In A Sequel to the AP Article of May 20, 2019 : An Informative and Educational Interview by Chris Hedges of Medea Benjamin

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May 21, 2019 by Alfred

On May 20, 2019, the ARGENTUM POST published an article titled “Impeach Trump, Elect Bernie Sanders, or Tulsi Gabbard, or Bill de Blasio, for the Presidency, and other Democratic Genuine Progressives and Declare Victory as “We the People” Deserve It To Heal and Reconstruct.”

The said article exposed how mendaciously the obscene, unholy hegemonic and belligerent alliance of Trump, Netanyahu, and Bin Salman are how hysterically, grotesquely, and provokingly fabricating the false notion that Iran is a threat, a nation which for the last 250 years has not attacked any of nation in the Middle East, but was twice attacked by the U.S. and Britain (once in 1953 when the Anglo-American imperialistic aggression carried out a coup against the democratically elected Prime Minister Mosaddeg to implant the tyranny of the Shah, Reza Pahlavi, and the second time again when in the 1980s Britain and the U.S. backed Saddam Hussein in a war against Iran.

In stark hypocritical contrast though, Trump and Netanyahu are now supporting the world’s most dangerously autocratic, and terrifyingly murderous state sponsor and perpetrator of barbaric terrorism, namely Saudi Arabia, which constitutes a real threat to regional and global peace.

To add insult to injury,  Trump has bizarrely, outrageously, irresponsibly,  and recklessly already earned petrodollars by having had the temerity of initiating the sale of nuclear secrets to the said murderous Saudi Arabian regime whose Islamic Wahhabist Code is the most radical and violent version of traditional Islam.

So, as a sequel to the ARGENTUM POST article published yesterday, today the ARGENTUM POST provides its readers with a video on the same subject matter of the ARGENTUM POST article of yesterday,  which features the eminent scholar, author, journalist Chris Hedges who is the host of ” On Contact” interviewing the indefatigable, bright, courageous, principled political activist and co-founder of Code Pink, namely Medea Benjamin.

This valuable and educational interview should be widely disseminated by the mainstream media and shown in the high school’s across the country as it serves gloriously as an antidote against the toxic and /or vapid programming which dulls intellectual curiosity and the importance of the extreme dangers these unholy alliance of misleaders represents to our collective national security.

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