Reuel Marc Gerecht Errs Astoundingly In His Article “What Trump Can Expect from Iran’s Supreme Leader”

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July 25, 2019 by Alfred

Reuel Marc Gerecht is an American writer and political analyst who focuses on the Middle East.

On July 20, 2019 The Washington Post published an article by Reuel Marc Gerecht in which he erred on three counts astoundingly when he stated that Iran’s Supreme Leader, namely Ali Khamenei “…has backed terrorism in Europe and Latin America against Iranian dissidents and Jews, whom he loathes as agents of a global conspiracy “. This was actually the title of his article.

Gerecht errs factually in stating that Ali Khamenei “almost certainly ” (?!)  “would have approved  Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons“.

In fact, cursory research of the facts clearly reveals that (a) Ali Khamenei and Iran do not consider “Jews as agents of a global conspiracy “, nor (b) would Ali Khamenei have approved  Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons.

As regards (a) it is well known that a fatwa by Ali Khamenei against the acquisition, development, and use of nuclear weapons dates back to the mid-1990s, and (b) Jews live well and are protected in Iran, as reported inter alia, by USA Today in an article titled “Iran’s Jewish Community is the Largest in the Mideast Outside of Israel – and feel safe and respected.

Furthermore, (c)as the very prestigious publication “Foreign Affairs” confirms, “Ali Khamenei has always been in contact with the world of Iranian intellectuals, and the basic outlines of his thinking were laid down in his youth and young adulthood, during the 1950s and 1960s. Iran was then a monarchy and an ally of the United States; according to the Iranian opposition at the time, the shah was nothing but an American puppet. Unlike many other Islamists, Khamenei had contact with the most important secular opposition intellectuals and absorbed their prerevolutionary discourse. But he was also a seminary student, whose chief focus was learning sharia, Islamic law. He became acquainted with the theoreticians of the Muslim Brotherhood and was influenced by the works of Sayyid Qutb, some of which Khamenei himself translated into Persian.

During these times of fake news, when Mike Pompeo goes to Buenos Aires and has the audacity to dishonestly declare without any proof Iranians are a “threat” to Latin America, inflammatory remarks such as these, must be avoided at all costs so that peaceful and professional diplomacy can resolve the conflict  and chaos generated by Trump’s reckless reneging of the Iran Nuclear Agreement.


The brazen and reckless use of falsehoods, often repeated by the mainstream media, in order to vilify Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia (inter alia) has become a trademark of the present dishonest misleadership of the Trump administration and is a dangerous scourge which threatens to unleash deliberately or my mistake a major war which could easily spiral out of control.


This calls for now, more than ever, the removal by constitutional and peaceful means the unpresidential so-called “President” as the occupant of the White House before next years elections.

Rational and responsible conservatives and genuine establishment liberals must unite with progressive liberals to bring about impeachment with subsequent Senate trial and conviction and then Trump can be indicted for the obvious crimes he has committed which have nothing to do with the so-called “Russia collusion” of which there is scant evidence.

We the people cannot and must not live with the albatross’ sword over us and our children of a potential nuclear war which is invincible.

The fact that Trump has Wednesday vetoed three resolutions that Congress passed to stop the sale of $ 8 billion dollars of arms, fighter jets,  plus nuclear technology and further added that he may use “emergency authority” to push through these criminal sales  to the world’s most dangerously oppressive , murderous, state actor of terror, namely Saudi Arabia, and that Trump is also ready to sell those criminals who put 20 million of Yemenis now in danger of starvation and who assassinated the U.S. based dissident pro-democracy journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and who to add insult to injury, has the temerity and insanity to be willing to now also sell $ 2.2 billion dollars of arms to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) province of Taiwan, constitutes a monumental threat to your national security as the PRC’s leadership declared also on Wednesday that it will use its military might to prevent such an egregious provocation, makes it clear that there is now an imperative that this nightmare scenario be stopped in its track NOW !

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