[APNFD Nr. 104] At Long Last The Demise of Trump is in Plain Sight

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August 25, 2019 by Alfred


For Good News this Sunday, view “ Meet the Press “. !!

The demise of the energumenic Trump is in sight, prior to 2020.  It is actually an imperative NOW, that several rational and moderate Republicans join the rest of us, as is clearly reflected by this unique 08/25/09 Meet the Press edition.

The fall of Trump triggers the domino theory since it will precipitate the fall of his partners in malice, incompetence, racist, violent, moral and criminal practice.

These partners are, Saudi Arabia’s Bin Salman, Israel’s Netanyahu, and Brazil’s Bolsonaro and their respective illegitimate and toxic power structures.

This will set the stage for normalcy, stability, predictability, and prosperity by healing, as well peace by and for justice and participative democracy to break out among the four supra named nations, something which in turn will inspire others to follow suit.

See infra the said Meet the Press Sunday 08/25/09 edition.

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