[APNFD Nr. 113] The Barbaric Attack on Iran and Iraq by the Trump/Pompeo/Pence (et al.) Power Structure is Criminal and Unconstitutional and it is in Iran’s and in the Mideast’s and the US’s Best Interest that Iran Take the High Road and Not Retaliate by Violent Means.

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January 7, 2020 by Alfred

This is an ARGENTUM POST News Flash Digest [ APFND Nr.113 ]

The title of this article encapsulates its poignant message.

The utterly decadent mostly neocon racist supremacist extremist Republican power structure has exposed itself as having reached a state of putrefaction of such magnitude that it brazenly reflects in its moral, intellectual, and political bankruptcy that it is has thereby rendered itself a most serious threat to what “we the people” consider the most vital and dear to our nation’s democracy and national security, by recklessly, hysterically, dishonestly, hegemonically, risking a war which rapidly has the potential to evolve into a world war.

We AGAIN  are being lied into yet another foreign interventionist aggression which will cost the precious lives of countless unarmed innocent lives and the hemorrhage of our treasury by trillions of dollars.

At this crucial bifurcation between insanity, hate, greed vs. the principled humanism rationality, and hence diplomacy,  it becomes an imperative that Iran not fall into the trap which Iraq did when it got the green light from our own Kuwait ambassador April Glaspie, to invade that country, something which in synergy with 9/11 led us to by additional lies to invade Iraq in 2003 which generated the catastrophic war and destruction which has continued to this day…

It is imperative that Iran recognizes that as never before, the civilized world is in total unity in condemning the proto-fascist/neo-nazi like power structure which is leading us into an abyss and take the high road of not even threatening a reprisal and joining the world and the vast majority of the decent American population in isolating this cancer of power structure and therefore preventing its metathesis.

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