Egregiously Hidden in Plain Sight is the Solution for the Racist Supremacist Massacres: The Declaration of a State of Emergency Accompanied by An Immediate Suspension of the Public Portability of All Weapons, and this in Synergy with the Removal of Donald Trump from the Presidency on a Bipartisan Basis

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August 4, 2019 by Alfred

There is no such thing as Constitutional Democracy which is bereft of the foundational elements of sustainability as the common sense principles of rationalism and humanism.

Since the electoral campaign, it became obvious that candidate Donald Trump was a supporter of might makes right white supremacist nationalism.  It also became clear how Trump considered himself above the law and violated it time and again.  He also lied to the American people something like more than 10 thousand times, according to The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler.

He lost the popular election by 3 million votes, yet wound up occupying the White House via the indirect and hence undemocratic vote of so-called “electors” of the museum piece which is called the “College of Electors”.

This state of affairs has deteriorated to the point that our unpresidential misleader has lost all credibility to be called upon being part of a solution of a monumental terrorizing problem he was instrumental in creating.

Trump’s removal from office by peaceful and legal means is now imperative, provided that the Republicans which have been shamefully silent about Trump’s deranged transgressions, step up to be counted since the alternative may result in the demise of the entire party as this slaughter is not along partisan lines,  just as the Saudi criminals who carried out the 9/11 attacks did not distinguish about who their victims would be.

From his relentless bizarre and horrific insults Trump leveled against people on the base of their gender, sexual preference, race, and religion,  to the threats he has made to wipe out entire nations from the face of world, at the podium of the United Nations General Assembly, he started isolating the U.S. and doing damage to our nation’s best interests to the point that it may take another generation to reverse this scandal.

Every single day, “we-the-people” have come to realize that national and international racial divisiveness incitement coupled to violence threats at home and abroad would become the name of the game of making America enter into reverse gear at an ever-accelerating speed risking a major crash at the end.

This state of affairs has deteriorated to the point that our unpresidential misleader has lost all credibility to be called upon being part of a solution of a monumental terrorizing problem he was instrumental in creating.

Forward to the most recent Dayton massacre, it becomes obvious that Congress on a bipartisan basis needs to declare a 9/11 type state of emergency, suspending immediately the sale and the portability by all inhabitants of the United States of weapons in public.

Automatic weapons need to be banned altogether as they were previously.   The government must establish a program for their collection, perhaps one based on buyback incentives.

Steep penalties against any violators must be meted out and borne by those who defy this suspension and routine random spot-checks must become a norm until the scourge of this slaughter of innocent people comes to a total halt, and perhaps beyond that.

The undue influence toxic NRA lobby must also be warned to not interfere in any way conceivable with this life-saving state of emergency.

From this day on, “we the people”, must unite and demand that the time for talking and praying is over and that only action can and will reverse this march into a major abysm.

We owe this to the families of thousands victimized by automatic people killing machines by homegrown terrorists, and we owe this to the potentially very near future victims of these massacres if we do not ACT NOW!

This appeal is not by any stretch of the imagination interpretable as being politically motivated as it is made clear from the onset that universal humanistic and rationalistic principles call for this immediate future life-saving solution.

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