[APNFD Nr. 105] The Arsonistic and Inflammatory Policies of Trump’s Acolyte, Brazil President Bolsonaro, Which Have Led to the Massive Increase in Fires in Amazonia, Are Being Protested Today in Washington, DC

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August 26, 2019 by Alfred

This is an ARGENTUM POST News Flash Digest [APNFD Nr. 105]

The ARGENTUM POST has reported on the genesis of the miselection based on corruption, dishonesty, and fraud or utterly incompetent, racist, misogynist, homophobic extreme right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, who had been indicted and expelled from the Brazilian army for conspiring to blow up a government building and who praised the 1964 military coup against the democratically elected President João Goulart (with U.S. support).

Readers are urged to visit one of the most authoritative reports on the crisis which Brazil is facing by the miselection of Bolsonaro who considers Trump his alter-ego and role model, is the prestigious Intercept website which has the formidable Pulitzer Price winning investigative journalist, Glenn Greenwald reporting flawlessly and transparently this sad moment in the history of Brazil.

The object of this article, however, is to announce that noble and dedicated people of all backgrounds are assembling today, August 26, 2019, in front of the Brazilian Embassy at 18:30 hours.   The nearest Metro station to this embassy on Massachusetts Avenue is the Woodley Park Station on the Red Line.

These people will, commendably, protest this crime against humanity which the elimination of legal protections is, since it breaks down legal safeguards which literally lead to an invasion of Amazonia by cattle ranchers, wood loggers, and many more, causing thereby irreversible damage to the source of 20% of the world’s oxygen, and which, as a result of the criminal deregulation decree by Bolsonaro has resulted since his take over of power, an increase of 86% of fires which now numbers to 76 thousand.

Bolsonaro has zero concern for the environment, as well as, in his racist mindset, for the autochthonous population of the Amazon.

This disgrace is literally ecocide in synergy with ethnocide of the natives.



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