Trump’s Impeachment Case Never Needed the Neoliberal Fabricated and Neocon Augmented RussiaGate Myth – It Has Had Its Clear Basis All Along

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June 12, 2019 by Alfred

Plain common sense and the awareness of the documented legal/constitutional violations of the most dishonest President of the USA, who according to fact checker Glenn Kesler has now been documentable noted to have lied and misled the public 10 thousand times since his inauguration, is a phenomenon which the Founding Fathers would never have envisaged.K

It is the total neocon amorality and corruption of the Republican party,  along with the total neolib amorality and corruption of most of the Congressional members of the Democratic party,  which are responsible for Trump’s continued occupation of the White House in an election in which he lost from the beginning on the basis of the what should have been an authentically democratic vote of one-man/one-woman = one vote which most modern democracies have adopted.  Had it not been for the shenanigans of that obsolete Electoral College which was established to give wealthy slave owners extra representation by allowing slave owners to have slaves represent three-fifths of a vote, Trump would have lost the election by close to 3 million votes.

Donald Trump has lost the literal authentic direct democratic popular vote by a greater margin than any US President.

Decent, rational, intelligent, and honest liberals and conservatives can and will agree that our electoral system literally is now dysfunctional, and easy to rig.

It is the slavery-era Electoral College along with its shenanigans and coupled to politically skewed gerrymandering in synergy with the absence of an instant runoff voting (IRV) which would have allowed for a third party to join the two which monopolize choices which at times have been as fraudulently and trivially indistinguishable as choices between Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola, which obstruct the pure exercise of democracy of in America.

We the People” though can easily see that neocons and neolibs on the other hand, in reality just agree to play a charade behind hidden-in-plain view collusion with each other to destructively compete and ignore and not serve the needs, desires, mandates of the average American who to boot is ill-served by the tendentious corporatized press, and by an education system which since its middle-high school phase does not teach history the way it actually happened, and instead literally adulterates it so that our future generations believe that there indeed exists is such nonsense as an “exceptionalist” nation which it teaches the United States and Israel are.

As sanitized version of history is taught to hide the reality of Western imperialist quests for continuous, belligerent provocative wars for hegemonic conquests for the break up of entire nation-states into statelets so that they become dependent on extortionist social economic impositions and align with the said Western powers in control so as to act by divide to conquer achieve stratification societies into right-wing oppressive elites and to relegate their middle and lower strata to the “survival of the fittest” mode of primitive social-Darwinistic anti-evolution system so as to allow capitalism run amok to ruthlessly exploit the fruits of their human labor and of their natural resources.

In the most recent times,  this is the second scandalous perversion of an election where the candidate with the most votes loses the election, even if the two parties are hardly distinguishable.

Greg Palast wrote an excellent book titled ” The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” which was accompanied by the documentary “Unexpected 200”.

It goes without saying that Trump was interested in “dirt” in the Democratic camp, and it goes without saying that Putin may have favored a slight bit Trump since he promised good relations with Russia, which Clinton did not, but none of this could have determined the outcome of the election as the DNC later claimed dishonestly when Clinton actually won but lost the election because it was not one which had been had been by an authentic democratic direct vote.

It was the utterly shameless behaviour of the real collusion of the DNC to sabotage the authentic launcher of participative democracy by  PROGRESSIVE Democratic values, namely Bernie Sanders, as well as the utterly shameless behaviour by Hillary Clinton who in 2009 colluded to have the President Zelaya of Honduras to be overthrown violently and abducted in the middle of the night because he was a progressive and would not align with the mandates of the hegemonic neolibs and neocons.  Incredibly, Clinton prevailed over Obama in her insistence that this outrageous criminal coup would not be officially called a “coup” since the U.S. has political  “interests” and a military base in Honduras, since the days of the dirty wars in Central and South America  when as now in 2009, the U.S. came out in support of corrupt to the core autocratic murderous misleaders, and thus Honduras was then taken over by thugs who have since then persecuted labor and environmental activists and have imprisoned them and/or assassinated them, such as the courageous and principled Berta human rights and environmental affairs Caceres leader.

From 2009 on with the thugs in power in Honduras, as a result of the Clinton/Obama supported coup of Zelaya, conditions in Honduras deteriorated to the point that life became unbearable for law-abiding citizens, and that generated the so-called “Refugee Caravan” which Trump falsely accused of being “criminals” and “rapists” coming from “shit-hole” countries.

In reality though, as a leader of refugees once put it upon arriving at the border, “we are here because you are there“…

This is the same neolib Clinton which supported the 2003 invasion, destruction, and occupation of Iraq, and the same Clinton who laughed after the nation of Libia was destabilized and destroyed, and who wanted to declare Syria unilaterally a no-fly-zone which most certainly would have brought the U.S. into a military confrontation with Russia.

This is the same neolib Clinton who embraced multi-billionaire Saban of Israel and who further has embraced the right-wing extremist misleadership of the corrupt to the core power structure of Benjamin Netanyahu who is now one of the most dangerous misleaders in the world as the embraces along with Trump the world’s most murderous state actor of terrorism, namely Saudi Arabia, which executes on average one of its residents every other day, on charges of “disobedience” and that includes anyone who blogs as a form of literary democracy aspiring activism.

This is the same Bin Salman regime which, according to the CIA,  gave the order for the assassination of the U.S. based democracy advocating journalist Jamal Khashoggi,  and which Trump and most particularly his son-in-law Jared Kushner is embracing,  which is carrying out massacres in Yemen, just as the now Apartheid nation-state of Israel is carrying massacres of unarmed Palestinians who demand rightfully freedom and the right to return to the land they own.

For an American so-called “President” to even consider to offer the Saudis sordid “deals”in exchange of petrodollars, such as the sale of secret nuclear technology, all the while allowing his socio-pathic aides, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and Elliott Abrams to use threats and to incite war on Iran for no rationally discernible reasons, after the said “President” sabotaged the successful nuclear agreement with Iran, is beyond the pale a series of actions which in effect endangers our national security.

The same applies to Trump’s provocations in the embodiment of tariffs, sanctions, and embargoes, against China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and against any and all nations in the world who do not go along with this insanity,  constitutes a deranged, perverse, self-destructive posture which is unacceptable in a world of civilized nations.

We are actually arriving at a critically favorable juncture which actually vulnerabilizes the quartet of the most dangerous, extremist, right-wing, violent, misleaders who operate in organized crime fashion, and which goes from one provocation to the other to the point that at some point, either deliberately or accidentally or by a false-flag attack sets into motion a dynamic which could easily get out of control and lead to a veritable world conflict in which the U.S. will be totally isolated.

Of the quartet of the said collaborative misleaders, namely Trump, Netanyahu, Bin Salman, and Bolsonaro, both Netanyahu and Bolsonaro are about to face justice and accountability as Netanyahu has been scheduled for a pre-indictment hearing for crimes of corruption, and today, on June 12, 2019, the top prosecutors who indicted the former president of Brazil, namely Lula, along with the Supreme Court Judge have been caught scheming a plot to favor the election of the decadent President Bolsonaro, as Democracy Now reported 9 hours ago.

Trump al. and Bin Salman, the murderous terrorism supporter, must have their day in court ASAP, and for the best interests of all of us in the U.S., the impeachment proceedings against Trump must be initiated ASAP, regardless as to whether the Republicans rise to the occasion or not.

The next task is up to us.

It behooves us more than ever, to create the most massive movement in our history to totally delegitimize the decades of interventionist wars waged in our name by those who stand to profit from such despicable forays which are ruining our reputation abroad as that of a nation with an elite capitalistic mission for the benefit of the “industrial-military complex” which President Eisenhower warned us about.

We must once for all end the era of obscenely inflated so-called “defense” spending and end any and all “offense” spending on interventionist hegemonic wars.

We must therefore almost all of our 800 military bases abroad.  Similarly, we must push ourselves away from the production of weapons, and end violating article VI of the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty), and gradually in tandem with other nations eliminate all nuclear weapons.

It goes without saying that we must end ALL foreign aid to any nation which does not respect human dignity and human right.

That means at this time such nations as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Philippines, Burma (aka Myanmar), UAE, Israel – which receives the obscene sum of $ 10 million dollars per day as it continues to be an international law violator, by virtue of its occupation of Palestinian land, by virtue of not allowing Palestinians to return to the lands Israel literally stole from them, and by their continued military sales and support to highly oppressive regimes abroad.

We also must introduce in all public schools of the country two subjects of vital importance. One which is already taught, namely national and international history, must be upgraded to be much more vibrant and neutral and accurate.  The other must be the subject of ethics via the teachings of secular humanist values and the evolution of their history which may encompass the teachings of religious humanist values, both of which, given their common denominator “humanist” can be augmented by the teaching of peaceful conflict resolution as well as “human rights“.

With the then saved funds, we will elect exclusively PROGRESSIVE bi-cameral representatives and executive branch representatives.

To achieve this objective we must focus on almost exclusively Democratic PROGRESSIVE candidates, most particularly, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Tulsi Gabbarts, and last but not least the Governor of Washington state, namely Jay Inslee.

All of these and more must initiate a new era of Homeland Progressivism which means universal health care for all, except those with income above a certain limit, very affordable or free state-university education, a comprehensive public works program, to include maintenance projects, upgrading of our railroads to accommodate high-speed trains, electoral reform, and most importantly, the revitalization of our consumer protection programs as well as regulatory agencies.

We must also revitalize the freedom of the press and the freedom of whistleblowers to carry out there valid functions of exposing wrongdoing and of informing professionally and that means vetting their sources and documenting their findings.

We must not allow that noble, competent, honest, well-meaning whistleblowers such as Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and others suffer from the criminalization of their reporting on criminal wrongdoing by those who consider themselves above the law.

As an example of the most egregious punishment of these veritable heroes, we can view the infra video titled “UN Rapporteur – Assange Shows Symptoms of Psychological Torture” shown by Going Underground as Nilz Melzer is interviewed in Going Underground, hosted by Afshin Rattansi.  [PS You must scroll down to the 2nd screen]

We shall this way become an America which will be inspiring by the power of example and not by the example of power.






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