VP Pence, Repugnantly and Dishonestly Exploits A Holocaust Anniversary Event to Falsely Accuse Iran


January 25, 2020 by Alfred

Vice President Pence had the repulsive temerity to dishonestly exploit, alongside other world leaders,  the Holocaust remembrance site Yad Vashem event to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Auschwitz liberation by Soviet Union troops to dishonestly vilify Iran.

Pence ignominiously used this solemn occasion to engage in fear and hate-mongering by vilifying Iran, by (a) characterizing Iran as ” anti-Semitic ” state, and (b) as a “Holocaust denier” state.

Both characterizations have proven long ago to be documentably outright falsehoods and usually fabricated by right-wing extremist neocons and neoliberals, as well as the equally dishonest Israel’s right-wing extremist PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to incite hate and provoke violence against Iran.

Prior to backing up the supra reality-based declaration by the writer/publisher of this ARGENTUM POST, it is relevant to note that he is the son of Austrian/German parents who survived the HOLOCAUST, as well as a signatory to a statement published on 08/23/2014 by the New York Times, the London Guardian, The Irish Congress of Trade Unions, the Belfast Telegraph, and Israels’ prestigious Haaretz which is titled “Jewish Survivors and Descendants of Survivors and Victims of Nazi Genocide Unequivocally Condemn the Massacre of Palestinians in Gaza “.  Additionally, this writer/publisher is an active and contributing member of Jewish Voice for Peace (which, as this writer/publisher, supports BDS,  and of the American Council for Judaism.

So, with this foreword, see infra in a succinct format, the debunking of the supra falsehoods used to incite fear and hate of Iran, by – in this case – VP Pence, during, and in , a totally improper Holocaust observation event, which clearly demonstrates that the aphorism ” with friends like these (i.e. Pence, Trump, Pompeo, Bolton et al.) Israel does not need any enemies “.

(a) Iran is not an “anti-Semitestate.

See, inter alia,  the USA TODAY article titled “Iran’s Jewish Community is the Largest in the Middle East Outside of Israel-And Feels Safe and Respected

(b)Iran is not a “Holocaust Denierstate.

See, inter alia, the Consortiumnews.com article by Robert Parry, titled “What Did Ahmadinejad Really Say?”

In the relevant part of this article, it becomes clear that the assertion that Iran is “a Holocaust denier” state is false by virtue of an erroneous interpretation of a speech by former Iran President Ahmadinejad which was made in Farzi.

It is more than obvious that no one can deduce and hyperbolically generalize from this source that somehow ” Iran is a Holocaust Denier state“, and yet for the agenda of right-wing extremist vilifiers of Iran, facts such as this one will not stand in the way of their odious and grotesque agenda of inciting war on Iran because of their outrageous hegemonic objectives.

So, see infra some of the most relevant paragraphs which prove the fact that there is no basis to characterize Iran malevolently and ludicrously as a Holocaust Denier state.

“It is an important principle of journalism that when someone makes a statement, especially a controversial one with grave implications, the comment should be put in the fullest possible context so the reader can make an informed judgment. But that rule doesn’t seem to apply when the New York Times writes about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

In a front-page story on Saturday, the Times three times (once in a sub-head and twice in the article) reported that Ahmadinejad called the World War II Holocaust of European Jews a “lie” during an annual “Quds Day” speech showing solidarity with the Palestinian people. But the Times offered no fuller context for the quote.

The White House and other U.S. officials reacted to the “lie” remark, which also was featured in other Western news accounts, with understandable outrage. However, Iran’s Press TV reported that “Ahmadinejad did not deny the Holocaust, but raised some questions about the matter, asking Western powers for a logical answer.”

Press TV quoted Ahmadinejad as saying: “If the Holocaust, as you claim, is true, why don’t you allow a probe into the issue?” Press TV added that Ahmadinejad was “calling the Zionist regime a symbol of lies and deception founded on ‘colonialist’ attitudes. The Iranian president also asked why Palestinians had to pay for the genocide of Jews at the hands of Europeans.”

So what did Ahmadinejad really say?

In the English-language account of the speech published on the official Web site of the Iranian president, Ahmadinejad calls the “pretext” for founding the state of Israel “a lie,” but he doesn’t spell out precisely what he means by “pretext.” In the context, the word seems to refer to the Holocaust, but arguably his reference to “a lie which relies on … a mythical claim” could be about Biblical claims to the land of Palestine that Zionist organizations cite.

As Press TV says, Ahmadinejad frames his skeptical comments about the Holocaust within Western hostility toward the scholarship of some European and American Holocaust skeptics (often called “deniers”) who dispute details such as the estimated number of six million Jews killed by the Nazis.”


2 thoughts on “VP Pence, Repugnantly and Dishonestly Exploits A Holocaust Anniversary Event to Falsely Accuse Iran

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Despicable! Thank you for always shining a light on the buried truths and facts.

  2. Marie Spike says:

    Thanks for writing about this outrageous distortion of the truth and facts which is a dishonor to all Jewish people of conscience and to all those poor souls who were tortured and murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust.

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