The Desperate and Perverse Mendacity of the Now Apartheid “Nation-State” Power Structure of Israel Seems to Increase in Direct Proportion to Its Exposure and Condemnation by (inter alia) Millions of Rational and Humanist Jews Globally

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August 1, 2019 by Alfred

At the onset of this article, this writer/editor/publisher of the ARGENTUM POST declares that he is the documented son of parents who survived the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others.

It is now a documented fact that the calamity of our racist non-presidential misleader, Trump, constitutes not only a national security threat for our nation, but his deranged, perverse, hypocritical, violent, threatening, rhetoric and actions are contaminating and enabling other fascist world misleaders to jump into joining Trump’s gang of disgraceful criminal behavior misleaders who have to power by mischievous means, and who functions and act along the modus operandi characteristics of international crime cartels.

The most dangerous members of this cartel led by Trump plus the likes of crazed hegemony lusting cold-war era mummified actors such as the ultra-right-wing extremist hawks as John Bolton, Elliott Abrams, along with empty and vapid but dishonest ditto heads like Mike Pompeo, is now made up of the dictator of the worlds most dangerous state actor of murder and terrorism, namely Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, who recently had an American/Saudi dissident democracy promoting Washington Post journalist brutally assassinated by dismemberment in the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Turkey.

He is a dictator whose country executes one of his own inhabitants every other day, and a dictator who has been carrying out with Trump’s support,  massacres in the poorest nation of the Middle East, namely Yemen, killing tenths of thousands and plunging millions into a starvation catastrophe  and yet, surrealistically and bizarrely this degenerate happens to be considered a “friend” by Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is a real estate speculator, owns slum lord managed decaying real estate in New York City and trafficking with Palestinian properties in Palestine occupied lands in violation of international law.

All three of them are decadent characters who are also in alliance with the horrific misleader of Israel, namely Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been carrying out documented crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people which has suffered torturously since its partition in 1948.

Netanyahu is also is carrying out weekly maimings and killings of young and old, innocent, unarmed Palestinian freedom and democracy demonstrators in the world’s greatest concentration camp of 2.2 million people, namely Gaza.  And the world stands by as well as the UN and the ICC!

To the credit of Israel’s Attorney General,  who recommended that Netanyahu be indicted for internal crimes of corruption and bribery, this man (and his wife Sarah) may then face the law not only in Israel but in Benjamin’s case by the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Meanwhile, it is also noteworthy to point out that another politician-thug joined this gang, and this one was once arrested and indicted for threatening to blow up a government building in Brazil, namely the present totally unpresidential, racist, fascist, misogynist, homophobic, corrupt to the core, right-wing pro-Zionist evangelist Jair Bolsonaro,  who came to power by a collusion of a corrupt Supreme Court judge with corrupt politicians, and they forced illegally the candidate for the presidency who would have won the election, namely Luiz Ignacio da Silva,  into prison.

Bolsonaro may now also be indicted thanks in part by the efforts of the dedicated, brilliant, Pulitzer price winning investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald.

This sociopath is now sycophantically behaving like a lap-dog (dear canines, no insult intended), and is totally subservient to anything Trump and Netanyahu demand.

So here we have, just one dimension, of the amplified damage Trumpism has wrought in the United States, in Israel, and in Saudi Arabia, although this latter decadent power structure which indirectly at times was directly involved in the 9/11 terrorist slaughter, and is actually now slated to receive more armaments for its petrodollars valued at $ 8 billion dollars, because the U.S. Senate’s key Republicans would not go along with the House votes to prevent Trump from perpetrating this barbaric act, who – to and insult to injury – also intends to provide Saudi Arabia with nuclear technology, all along absolutely falsely calumniating Iran, which both Israel and Saudi Arabia want the U.S. to attack in a war from which we may not recover for a generation and not because Iran has or plans to developed nuclear weapons, but because the 80 million Iranians will never forget they twice were attacked for no valid reason other than the imperial might makes right hegemony lust by the Anglo-American alliance in 1953 prevailed then when its democracy was crushed, and then again in 1979 when the U.S. supported Saddam Hussein to attack Iran.

In 200 years of Iran has not attacked any nation in the Middle East.

Well, after this foreword which admittedly became longer than intended, we cut to the chase of the objective of this article.

Said objective is to focus on one of the regular but most execrable examples of the dishonesty which characterizes the violent, arrogant, hubris-filled yet now increasingly desperate attempt by the present supremacist, racist, Zionist power structure of Israel to act as if it will never be held accountable for its 70-year history of covering up its brutal, illegal take over, expulsions, killings of the autochthonous population of Palestine, not to mention its meddling in the affairs of Latin American nations with U.S. support to buttress fascist autocratic regimes with lucrative arms sales.

The wheels of justice move too slowly, yet inexorably they will lead to a resolution which will impose a solution and that may be at this time, the solution of the dissolution of the status quo, by the removal of the odious walls, so that Palestine becomes a one-man, one woman, one vote democracy based on equality and justice for all.

This is not an illusion and has been described and supported by a former Israeli interim president, namely Avraham Burg in this book In Days to Come: A New Hope for Israel and Miko Peled in his book “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine“.

One example of how the resistance to Zionism is now accelerating at an exponential level is in the case of the false labeling of Palestinian products, in this case, wine, produced in Israel occupied lands in violation of international law and hence falsely by the label “Made in Israel”.

It turns out that Canadas Supreme court ruled, in an appeal from a lower court, that Israel’s labelings are false, misleading and deceptive.

One organization which among many other Jewish progressives, rational, humanistic, noble, scholarly organizations and NGO’s in Israel and globally, deserves credit for this progress is Jewish Voice for Peace and its BDS program of peaceful resistance to the violent occupation and exploitation and the reckless violation of international law.

Note:  Not one word in this article can be deemed as “anti-Semitic”.

This should go without saying, yet the present misleadership of the Zionist extremist, racist, supremacist regime, in synergy with the AIPAC unregistered Israel propaganda lobby which gets away with not having registered with FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act)  continues to dig in and oxymoronically and feeble-mindedly attempts to smear, calumniate, and inject vitriol and other inflammatory obstacles to the inevitable denouement of a conflict which must be resolved now by a new generation of Palestinians and Jews liberated from the constraints of the outrageous and hyperbolic lies and historical adulterations of the murderous take over and oppression of the people of Palestine, so that both both peoples at long last can begin to co-heal, co-create, co-produce, co-celebrate the fruits of their endeavours,  without any references to that mythical “exceptionalism” or other mythical notions which have some biblical history value as metaphors, yet are irrelevant in a real-world where no “chosen people” exist and no people can be chosen anyway if there were a real God.

As the prestigious American Center for Judaism teaches, no “promised land” exists in reality as well.   For “Jews in America, the United States is the promised land“, for  “Jews in France, France is the promised land“, and so on.

So, see infra, the article dated 07/29/2019 which is the source and objective of this article.



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