What Do Albert Einstein, The “Squad”, and The ARGENTUM POST Have in Common ( inter alia)? Respect for Judaism, Constitutional Democracy, Justice and Human Rights for Palestinians AND a Profound and Categorical Rejection of Repulsive Racist Supremacy and Violence as Dictated by the Racist Violent Supremacy and Oppression Embodied in Zionism and as Practiced by the Trio of Misleaders Trump/Netanyahu/ Bin Salman Who Function Like a Gang of Outlaws Which They Are.

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August 19, 2019 by Alfred

We start with Albert Einstein’s April 10, 1948 letter to an organization called American Friends of Israel a few hours after learning about the Zionist massacre at Deir Yacine in Palestine

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In this letter, Albert Einstein characterized the Zionist agents of the Anglo-American, as well as, to some lesser degree, the French, Belgian, Portuguese brutal “might-makes-right” racist colonial and imperialist power structures which were hell-bent to raise havoc and divide to conquer nations in Latin America, Africa, in the Middle East, and in Asia in order to impose corrupt ruthless puppets in those areas to gain control of natural and human resources by exploiting recklessly these regions of the world.

Alber Einstein also characterizes the Zionists as “terrorists” and “criminals” in this historic document.

This is just one proof that this state of affairs as regards to Zionist and Zionism has characterized the world for at for the last 5 centuries, but it became more destructive and insidious at the turn of the 19th century.

Fast forward to the present, the strategies for the hegemonic dominance by these Western powers have not changed much, but the tactics have become even more outrageously sly,  grotesque, and downright criminal with the invention of the Zionist ideology.

The said ideology then morphed into a secular and as well as into an extreme morbidly destructive pseudo Christian right-wing fundamentalist embodiment,  besides its original Jewish extremist right-wing fundamentalist embodiment, so that all of their worst perniciously toxic embodiments have in reality met out major harm on the very decent, innocent, rationalist, humanist Christians and Jews who never had any desire or intention to harm innocent, poor, unarmed people in order to steal their lands and destroy their infrastructure to generate a dependency which would render these innocent people dependent on their settlers a la the “Stockholm Syndrome” mode, in order to survive.

Most particularly the U.S. and Britain continue on this quest but now via its perfidious, mendacious, violent nationalist, hegemonic agents often very well camouflaged.


The British Empire occupied Palestine, and then the Zionist exploited the horrific crimes against the humanity of Jews and others, to monstrously create a sophisticated apparatus with the support of the West which would help them financially, militarily, psychologically, to generate the most massive campaign of cultural programming which was to enshrine the falsehoods and mythologies of biblical scriptures for the benefit of the looting of the masses of those innocent people by spreading slanderous lies and threats such as the the message of the Zionist to ALL Palestinians ( and that includes the 6% of Palestinian Jews ) that the must either “abide, leave, or die“.

The writer of this article’s grandfather left the Soviet Union after the war for Haifa, Palestine and became a Palestinian citizen.  However, the euphemistically “war of independence” in 1948 was the beginning of the end of harmonious coexistence between Jews and Palestinians in Palestine.  It then forced this writer’s grandfather to emigrate to Brazil where his son and family were living.

Most certainly Jews should and did have opportunities to emigrate to Palestine and Palestinians welcomed Jews.

This process of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Zionists is going on to this day, after many massacres, and now weekly killings which are carried out by the Zionist power structure of Israel’s misleaders against the 2 million inmates of the world’s largest concentration camp where they are subjected to Kafkaeques torturous conditions and wherefrom they cannot leave.

Incidentally, at this moment while writing this article, it came to the attention of this writer that the Spanish government has issued an arrest warrant for Benjamin Netanyahu.  This is excellent news and underscores the need for his removal from power since he and his wife were declared to be indictable in Israel by the Minister of Justice for crimes of corruption.

The exact same applies to Bin Salman and to Donald Trump.

Fed by ignorance and/or malevolence and by the co-opting of the corporatized media, and of the corrupt politicians,  literal “gag” orders were imposed on this taboo subject as regards to the discussion of this sinister phenomenon which has made America not “Great Again” at all , but totally stranded in not a swamp, but a cesspool of corruption and destructive provocative belligerent and contradictory activities word-wide.

Hence, sadly, the utter ignorance by huge sectors of good and well-meaning Americans who blindly supported the Zionists power structures not understanding that they are THE the problem which blocks peaceful solutions in the Middle East, but NOT the non-Zionist Jews there and elsewhere, who in fact are becoming very active via Jewish Voice for Peace, via Never Again, and via many more opposition movements which will not increase in an exponential growth pattern, particularly if Bernie Sanders is elected President.

No federal government official in the U.S. is allowed to answer questions by intrepid investigative journalists about how, as a result of the secret agreement in 1969 between the disgraced President Nixon and Israel’s Golda Meir, Israel has been allowed to develop secretly an arsenal of nuclear weapons of mass destruction and about how it in mid 80’s assisted the right-wing racist regime of Apartheid South Africa to secretly develop a nuclear program which went as far as having an Israeli assisted nuclear bomb denotated underwater.

A book was written about this reality by a Jewish author whose Austrian parents fled the Nazis to South Africa.  His name is Sasha Polakow-Suransky and its title is “The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa.”

Today Israel, which is ludicrously and dishonestly characterized as a “democracy”  (?!) when it is, in reality, a self-declared “Nation-State of Jews” exclusively, i.e. an Apartheid state.  There is no other state such as this one in the world.

Well, the ARGENTUM POST has extensively covered the subject of the calamitously unjustly created state of Israel, and the book by the illustrious Jewish author Shlomo Sands aptly titled “The Invention of the the Jewish People” is an imperative reference in order for one to understand how much the perfidiousness of the toxic, bizarre, extremely dangerous to our national security and to world stability is the sinister alliance of Trump/Bin Salman/Netanyahu trio which literally functions like a gang of outlaws who are hell-bent to now wage war on innocent Iran, a move which could easily spiral out of control even before nuclear weapons are used, since the consequences of such war would be the destruction of oil wells and refineries in Saudi Arabia and in the UAR and Qatar and hence the collapse of entire economies in the Western world.

The “good news” though, has been at long last the exposure of the putrefaction of the state of affairs as regards to any credibility about the notion that (a) there is anything redeemable in any pronouncement and/or activity by those who hide under the mantle of the fake Zionist notion that Israel “can do no wrong” and that to criticize it or to support the peaceful BDS movement is somehow “anti-Semitic” when in reality this is unadulterated  rubbish,  and that (b) there is any credibility about the notion that there exist any “exceptionalist” nation in the world, or that “Israel is the home of all Jews“,  which is as imbecilic as Netanyahu’s statement in Paris where he was not invited in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo assassination, when he said I speak for all Jews.”

In  reality Israel is bereft of historical or legal legitimacy as can be avered by such prestigious Jewish organizations as the Jewish reform “American Center for Judaism” or by the Jewish Orthodox organization “Neturei Karta”, and many other prestigious Jewish organizations, point in case, the Tzedek Jewish organization whose Synagogue in Chicago has just announced that it is now a Synagogue for “Non-Zionist Jews”.

Of course, the people in Israel are not bereft of historical legitimacy, but legally many settlers will have to be held accountable for their crimes against international law.


See the previous ARGENTUM POST article published on August 15, 2019 and is titled “[APNFD Nr. 103] As Zionist Expose a Century of Their Dishonest Toxic Propaganda, They Exposed Themselves as Allies of Supremacist, Racist, Nationalist, and Violent Misleaders: “Thanks” to the Unholy Alliance of Trump/Netanyahu/ Bin Salman We Now Have a Synagogue That is A Home to Non-Zionists !“.


The major rift between noble, decent, humanist, Jews and Israel’s repulsive Zionist power structure is attributable in a major part thanks to the courageous and rightful stand that our heroines progressive Democratic elected members of the “Squad” took by deciding that they want to visit Palestine that now is finally being exposed by reluctant corporatized media, and is also uniting establishment and progressive Democrats, as Trump’s and Netanyahu’s reputations further decline into a state of total putrefaction in their alliance with the head of the only state actor of terrorism, Saudi Arabia, namely the criminal and murderous misleader of Saudi Arabia, Bin Salman.

It must also be noted that in absolutely no way is it appropriate to suggest even remotely that there is even a scintilla of that used and criminally abused epithet hurled out by Zionists, neocons, and even neolibs of “anti-Semitism” as regards to any public comments by Rashida Tlaib or Inhal Omar.  As the son of parents who survived the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others, this writer is eminently qualified, just like any other non-Zionist Jew or not Jew to differentiate when it is proper or when it is abusively not to use the said epithet.

The solution of the conflict by the implant of political Israel into Palestine would be best solved by the democratization of Palestine, which is the one-state solution which famous Israeli and most non-Israeli Jews would support.  Among them is an interim President of Israel, namely Avraham Burg who outlines his book “In Days to Come: A New Hope for Israel” and Miko Peled, the son Major General Matti Peled who wrote the book “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine“. This link is to the video of his presentation.

BOTTOM LINE: The Walls in Palestine Must Come Down (or Made to Come Down NOW) and

The Gang of Trump/Bin Salman/Netanyahu Must Step Down (or Made to Step Down NOW)

And concomitantly with these imperatives, the Zionist Invention Ideology must be Jettisoned (or Made to be Jettisoned NOW) for Peace to Break Out and Bloom



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