriman was, who can only be but part of the solution and not those which clearly are the opposite and therefore it is they who constitute the real aggravating increased threat right now to our national security and to international security.

Trump came into governance hating everything President Obama had anything to do with, and his most egregious spectacular error was to wreck the laborious work which Secretary of State John Kerry, Foreign Minister of Iran Javad Zarif, and all the other allies in Europe and our heretofore partners Russia and China made possible in the conception of the P5+1 (JCPOA) and successful completion.

So, see infra the pronouncements of the top British General who debunks in very few words the truthfulness of the myth that Iran, the country which has for 250 years never attacked any of its neighbors but which was the victim of a U.S. supported war on it by Saddam Hussein who received the U.S. supplied weapons to carry it out.





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