Israel’s Minister of “Education” Has Temerity to Accuse Jews Outside of Israel Who Marry Non-Jews as Being Agents of a “Second Holocaust”

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July 25, 2019 by Alfred

The Minister of Education of Israel (Rafi Perez) :  Jews who marry non-Jews are like agents of a SECOND HOLOCAUST?!

That a so-called minister of EDUCATION, of all ministries of any nation on earth, to utter such evil rubbish is a sign of the times of the profound state of moral, ethical, intellectual putrefaction of the power structure of the most odiously right-wing, supremacist, racist, extremist Zionist, members of the present regime of the misadministration of Netanyahu’s Israel which is now a self-declared “nation-state” of Jews exclusively which translates into an “apartheid” state.

This surreal phenomenon explains why Israel’s Netanyahu is now an ally of our unpresidential racist misleader Trump and is now an ally of the world’s most dangerous state actor of brutal repression, assassinations, and terrorism, namely Saudi Arabia, and to boot, is now inciting war on Iran, not because Iran is an “anti-Semitic” state or a threat to Israel, but because it is stable, it has not invaded any other nation for the last 200 years, and it has been a bulwark in support of the containment and defusion of the so-called “Islamic State” (which is neither), and of Al Qaeda, and Al Nousra, and of the MEK (Mujahadeen-e- Khalq)  who are the pro-Shah tyranny cult of terrorists who the mainstream media keeps silent about, since they have been protected by the likes of Bush and Cheney, John Bolton, Giuliani, and other neocons and neolibs.

They are also known for their false-flag attacks to frame Iran and when Mike Pompeo and/or John Bolton talks about the Iranian “threat” they are most probably deliberately doing so when in reality it is the MEK which has been behind such attacks.  In fact this it is documented in Wikipedia that the attacks on the Israeli Center in Argentina were deliberately referred to as an attack by Iran dishonestly.   Mike Pompeo reused this lie recently when he declared that Iran/Hezbollah is a “threat” for Latin America.

It further explains the link to these misleaders by the president of Brazil, namely the racist, homophobic, decadent, inept Jair Bolsonaro.

The vast overwhelming majority of Jews globally, categorically now condemns this gang of misfits sociopathic, psychopathic elements of society and most societies of the world have such sick individuals.   These are literally Zionist extremists who are harmful and do damage to that majority of moderate, sane, humanist, and Torah universalist values abiding Jews,

These are the kind of haters and liars who when Israel is criticized validly for its appalling 70 years of Palestinian oppression, misuse the characterization of “anti-Semitism”.  These are perpetrators feigning to be victims.

What is most shocking and new is that such characters are now striving to come out of their dank darkness and are elected to the power structures of entire nations.

Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is another example of such societal decay, and several more can be named around the world.

While it is not a normal practice for the writer, editor, and publisher of this ARGENTUM POST to address his personal background, it is in this case, since he is the son of survivors of the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others, is the son of a wonderful Jewish mother,  and according to Rafi Peretz, must be a member of that group of diaspora Jews who had the audacity to marry a woman who is not of the Jewish faith.

But for a so-called Minister of Education of Israel to, therefore, conclude that this writer is an agent of a “Second Holocaust ” is appalling beyond words, and while it is not a crime, he certainly should be forced to resign his position, and perhaps if he has any redeeming intellectual capacity he should submit himself to psychotherapy.

While this writer subscribes to secular humanist values, he also profoundly respects those who guide themselves by religious humanist values, since the common denominator is the word “humanist”.

He also highly respects and supports such noble Jewish organizations as Jewish Voice for Peace, New Israel Fund, the American Council for Judaism, the excellent website Mondoweiss, and the Neturei Karta organization of Orthodox Jews.

For a better understanding of this writer’s background, one may refer to an interview by the peace activist organization called “The Oneness of Humanity“.

Ultimately though, it does not much matter what one believes in since what one makes out of ones believes is what ultimately counts.

With this foreword, which would not suffice since it is almost so incredible that it could be characterized as an egregious falsehood, this writer provides infra the source of this shocking development.

The source is the highly respected, independent, progressive, Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The relevant and revealing article by Haaretz is dated July 09, 2019, and titled Intermarriage Among Diaspora Jews IsLike a Second Holocaust‘, Israel’s Education Minister Says


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