In Our Name and With Our Tax Money “We the People” Have Been Misled to the Cusp of an Abyss: The Criminal War On Iran and Other Wars Must be Prevented and Ended Once for All For the Sake of Our Survival as an Evolving Human Species and a Humanistic State of Existing.

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May 15, 2019 by Alfred

The surreal spectacle of a handful of men and their respective power structures taking us into yet another potentially catastrophic war, this time on Iran, for absolutely no valid reasons and hence a war on the basis of criminal calumniating fabrications which most probably will be ignited by provocations until a false flag incident is staged and is then used  as a pretext to trigger the initiation of said catastrophic war.

This must at all costs be blocked by all means possible other than violent and illegal means.

The said  “a handful of men and their respective power structures” are the most dangerous misleaders of the world who as a result of the White House having been occupied by Donald Trump who actually lost the 2016 election by 3 million votes, on the basis of the direct vote, which is only valid democratic vote, has in itself been an electoral catastrophe given that this man has been proven utterly inept and recklessly irresponsible to occupy his seat of power and therefore having dishonored the position of the presidency from day one.

This fact in itself is vexingly damaging for our great republic.

The plot however thickened from day 2 and on to this day of May 15, of 2019 to the point that either immediate bipartisan impeachment in the House and in the Senate or invocation of the 25th Amendment are an imperative as this President who is not presiding but is an agent provocateur who has from day one started to embroil the nation in divisiveness, in conflict within itself, in generating disorder, in generating gross lies every time he speaks (the Fact Checker of The Washington Post, Glen Kessler announced that Trump has made more than 10 thousand false or misleading claims) and in conflict with the rest of the world, acting like the “destabilizer and wrecking agent-in-chief” which he indeed is.

Of course Trump alone cannot even be all that were it not for the repulsive support he receives from the Republican party, who are the same neocons who brought us to the Iraq war and in cooperation with with neolibs who cynically critiqued the neocons yet when it came neo-imperialistic hegemonic wars of aggression have played right into the said wars on Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and are poised to do likewise in the coming possible wars on Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran.

What makes matters even worse is that Trump has been literally ignorant, arrogant, and malevolent enough to insult and threaten most of our allies and has decided to cavort with the world’s most decrepit, criminally oppressive misleaders such as,  the most dangerously  murderous and terrorizing leader of the world’s only state actor of terrorism, namely and respectively the dictator Bin Salman of Wahhabism code following Saudi Arabia in whose country on average, mostly innocent democracy demanding dissidents are executed at the rate of one every other day, not to mention the bombing massacre Saudi Arabia since 2015 which has been meted out on the poorest nation of the Middle East, namely Yemen, and this with Donald Trump’s support to the nauseating point that he has for petrodollars gone way beyond and offered Salman the sale of secret nuclear technology.

The same decadent Saudi dictator gave the order to have the American-based journalist and democracy advocate, Jamal Khashoggi executed, as confirmed by the CIA, and yet this so-called ” President” not only ignores this assassination and continues business as usual with him,  but to add insult to injury he then insults the professionals of the CIA for averring this fact.

The other most dangerous, dishonest, corrupted, and criminal to the core assassin of innocent Palestinians protesting the international law-violating occupation of Palestine and for several months carrying out massacres of hundreds and maiming thousands weekly for peacefully demonstrating their incarceration ( 2.2 million of them) in the worlds largest concentration camp in history, namely Gaza, is Benjamin Netanyahu the PM of Israel whose attorney general (to his credit) has recommended that he be indicted for a series of crimes of corruption in Israel.   Hopefully, Netanyahu is indicted and tried and then the ICC can do the same for his crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians.

The other members of the Trump’s cabinet who literally act as if they are part of an organized crime gang are his own son-in-law Jared Kushner who trafficks lucratively stolen real estate property of Palestinians in Zionist occupied Palestine, and the perfidious, dishonest, hate and fear-inciting, nefarious, gang of the sociopathic, mummified, obsessive-compulsive, perverse, belligerent John Bolton who can’t wait for the war on Iran on specious grounds to be initiated as well as the formerly indicted for lying to Congress during the “Iran Contra Affair” equally characterizable as Bolton, namely Elliott Abrams, and Mike Pompeo the empty ditto head who crashes conferences where he is specifically not invited, such as on May 13 the European foreign ministers conference in Brussels where he came to imbecilically peddle falsehoods about Iran to convince the heads of state of the E.U. which strongly oppose war on Iran and who are now being threatened to sanctions by Trump if they dare to trade with Iran.

Incidentally, Benjamin Netanyahu acted similarly, and crashed into a Congressional session where he was not welcome, but came anyway to peddle his lies as regards to Iran in a feeble-minded attempt to sabotage the negotiations and deliberations over the successful JCPOA –  P5+1 Nuclear Agreement only for it then to be sabotaged imbecilically by Trump.

Bottom line is that there are no limits to how low the present misadministration can stoop, and this means that in Trump’s deranged myopic and pathological view of reality, either by design or by accident, once the war on Iran is started, given that Iran is the most stable and industrialized and nation in the Middle East and therefore also the most military powerful one and united one, which is the main reason why its enemies  Saudi Arabia and Israel jointly attempt to destabilize it even though Iran has been a bulwark in the defeat and containment of Daesh(ISIS), and even though notwithstanding neocon and neolib grotesque vilification of it as a “threat to Israel“, a “threat to Jews“, now a “threat to the U.S.”, in reality, has some 75 thousand Jews living happily in Tehran where they have 13 synagogues and their own vineyards,   the said war can easily and rapidly spread to involve Russia and China and that could literally lead to the end of human life on our planet.

At the moment of this article’s writing, almost all of the European Union nations, Russia, and China and others are on the same page as strongly opposing the insanity of such a war.

The American people are unfortunately failed by its corporate mainstream media and by its educational institutions to be aware that in 1953, the democracy of Iran was crushed mercilessly by the Anglo-American alliance because BP was nationalized – with proper compensation offered – and in its place the tyranny of the Shah Pavlavi was imposed with the said alliance’s support and that meant 26 years of a savage oppressive, regressive, torturing dictatorship with the secret service SAVAK acting like the Saudi dictatorship which executed intellectuals and dissidents by all means including throwing them out of C-140 cargo planes who flew over areas of a salt desert where their bodies would be disappeared.

This imposition was eventually how the Iranian people united, with Moslems, Christians, seculars, socialist democracy, got together to generate strength by unity, and thereby  to cast themselves off the yoke of this tyranny which was supported to its end by Reagan, Kissinger, and Nixon,  and that is what led to the invasion of the American embassy, something which while illegal is comprehensible and it is also noteworthy that the Iranians did not kill or injure a single hostage during the siege.

The ignorance of the American people as a result of this deficiency by media and educational sectors is so astounding that the right-wing extremist US Senator Tom Cotton has embarrassed himself by declaring in an interview to Bob Schieffer that Iran plans to take over the Middle East and that the proof of that is that Iran “already controls Tehran“!

So, the time has arrived for a drastic move to coalesce which most comprise organizing a massive demonstration by millions in all our cities, some non-violent disciplined and productive civil disobedience, and educational campaigns highlighting the real history or Iran as well as highlighting the huge danger of remaining complacent while the toxically corrosive putrefaction of the warlords lead us to lose once again our loved ones in criminal wars on the basis of fabricated grounds, not to mention the loss of lives abroad and the possible major irreversible damage this war would cause.

Also, we must start to teach at high school level and beyond that, the scourge of wars does NOT resolve conflicts, as it only serves the industrial military complex and rotten to the core politicians who cause them.  While they wind up profiting from such obscene undertaking and go their banks laughing, “we the people“, if we are lucky to survive, will never see the dream for ourselves and our offspring, a dream which by now should have been a dream realized, namely the notion that health is a human right and a universal health care system coupled to affordable or free higher education is that as well.

2020 must initiate the progressive march to a renaissance of an America that by authentic participative democracy prioritizes our genuine human rights, as most of the even much poorer democracies do, by not having to submit its treasury to a hemorrhage of trillions on top of trillions of dollars in military spending when we have enough of a defensive capacity that certainly can afford us to kick out of office those who undermine the quality of our existence by their addiction military interventions and conflict.

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Scandinavian nations, the European nations can be our inspiration.  No nation has or needs 800 military bases abroad, and ALL NATIONS which have nuclear weapons need to abide by article VI and jointly eliminate these weapons for eternity.

Wars dehumanize all of us who participate in them.


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