[ APNFD Nr. 115 ] Glenn Greenwald is Victim of Attempted Criminalization by Brazil’s Unpresidential and Trump’s Alter Ego, President Bolsonaro


January 22, 2020 by Alfred


NB:  This writer of the ARGENTUM POST is for circumstantial reasons on temporary partial sabbatical leave but, for exceptional reasons, continues to publish with a foreword on breaking news that may not be properly covered by the corporate mainstream media.

NB:  The infra text constitutes a preface for a short but substantively loaded video which some readers may prefer viewing prior to reading the said foreword which provides historical contextualization

A point in case for this instance is this APNFD Nr. 115 article, which in focuses on the scandalously undemocratic, right-wing extremist, corrupt, racist, classist, homophobic, misogynist, incompetent President Bolsonaro of Brazil who only came to power due a perfect storm which in order to enable Bolsonaro’s election, comprised a sordidly corrupt judicial conspiracy which fraudulently managed to remove and imprison the most promising candidate of the Workers Party, namely candidate Luiz Inácio da Silva (aka Lula) who had brought millions of Brazilians out of poverty in previous terms and who was way ahead in the polls in the most recent election.

For a more detailed account of this scandal see the ARGENTUM POST article titled “APFND Nr. 110 – The Case of Brazil’s Genuine President Lula Who Was Criminally Jailed by Judicial Corruption” which was published on November 14, 2019.

Now to cut to the chase succinctly, fast forward to the present and become aware that the said unpresidential misleader of a so-called  Brazilian “president” turns out to be the sycophantic acolyte of his alter-ego wannabe, namely our impeached and being tried unpresidential misleader, Trump, who is also terminally ethically, morally, politically flawed as reflected in his disdain for honesty, democracy, human rights, diplomacy, and more.

This phenomenon gives the aphorism ” birds of a feather flock together ” which however one should be loathe to repeat as it is an insult to the aviary species by the use of this comparison with these two energumenic misleaders

Bolsonaro immediately promised Trump to move the Brazilian embassy to Zionist Israel occupied East Jerusalem in violation of international law and UN Rules, and members of the Brazilian judiciary branch of comprised of prosecutors and now the Minister of Justice of Brazil, namely Sérgio Moro, who was involved in the fraudulent incarceration of Lula who and who frequently traveled to Washington, DC  for ” talks” have now filed, unbelievably, a “criminal” complaint to have one of the U.S. most prestigious, brilliant, principled, Pulitzer prize recipient, journalist, lawyer, and editor of the highly prestigious ” The Intercept ” online news publication, namely the scholarly Glenn Greenwald who is a solid American citizen and who also is a Brazilian citizen who now lives in Rio de Janeiro, the former capital of Brazil.

The “crime” Greenwald is falsely accused of is to speak truth to power (rather hopelessly corrupted power, that is).

Greenwald, as an excellent investigative journalist researched and published in detail the required documentation which exposes the conspiracy of Bolsonaro et al. which suffices for impeachment proceedings to be initiated against Bolsoaro as his so-called ” presidency” stands now as being illegitimate, on the basis of the said documentation.

To boot, this revelation which was the professional endeavor of some 20 Brazilian journalists, was thoroughly investigated since November of 2019 by the Federal Police of Brazil who came to the conclusion that eminent Glenn Greenwald not only did not commit any crime but that he deserved to be commended by the said federal law enforcement institution for his excellently dedicated work.

Now comes a crucial decision point, as a judge takes on this case for the final verdict.

If Greenwald is deemed guilty, it would be a monumental miscarriage of justice which is most unlikely to occur, since it would be in effect an act of politically motivated censorship of the press by Bolsonaro et al. and this is a constitutional crime in Brazil, and it would set a precedent for ALL journalists in Brazil which still is a democracy no matter how precarious under Bosonaro.

The proverbial plot then thickens, because Bolsonaro had previously let it be known that if any movement is made to threaten his mandate he would assume dictatorial powers.

It must be noted that Bolsonaro who in his past was expelled from his stint in the armed forces, after being charged for conspiracy to blow up a government building, has of such a low-level respect for democratic institutions, that on the date last year when in 1964 a violent military coup took place which ushered in an era of fascism and torture which lasted 20 years, he ordered the Brazilian armed forces to ” celebrate ” it.

Former President Dilma Rouseff was the victim of torture when she was young.   The German/Austrian parents of this writer of the ARGENTUM POST  survived the crimes against the humanity of Jews and others by becoming refugees in Bolivia and then in Brazil.

As it became clear that another coup in Brazil against the democracy of the populist President João Goulart was going to take place, this time, most deplorably with U.S. support, the parents of this writer and he emigrated to the U.S.   The U.S. had a military base in the island of Fernando de Noronha, and General Vernon Walters dispatched an aircraft carrier to Brazil to intervene in case the violent coup failed.

Populist’s President Goulart’s “crime” was to travel to the People’s Republic of China for friendly diplomacy and trade talks.

Decades later, in 2009, the popular and progressive President Zelaya of Honduras was abducted in the middle of the night by fascist organized crime thugs, and the corrupt neoliberal Hillary Clinton prevailed in getting President Obama to NOT (?!) characterize this crime against the democracy of the people of Honduras because the U.S. had and still has a military base in Honduras.   The result was that the thugs implanted themselves in power and to this day, Honduras has been ravished by murderous violence on labor organizers, human rights workers, environmental activists such as the noble young woman, Berta Caceres, and this additionally resulted in the mass exodus of caravans of vulnerable people, who correctly exclaim,  when and if they reach the U.S., “we are here because you are there“.

Now with admittedly, not such a “succinct” foreword, the ARGENTUM POST presents to its readers a video of the interview by the one-of-a-kind indefatigable host DEMOCRACY NOW, Amy Goodman of the heroic Glenn Greenwald.

It is titled “ Criminalizing Reporting: Glenn Greenwald Faces (false) Cybercrime Complaint After Exposing Scandal in Brazil






2 thoughts on “[ APNFD Nr. 115 ] Glenn Greenwald is Victim of Attempted Criminalization by Brazil’s Unpresidential and Trump’s Alter Ego, President Bolsonaro

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Not one good journalist of integrity is safe. Tragic!

  2. Marie Spike says:

    Not one journalist of integrity is safe. Very sad.

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