[APNFD Nr.117] Michael Moore Slams The Perfidious DNC Anti- Progressive and Anti-Genuine Democracy and Pro Its 1% Right Wing, for Attempting to Again to Sabotage the Nomination of Bernie Sanders


February 3, 2020 by Alfred

This is an ARGENTUM POST News Flash Digest [ Nr. 117]

This is not GROUNDHOG day, yet “we the people” have been there and the infamous “neo” pseudo-liberal wing of the DNC has done it again.

The same mendacious and destructive participative democracy formula used and exposed in the 2016 election by documents published by Julan Assange who still lingers in prison under torturous conditions for telling the truth, is now applied again by the likes of, most particularly,  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton, and other top operatives et al. by their decision to, in the midst of debates, change the rules of debates to accommodate the multi-billionaire former Republican Mayor, Michale Bloomberg.

This is beyond scandalous.

Every law-abiding, responsible, honest, moderate liberal or moderate conservative American must avoid the potentially catastrophic re-election of Trump, and that means that there is an imperative NOW for the Democratic party reform itself and unite itself by ridding the DNC of the so-called top “neo”(i.e. pseudo) liberals who going back to the year 2000 demonstrated and before, had their fatal flaws exposed and which can be studied by a review of the documentary “Unprecedented-2000 Presidential Election” and book “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy“, by Greg Palast, inter alia.

The United States on the federal level is no longer a genuine democracy and there is no nation that has intervened more in the election of other nations in the world, and that means not only by hacking or by spreading fake news, but by military interventions to overturn democratically elected leaders who are considered as not being in the “interest” of the U.S.

A point in case is the indeed in 2014 the investment of billions of dollars by the likes of Victoria Nuland, and Joe Biden and many more neocons and neolibs in Ukraine because it had been notoriously corrupt but as well because this was seen as an opportunity to drive a wedge between Russia and Ukraine, and thereby leverage hegemonic interests to isolate Russia in its own neighborhood and further threaten it by establishing a foothold in that region, which meant and did enable Neo-Nazis to assert themselves.

The prestigious oldest magazine in the U.S., namely The Nation has published on May 2, 2018, an article that clearly links Joe Biden as being complicit in the Maidan coup by the said Neo-Nazis.  The article’s title is America’s Collusion with Neo-Nazis which if the corporatist media had not been derelict in its duty to give ample coverage to, would have rendered Biden classified as DOA as regards to his quest for the nomination.

The ARGENTUM POST is a medium designed to serve the mission of debunking mythology for educational objectives, mostly by going where the corporatist media does not go.

It also is a source for the cause of peaceful conflict resolution and to expose downright criminal activity by state actors, which the corrupted mainstream corporatist media either does not expose at all or when it does allude to them it is done in a brazenly tendentious matter meant to disinform the American people.

Thus the ARGENTUM POST is not known for endorsing candidates for presidential elections but given the present utterly disastrous state of affairs since the documentably dishonest misleader Trump came to power, not by the world’s standard democratic processes, i.e. the one man/ one woman one DIRECT vote, but by a slave-era obsolete and manipulatable INDIRECT vote system called euphemistically the “Electoral College”, and that meant for Trump that he managed to occupy the White House even though he lost the election by the genuine democratic process, by 3 million votes.

So with this last paragraph, this normally abbreviated APNFD, cuts to the chase to present to its readers a stunningly earnest, sad, and rightfully angry clamoring declaration of indignation by the courageous, dedicated, and articulate patriotic spokesman of truth to destructive power on steroids, namely the one and only, Michael Moore.

What he says cements the imperative that Bernie Sanders be nominated and elected so that America can finally begin to heal and become all it can bewhen we the people” do not have our choices stolen from ourselves in a bipartisan way, to add insult to injury.

Those ageists, or calumniators who try to tarnish Sanders as being too “old” or, worse, a “dangerous leftist extremist“, have no idea of what they are saying as they are expressing rubbish, since NIH teaches that people can be “old” at 40 and young at 80+ and that Sanders is, in reality, a progressive social democrat which this nation should have had decades ago to become all it can be instead of having been a nation subjugated by pernicious special interest lobbies and which generated the pernicious industrial-military complex (which President Eisenhower warned the American people about), and the big pharma-hospital complex and insurance companies which see to it that the human right to health is not affordable to tenths of millions, unlike in other democracies and even emerging economies around the world.





One thought on “[APNFD Nr.117] Michael Moore Slams The Perfidious DNC Anti- Progressive and Anti-Genuine Democracy and Pro Its 1% Right Wing, for Attempting to Again to Sabotage the Nomination of Bernie Sanders

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Glad to hear it! Kindly post the Nation article. Peace & thanks, Marie

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